How to Grow Insulin Plant in your Garden?

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INSULIN is a vital hormone in the human body that helps in retaining good health and well being. It is an integral hormone that regulates and stores glucose and fat which is the center for creating energy in the body. The cells of the body depend on insulin for the transportation of glucose in the body for the production of energy.

But sometimes a body is incapable of producing enough insulin that results in an ailment known as DIABETES. To cure and treat this health issue, INSULIN PLANT acts as a savior.

Insulin Plant, an herbaceous plant of Costaceae family is known for its herbal and medicinal properties for curing diabetes. The leaves of this plant are famously known for its therapeutic properties on controlling the blood sugar level. Growing insulin plant is not a complicated task. It can be, with some efforts, grown indoor.

Insulin Plant
Insulin Plant

Insulin Plant is a native plant of tropical areas around the globe and especially of Asia. The leaves of this plant help in curing diabetes and maintaining the Blood sugar level and cholesterol.

A rich source of Protein, Iron and antioxidant constituents, this plant is enormously known for its exceptionally fascinating influence on controlling and maintaining the blood sugar level which helps in curing Diabetes, a disease which in the present era is common in adults due to the stress level and workload.

How to grow Insulin Plant at Home?

How to grow Insulin Plant at Home?
How to grow Insulin Plant at Home?
  • The location for growing the plant should have a balance of sunlight and shade.
  • The plant does not need deep planting. A 2-3 inch deep bed works for this plant
  • Add organic compost or peat moss to soil for better drainage.
  • Plant the rhizome in 1-inch deep soil along with the oil canes that are facing upward. Also, the rhizome should be covered properly with the soil and firmly pressed down with the shovel
  • Fertilize the plant monthly in the summers
  • Organic mulch works as a wonder for this plant. Spreading woods chips helps in smooth growth of the plant
  • The plant should be fertilized and watered after the removal of mulch.
  • The plant is prone to mites, caterpillars, etc. and therefore insecticidal soap should be applied.

Can it Cure Diabetes?

The leaves of INSULIN PLANT are known for its miraculous effects on healing Diabetes. It affects the pancreatic cells of the human body which leads to the production of insulin in the body. The plant is known for its remedial and medical properties for correcting the Diabetes in the human body.

Are there any Side-Effects?

The consumption of insulin plant to cure insulin is completely safe and healthy. Insulin plant is known for its properties in Ayurveda since ancient times. Also, the medicines for correcting diabetes contain the powdered form of insulin leaves.

The plant is known as the best natural supplement that helps in controlling and normalizing the blood sugar level. It is suggested to consume a leaf of this plant every morning for managing the blood sugar level.

Anything in excess is hazardous for health and so this plant. It is suggested to take the leave twice a day. The leave can also be consumed in dried powdered form. Also, it is recommended to consult the doctor if you feel any uneasiness or dizziness.

An insulin plant should not be consumed by a pregnant and lactating woman.

Where is the Insulin plant found?

The Insulin plant belongs to the Costaceae family and has been originally found native to South and Central America. However, in India, the insulin plant is found in large numbers in the gardens of Southern India. These plants are also known to be found adequately in tropical climates.

How to Spot Fake Insulin Plant?

Insulin plant is an effective herb for curing Diabetes. The leave of this plant plays an important role in treating the disease.

Insulin Plant
Insulin Plant

To spot the fake insulin plant various factors should be considered:

  • The leave of this plant is both sweet and sour.
  • They are large, smooth and of dark green color.
  • The underside of the leaves is light purple and spirally arranged around the stem. Also, the plant looks attractive and smooth and produces orange color fruit in the warm months.
  • This plant usually grows near water. It can be easily grown indoors as well.
  • The plant is not grown near coastal areas
  • The plant needs partial sunlight and shade to grow

How to Care for Insulin Plant?

Growing an insulin plant is not a bothersome task. It is an effortless growing plant that needs only some care and precautions.

For growing Insulin plant indoor following things should be considered:

  1. This plant grows as a container plant and therefore should be planted accordingly.
  2. The mulch of the plant should be removed at the time of fertilizing the plant but should be replaced immediately after that.
  3. The rhizomes should be divided well with a sharp knife and placed at a new location for propagation.
  4. The plant thrives best when planted both in sun and shade. It needs at least 3 to 4 hours of sunlight.
  5. The plant is best suited in fertile and moist soil. There should not be water logging in the soil and should be well-drained.
  6. The ideal temperature varies between 30 degrees to 45 degree
  7. The soil of this plant should be kept moist but not soggy. Avoid overwatering in the winters
  8. The best season for growing this plant in spring
  9. The plant can be propagated by division of clumps, stem cutting or by separating the offsets or plantlets that grows below the blossom heads


Some factors should be considered to have a healthy insulin plant. Growing this plant is not an effortful or heavy labored task. It can be grown quickly and hassle-free by the method of stem cutting as well.

Following are some prevention while growing Insulin plant:

  1. The plant does not have salt tolerance and thus, when grown in a coastal environment, it may not grow properly.
  2. The plant should be repotted every year in the spring season as it grows in size every year.
  3. The plant is not prone to pest. Mites and nematodes develop in light and sandy soil and may destroy the plant
  4. The plant does not need fertilizer in winter. It should be fed with organic fertilizer only during summers and spring

Benefits of the flowers of an Insulin plant:

Like their leaves, the flowers of an Insulin plant are also beneficial in certain ways. Some of the ways in which the Insulin plant's flowers are used include-

  • The flower petals of the insulin plants are known to be sweet and also to contain certain nutritive values.
  • With its medical usage, the flowers also serve as a great cover for the garden ground as they are a lower grower and they also look too pretty with its long red coloured attractive spikes.
  • The flowers of the Insulin plant are also sometimes cultivated for its decorative and ornamental usage.

Is Insulin plant safe for expecting/pregnant women?

It is advisable for pregnant women to not experiment the intake of the insulin plant on themselves without proper medical consultation or advisory from health professionals. It is so because:

  • The intake of only a few and specific types of insulin are advisory for consumption during pregnancy. The others may cause harm to the fetal of the baby; which may also leave some long-term effects on its health.
  • The bodily conditions of every woman differ to the another and hence proper routine check up and advisory for the consumption of Insulin plants or not during pregnancy should be checked upon by the health professionals.

Price range of the Insulin plant:

  • The pricing of an insulin plant is based on a number of factors such as its form- leaf or powdered, quality, brand and size.
  • An Insulin plant is generally sold per piece, whereas, its powdered form is available per gram or kilogram.
  • Price range of an Insulin plant ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 295.
  • Powdered leaf of an Insulin plant ranges from Rs 200 and above depending on its weight.


COSTUS IGENUS also is known as INSULIN PLANT is a miraculous and marvelous way of treating diabetes. The plant is also a rich source of antioxidant and iron and also helps in preventing the formation of calcium stone in the kidney. Leaves of this plant are an Ayurvedic medicine for correcting the insulin production in the human body.

INSULIN PLANT can be grown both indoor and outdoor by the method of stem cutting or dividing the offspring. It does not require much of human labor but some preventions and tricks grow the plant in the best manner.


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