10 Plants for East facing Balcony

by Christina Lopez

East facing balconies are thus blissful to grow container plants, provided that you grow the right ones. It is capable of growing some fantastic plants at a reasonable expense, useful for various purposes and hence can be made of great use.

Balcony Plants
Balcony Plants

East Facing Balcony 

East Facing Balcony is the balcony that is in the direction of the East zone. The East facing balcony is considered to be the most suitable one for growing most of the plants after the North facing balcony. 

East Facing Balcony
East Facing Balcony

The South and West zones are usually less in consideration to grow plants facing in that direction; the reason being that East facing balcony gets a moderate amount of mild sun whereas the other zones are prone to receive harsh sun rays and the temperature in that facing also gets quite hot. 

East facing balconies consistently receives moderate sunlight from morning till afternoon hours.

Several assorted plants can be well grown towards the East facing Balcony.

East Facing Balcony Flowers
East Facing Balcony Flowers



Tomato is a type of vegetable which is very popularly and extensively used in many regions to prepare different cuisines. Tomato plants are prone to grow in the shady area; they require sunlight, but not extensively. East facing balconies provide good sunlight that the tomatoes desire.


Mint is a kind of herb useful in many dishes and refreshing drinks. Growing mint requires moist soil and adequate moisture in the air. Too much exposure to sunlight dries out the mint plant. It is most suitable to plant mint in East facing balconies as they grow best in the morning sun that East facing balconies receive. 


Garlic is used as a flavoring in preparing many dishes by mostly chopping it. The bulb of the garlic plant is grown under the soil while its leaves grow outside. The garlic plant requires moist soil. The plant stops growing if the ground gets dry and when the roots of the plant get too hot. Receiving moderate sunlight that East facing balconies provide disables the soil from getting dried out too quick.


Spinach is again a popularly used vegetable for direct consumption after its cooked. It is also used as an additive in many dishes. Spinach grows well in a container that is placed away from scorching temperature. It requires a partial shady region for its growth and hence, east-facing balconies work best here.

Spring onions

Spring onions are another form of vegetable whose bulbs are grown underground while leaves grow long outside the soil surface. They also come under the category of needing partial sunlight. Spring onions do not require sunlight for long hours; minimum exposure to sunlight such as 3 hours a day is enough for their proper growth, and thereby, they are suitable for East facing balconies.

Green Peas

Green peas are a kind of vegetable used in different meals, rice, soups, etc. They are grown well in containers. They require long sunlight exposure of at least 6 to 8 hours a day but again at a moderate level. Low light that lasts long hours makes them grow well. They are also grown healthy when exposed to morning rays. East facing balconies suits all needs of growing them well.


Ferns is a show plant grown mostly for decoration in home gardens, terrace, balconies, etc. They are not used for consumption but are useful in certain medicines. Ferns prefer a moist and shady environment to grow. They can tolerate mild sunlight but not strong sunlight. They should be kept away from powerful sun rays, and therefore, east-facing balconies work best for them.


Pansy is a type of flower grown in show gardens and balconies. They are of tricolor and gives a great look when they are fully grown. Pansies like to grow in colder weather. They can grow well in containers facing the East side of the balcony as they desire partial sunlight. Exposure to intense sunlight restricts the growth of the flower.


Nemesia is also a type of flower grown in wide range everywhere. They are also used for various decoration purposes. They come in a lot of different colors such as purple, white, red and pink. Nemesia grows well in cooler temperatures with partial sun exposure. This adds them to the list of plants suitable for planting in East facing balconies.


Lilies are amongst the most popular flowers around the world. They have a beautiful and appealing appearance. They are planted for show and are also used in bouquets for gifting purposes. Lilies grow well in moist soil. Growing Lilies require long exposure of sunlight of at least 6 to 8 hours a day, but they also grow well in the partially shady region. They are amongst those plants that are likable to build in East facing balconies.

Cost for Planting in Container in Balcony:

Costs For Container Garden
Costs For Container Garden

The cost of gardening or growing plants at home entirely depends upon the amount and usage of resources as well as on how extensively you want to spread your garden. However, the average and approximate cost required for growing plants at home by using essential resources can be explained as follows:

  • To grow plants in a container, you will need a container that can be in any form and of any type. A Mud pot costs around INR 200 on an average. But if you go cheaper, a grow bag or a plastic basket will cost as low as INR 50 for regular size.
  • The Gardening Soil required for planting costs around INR 100 for a whole sack. 
  • Seeds and Plants require for germination costs anywhere around INR 50-150 for a packet or a single sapling. 
  • Pesticides required to restrict damage from birds and other insect costs around INR 50 for a packet. However, you can always make your pesticide at home and save the cost.
  • The total cost of growing a plant in a container would thereby cost INR 200-300 approximately. 

Planting in different directions can be of various advantages.

Significant benefits of growing in East Facing balconies:

East facing balconies, as discussed earlier, are prone to receiving long hours of good morning sunlight which lasts up till the afternoon. Such mild exposure yet for a longer time is suitable for a plant’s health. 

Balconies that face East do not receive harsh afternoon sun, and this protects the plants from being destroyed with excess heat during the afternoon time.

Many plants prefer partial or low light shade for their healthy growth. East facing balcony serves best for many plants as such.

With East facing balconies having a healthy environment suitable for many plants, there’s the feasibility of growing more and more plants in that direction. 

How to Care for the Plants Growing in East Facing Balconies:

East Facing Balcony Plants
East Facing Balcony Plants

Plants that grow well in East facing balconies suiting their sunlight requirements also need to be taken care of other factors such as the Wind. Plants should be potted in heavy pots that can withstand the Wind. Wind also dry out the soil mix; care needs to be taken in watering the soil more often or as and when required. 

  • Water more during morning hours to avoid dried soil as the plants facing in the East receive the maximum sunlight during those hours.
  • Keep adding home-made organic compost after every 14-15 days to ensure constant growth.
  • Keep trimming the shapeless leaves to maintain and ease the neat and clean growth of the plant.

With taking care of the growing plants in East facing balconies, specific preventions also need to be made.

Preventions to ensure active and healthy growth {East Facing Balcony}:

  • Do not grow plants in East facing balconies that require a lot of suns and an excess amount of heat all day long. Growing sun-loving plants in East facing balcony will not promote their growth but rather destroy them.
  • Don’t plant seeds that are of low quality and always purchase your sapling or seeds from reputed buyers. If using seeds from your home kitchen, such as the seeds of tomato, make sure that the tomato is fresh and not rotten.
  • Do not jumble plants together; this leads to untidiness, which disturbs the growth of the plants.
  • Always keep an eye on the bugs, insects, birds, etc., and take necessary steps to prevent them from reaching or causing harm to the plants.

East facing balconies are thus blissful to grow container plants, provided that you grow the right ones. It is capable of growing some fantastic plants at a reasonable expense, useful for various purposes and hence can be made of great use.

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