365 Days Flowering Plants in India | Flowers That Bloom All Year Round

A well-planned garden or lawn consists of a myriad of options. Ranging from plants that produce vibrant coloured flowers to attract bees and butterflies, to plants that produce juicy fruits or berries. However, everybody’s main attraction is the plants that blossom all year round (365 days) and keep their grass colourful in contrast, the mood happier.

Beauty of Indian Flowers

Different regions are known for their range and specifications of flowers. Likewise, India is known for its colorful flowers. Due to India’s diverse climates and a large area, it can produce thousands of flower species. India has its most beautiful and bright flowers in regions like Kashmir, Kanyakumari, Ladakh, and Sri Ganganagar.

Flowers and Indian Culture

Indian flowers are not only beautiful, but they hold religious and cultural importance in their society. They present flowers as a symbol of their love and devotion to their gods and use them to décor their cultural and religious events. Other than spring and summer, one can find beautiful flowers in India all-year-round.

Flowers that bloom all year round

1. Geranium Cranesbill

This stunning and vibrant flower grows in dry shade and blooms a perfect blue hue with a white-pink tap
Unlike Geranium Cranesbill, it is also possible to grow Barrenwort in dry shade and does not take too much sunlight. Its extracts are occasionally used as an aphrodisiac

2. Ajuga

Ajuga is mostly known as the bugleweed, belongs to a mint family Lamiaceae.

They form a dense mat around the slopes or shady areas, and their leaves grow to beautiful colors in full sun.

3. Purple Coneflower

Purple coneflowers are easy to grow, drought-resistant flowers that can survive partial sunlight.

Their beautiful colors attract different bees and insects for pollination.

4. Mourning Widow

Dry shade plants that when grown near trees and shrubs, provide a nice colour contrast to their blackish flowers.

5. Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart requires soft, moist soil, and, once it blooms, is deficient maintenance. Delicate pink blooms cut in the heart are such a beautiful addition to any garden

6. Solomon’s Seal

Maybe one of the easiest plants to grow in an Indian garden, Solomon’s Seal looks so elegant with its curling bell-like flowers and delicately arching leaves. Solomon’s seal is a 365 days flowering plant.

7. Butcher’s Broom

Butcher’s Broom, another commonly grown flowering plant in Indian gardens, can thrive in low-shade areas and needs moist soil to grow.

8. Snowdrops

It is a winter flower that works very well in deep shade areas but needs moist soil to survive, plus because the name suggests that the blooms look like pretty drops of snow.

9. Bigroot Geranium

Bigroot Geranium grows up to twelve inches but laterally spreads to the double of that, about twenty-four inches. It forms a brilliant ground cover and is resistant to weed.

10. Marigold

Because of its religious significance, Marigold is an auspicious flower for Indian Gardens. Growing is also very simple, and can also be quickly tended in the lowest maintenance gardens. What it wants is plenty of sunshine and black soil abundant in hummus

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Genius idea to describe and recommend different flowers without showing a single picture

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