Plants & Flowers that Attract Snakes to the Garden

snake repellent plants

Snakes are attracted to certain plants. Whether we like them or not, they would visit your garden if they are attracted towards. If you do not want them as your guests and want to learn about plants that can attract snakes read this article.

Also, if you want snakes get easily attracted towards your garden, then there is no need to spend your precious time and money but grow some plants and herbs in your yard and they will visit you most certainly.

Snakes are indeed a crucial part of the ecosystem. In reality, they repel and control other pests in the garden. Sometimes and in some cases, thinking about it looks scary, but having a snake in the garden is very good according to some people.

According to the recent studies, they are often basked in gardens which have flowers and unfortunately, almost every yard has flowers.


herbs that attract snakes

There is end number of flowers like, Rosemary, morning glory, and various other flowerbeds or plants which are located underneath the plant feeder offers a central snake habitat.

Groundcover plants

ground cover plants attract snakes

The plants which cover ground are easily attracted towards snakes as they find the best place to hide. 

Sandalwood tree

indian sandalwood

The sandalwood is considered to be the purest tree according to the Hindu Mythology. Indeed, the wood is used for worshipping Lord Shiva and according to Hindu believe Goddess Lakshmi used to live in sandalwood tree just because of serene nature.

Therefore, snakes like calm places, plants, or herbs, and they used to live on that.

Raat ki rani or Queen of Night

raat ki rani flower

It is a fragrant flowering bush which can be grown in any climate whether it is harsh, cold, or hot. It has powerful mesmerizing fragrance and according to the belief which is heard by everyone that this plant attracts snakes.

That’s why individuals hesitate to plant such trees in their homes.

Cedar trees


All the cedar trees have cedar shaped leaves which is very much liked by the snakes, and altogether, their fragrance is much loved by the snakes. 

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About all the folks, the plants and herbs which are fresh, have a strong fragrance and are groundcover snakes get quickly and deliberately attracted towards them as they find the place to hide and end several rodents and reptiles to eat.

All the above information concerning plants and herbs in this blog are not scientifically proven, but, they are according to the beliefs of familiar individuals who love to live in and around nature mainly, in villages.

So, be aware and make yourself save from such plants and herbs or if you love snakes, then grow these plants in your yard.

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