Best solar fairy lights

Solar lights are those kind of lights which uses solar energy in order to recharge. Solar panels are present, which are used to recharge the lights.

Solar lights are mainly used for the purpose of decoration. They are really good at enhancing the beauty of your house or garden.

For enhancing the beauty of the garden solar garden lights are available in the market…….the demand and usage of these solar lights are continuously increasing, since it is electricity efficient.

They do not require huge amount of money rather they are cheaply available in the market. They are easy to install and use .

Solar fairy lights:

Solar fairy lights stands out among all kinds of solar lights. They not only look beautiful but also make their surrounding look beautiful. Since they use solar energy for the purpose of recharging, there is no need to worry about the electricity usage.

You house will be enhanced with the beautiful look and the same time you will have no worries regarding the electricity issues.

Till now it is said that solar fairy lights are used for the purpose of decoration but few people also for indoor home appliances like led bulb and the only reason behind is to save electricity.

Assume that you are planning for function at your home, but function are not conducted without proper decoration and the best way to decorate your home for the purpose of decoration is solar fairy lights.

These lights are mostly in the occasional purpose either in the functions or in the festivals. Much have been mentioned about the benefits and the usage of the these lights. Here are some of the best solar fairy lights.

Pesca 3AA battery powered, waterproof, copper wire string fairy lights 50 LEDs warm white 5 meter:

  1. Manufactured by the narayani spring industries,
  2. The type of light source is led,
  3. Uses solar panels in order to recharge,
  4. The capacity of the battery is 1 watts,
  5. The dimensions of the product are 500 x 200 x 200 cm,
  6. The size of the bulb used in the solar fairy light is A15,
  7. Leds are present in VIBGYOR colour,
  8. They claim to provide ultra brightness,
  9. They wont burn your hand while touching the led, hence no need to worry regarding the children being touching the lights,
  10. The wire is made up of the copper material,
  11. Easy to install and use,
  12. They claim that the product is water proof and hence can be used for the outdoor even in the rainy season,
  13. The weight of the product is 0.2 kg or 200 grams,
  14. The material that is used in making the led is plastic,
  15. The company is an Indian company.

Xergy 10 M, 100 LEDs fairy light:

  1. Needless to say the product looks really beautiful,
  2. The product is present in warm white colour,
  3. Xergy is the brand of the product,
  4. The number lights used in making the product is 1oo,
  5. Xergy is actually quite popular in making the electronic devices,
  6. It is USB powered product,
  7. There is literally no chance of getting shock or burning the wire,
  8. Completely safe to use,
  9. Provides long life span,
  10. The product is waterproof, so can be used in rainy season as well,
  11. The product is manufactured by SRG manufacturers,
  12. Batteries are not required since it uses USB port in order to recharge,
  13. They claim to provide excellent service and fell customer satisfaction,
  14. The manufacturer is an Indian country.


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