Monsoon Gardening in India & Monsoon Planting Guide

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Monsoon season has always been the best time of the year to grow and cultivate a variety of nature-loving plants and crops. Among all the other seasons, it is the best season for growing some very attractive looking lush greens, plants, flowering plants, herbs, and more.

Plants love the moisture and humidity in the air during monsoon, and so they bloom even better and grow faster. Not only that, but it also saves your effort to keep watering the plant very often as nature does its best work on your behalf, which is efficiently seen in the results wherein the plants bloom and blossoms so effortlessly.

Plants to grow during monsoon season

Though monsoon is the best season of the year to produce all sorts of efficient greens, it is still advisable to choose and improve those that are the best cherish able and can grow efficiently well during that season.

Here are plants that are best suitable to grow during monsoon.



Hibiscus plant is one of the flowering plants that are ideal for growing during monsoon. It can withstand the moist and humid weather of the season and hence serves the best outcome.

The blooming hibiscus flowers add beauty to your garden, not forgetting the ayurvedic advantages the flower bears after it is dried.


Jasmine is another flowering plant well-suited to plant during monsoons. They are highly bearable to moist and humid weather conditions. Its white coloured pretty flowers accompanied by the dark green leaves are sure to treat your eyes.

These flowers also have a very fresh, pleasant, and soothing fragrance that you cannot miss while enjoying the rains.



Sunflower is another beauty that looks giant and vibrant. They are cherished for its pretty looking bright yellow leaves and the overall unique appearance.

Sunflowers grow well and survive in their best form during monsoon season and are likely to increase during that period.


Tomatoes are very commonly used in many Indian households. They are the most versatile and easy to grow fruits enriched with Vitamin C. They can be efficiently produced in a pot in your garden.

They thrive quite well during monsoon, and hence developing them during that period will serve the best advantages.


Beetroots are also the easiest to grow and thrives well in the humid weather conditions of monsoon.

They are commonly eaten in Indian households and carry vibrant and essential nutrients in them like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and potassium. They are also perfect for healthy blood circulation and blood pressure.



Cucumbers are easy to grow and thrive the best in moist soil. They hence survive and grow well during monsoon. Many Indians widely consume them in different dishes and salads.

They are enriched with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that aids in controlling blood sugar levels and help in weight loss.


Tips to take care of the plants during monsoon-

  • There should be proper drainage facility for the plants in the pots to avoid excess water retention because of rains.
  • Adequate care for the delicate and baby plants should be taken by covering them from getting spoiled by the windy weather or extreme force of the storm.
  • Bugs and other insects tend to harm the plants more during the rainy season. Hence, the proper use of pesticides to protect the healthy growth of the plants and crops should be done.
  • Pruning is essential to ensure adequate growth. Cut off the infected leaves and unwanted extensions from time to time.

Growing plants during monsoon

Preventions to be taken while growing plants during monsoon-

  • Mulching is essential to improve the soil's health and fertility. Hence it should be carried out effectively. Mulching also helps the soil from erosion due to heavy wind and rain.
  • It is necessary to remove damp green patches known as Algae occurring on the ground and around the plants. Not removing them on time causes the plants to get damaged and rotten. Removing them also promotes cleanliness of the environment in which the plants can then healthily grow.
  • Excessive watering should be avoided during the rainy season. Water the plants only after checking the soil for moisture requirements.
  • Avoid using harsh chemical fertilizers too often. Instead, invest your time in producing organic manure at home.

Succulents in Monsoon

Just like any other plant, succulents in monsoon also need to be taken care of certain factors. These are the plants that thrive well in full as well as partial sunlight.

During monsoon, succulents receive a lot of watering than required because of rainwater; hence care should be taken to expose the plants to sunlight for a certain period during the day and after the raining stops.

Waterlogging should also be prevented by draining the soil from time to time. However, it is always best to place the succulents inside the house and near the windows during the rainy season for them to receive the partial shade and manual watering when required.


Monsoon season is bliss to grow many beautiful and useful flowering plants, herbs, and vegetables. Plants obtain moist and humid weather conditions during the monsoon season, which is favorable for them to grow in their best form.

Likewise, taking care of the growing plants during monsoon is also an essential factor.

Easy steps to protect and help your plant grow in a healthy and in its best manner must be added in your daily to-do list to ensure productivity, prevent destruction, and achieve a great outcome.


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