9 O’clock Flower- Plant Care & Benefits

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9 o'clock Flower Plant is a plant most commonly found in the United States and is a 6 inch tall brazillian native which grows annually during the summer season, as it needs warm and dry zones it is best suited in the coastal area gardens.

The flowers do not bloom on cloudy days or if kept in the shade.

The small leaves restore water and can thrive in hot and dry conditions as well. This characteristic of the plant makes it easy to grow in rocky terrain.

9 O'clock Flower- Plant Care & Benefits
9 O'clock Flower- Plant Care & Benefits

It also grows well in baskets and hanging baskets.

  • Scientific name : Portulaca grandiflora
  • Kingdom : Plantae
  • Family : Portulacaceae
  • Genus: Portulaca
  • Species : P. grandiflora

Portulaca grandiflora

Portulaca grandiflora is known by many other names also, such as the

  1. Moss Rose
  2. Common Portulaca
  3. Flowering Purslane
  4. Sun Moss
  5. Sun Rose

9 o'clock Plant Benefits:

Portulaca Benefits
Portulaca Benefits
  • 9 clock flower also known as a depurative plant as it helps to remove toxins and waste products from the body. It purifies the blood and other bodily fluids acting as a diaphoretic and blood cleanser.
  • This entire plant has medicinal benefits. It is beneficial in the treatment of severe diseases like cirrhosis of the liver with ascites, hepatitis, pain and swelling in the pharynx. The juice of the plant is used as a lotion and applied to snake, insect bites, burns and eczema.
  • The seeds and the leaves of the plant can be consumed either in its raw form or cooked form. The roots of the plant can also be consumed, but only in its cooked form.
  • The leaves or seeds can be dried and converted to a powder which can be added to soups, cereals, dough etc.
  • The chinese believe that it is used to treat tumors.
  • The thai believe that the plant has properties that can cure sore throats and skin rashes.
 9 o'clock Plant Benefits:
9 o'clock Plant Benefits:

9 o'clock Interesting Facts:

Portulaca Facts
Portulaca Facts
  • Portulaca comes from the latin word meaning "little gate" as the seed capsule that opens like a gate.
  • There are superstitious beliefs surrounding this plant. Some believe that if the leaves of this plant are kept on the pillow of a child, it drives away the evil spirits.
  • Others believe that if an ornament like a necklace is made out of the flowers and worn it helps to cure muscle spasms.
  • This plant acts as a lovely ground cover as it grows upto only a feet.
  • The flowers have many different colours like pink, red, orange, and yellow. Now more colours in pastel shades have come out apricot, cream and white.

Scientific Study:

A study was done on phytoremediation potential. The phytotoxicity study showed reduction in toxicity as there were metabolites that formed after dye degradation.

Final Words:

This is a beautiful plant which can be planted in the starting of the year and will bloom beautifully by November. Looking at its benefits it should be planted by one and all.

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