Colourful Flowers that Grow in Shade

reviewed by Truman Perkins

Gardening is one of the fascinating activities with a great outcome. Growing plants in your yard or garden not only develops a good sense of productivity but also adds a stunning outlook to the area covered.

The plants give an even more beautiful look when they bloom colorful flowers. Colorful flowers add fresh and serene views to the balcony, yard, or garden.

Apart from the many beautifully growing colorful flowers that require sun, some flowers are shade tolerant and are suitable to grow indoors or in the areas that cover less or even no sunlight.

Some colorful flowers that grow well in the shade:

 Some colorful flowers that grow well in the shade:
Some colorful flowers that grow well in the shade:

1. Violets

Violets are the genus of the flowering plant that belongs to the Violaceae family. Violets are the largest genus in the family. These flowering plants tend to survive and grow well in the shade. They have heart-shaped leaves, and the color of their flowers are purple and blue. Violet's leaves and flowers are known to be edible and enriched with vitamins A & C.


2. Yellow bleeding hearts

Yellow bleeding hearts, as the name suggests, are mostly yellowish, but they also come in red, white, and pink color. These flowering plants are a species of the herbalicious climbers and are also known as Dicentra Spectablis. They bloom a lot more during summer and springtime.

3. Indian pink

Indian pink plants are also shade-loving plants that grow well in shady areas. These plants are native to North America. They are easy to grow and require low maintenance. Unlike the name suggests, the color of the flowers of these plants is yellow on the inside and red on the outside.

4. Primulas

Primulas flowers are the ones that are the earliest to bloom as the day begins. They belong to the Primulaceae family and are a genus of the herbalicious flowering plants. They are highly tolerant of shades and grow supremely well in shady regions with almost no sunlight requirements. The colors of these flowers are pink, white, lilac, blue, and purple.

5. Bellflowers

Bellflowers got their name by their bell-shaped flowers. They are also known as Campanula, and they belong to the Campanulaceae family. These flowering plants are known to grow well in light shade. They make beautiful coverage in many garden settings, and their flowers bloom in the blue, pink, white, and red shadows.

6. Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a unique looking flowering plant that is native to Central and South America but is grown all around the globe. They are more popularly known as hummingbird fuchsia and belong to the evening primrose family. The color of the fuchsia plant varies from pinkish shade to purple and red.

Apart from the few flowering plants mentioned above, there are also plenty of other beautiful looking, but low-maintenance flowering plants that are tolerable to shady regions and can be grown adequately in the shadowy part of your backyard indoors.



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