5 Fragrance Emitting Plants and Flower for Homes

The Plants are the sustainers of life on Earth. Life cannot be imagined on this planet without plants. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and give out oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. They help in purifying the air. Indoor Plants also have many benefits. They not only purify your homes but also emit fragrance and aroma inside your homes. 

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Plants also help in generating new life on Earth by producing seeds, which in turn give rise to new plants. They not only provide us with these necessities but also help in beautifying our Earth. Some plants such as Tulsi, Poppy, Ashok, and Aswagandha are also known to contain medicinal properties. Plants bear flowers which give out soothing fragrances and enhance the beauty of our world.


As stated above, plants are the sustainers of different forms of life on Earth. Plants help us in various ways. All of them are said below:

Fragrance giving plants:


Most of the flowering plants give out beautiful aromas. The floral scent is composed of volatile compounds (VOC’s) and aromatic compounds. The compounds in the flower petals react and combine with the moist air to produce floral scents. Some plants producing beautiful fragrances are listed below:

  • Azores Jasmine

Azores Jasmine

Botanical name: Jasminum Azoricum

It gives out an intense aroma. It blooms in the summer and spring season. It is generally a vine-like shrub that grows densely from spring to fall. The flowers are white in color and pentamerous.

  • Rajnigandha

Rajnigandha flower

Botanical name: Polianthes tuberosa

It is widely grown as an ornamental plant. This species was originally native to Mexico. The plant is herbaceous, with white, tubular flowers having six petals. The flowers are strongly fragrant.

  • Roses

Rose plant fragrance 

Botanical name: Rosa Indica

It is an ornamental fragrance-giving plant. The plant is woody type, perennial flowering plant, and characterized by the presence of small prickles on the stem. The flowers are of various colors depending upon the species such as red, pink, black, yellow, white, etc. The flowers are considered as the symbol of love.

  • Parijat 


Botanical name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

It is the night-flowering species of jasmine which is native to South Asia. The plant is shrub type with five to eight-petal white flowers and an orange center. The flower is characterized by blooming at night and falling off at dawn.

  • Lotus


Botanical name: Nelumbo nucifera

It is found in the central and northern parts of India. It is characterized by large flowers with color ranging from rose pink, white, etc. It is commonly cultivated in water gardens. It is also the national flower of country India. Lotus is exclusively grown for ornamental purposes.


This article mainly focuses on the different types of fragrance emitting flowers, their scientific names, and gives a short description of them.

This article also highlights the uses of plants and how important they are for the sustenance life on this Earth.

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