How to Care for Stone Lotus Flower Plant?

by Truman Perkins

Stone lotus plant is a succulent flowering plant that looks like a cactus. This plant has a very unique appearance because of which it is used as a decor in many houses, offices, restaurants and spas. These are also small and compact in nature for which they are used extensively to fill tight spaces. Its unique feature and quality are that it has the power to absorb electromagnetic radiations from harmful devices that we use on a daily basis.

How to Care for Stone Lotus Flower Plant?
How to Care for Stone Lotus Flower Plant?

Grow Stone Lotus Flower Plant in Pots

Grow Stone Lotus Flower Plant in Pots
Grow Stone Lotus Flower Plant in Pots

Stone lotus flower plants are not troublesome and are quite easy to grow. The stone lotus plant can be grown by following below mentioned easy steps-

  • Select a pot or a container and make drainage holes at the bottom surface of the container.
  • Fill the container with moist soil.
  • Select one of the leaves of the stone plant and put it under the soil that is moist.
  • Place the potted plant in a mildly sunny location of the house.
  • Water the plant in every 2-3 passing days.
  • Wait for a few weeks and see the sprouts emerging and growing.

How to Care for Stone Lotus Flower?

  • Stone lotus flower plants prefer rocky soil and a good amount of nutrients to thrive and grow well. It is suggested to use well- drained soil to avoid excess water retention in the pot.
  • For irrigation, only make use of tap water or water from the well.
  • Stone lotus flower plants should be watered at least once in 7-8 days for its healthy growth.
  • Stone lotus flower plants require a least of 3 hours of sunlight exposure in a day so make sure to place them in an area that does the needful.

Grow Stone Lotus Flower from Seeds

Stone lotus plants can also be grown by germinating its seeds. The following easy steps should be followed to grow a stone lotus flower plant using seeds-

  • Take some seeds of the stone lotus plant and remove the hardened tips of the seeds using a knife.
  • Soak the seeds in a bowl filled with warm water for 3-4 days till they sprout. Remove the skin of the seeds every now and then to help them sprout faster.
  • Put these seeds under the soil in a container by just letting the greens out. Splash some water over them and allow them to sit in the sun.
  • After a few weeks, with constant care and the required super vison, you will see the sprouts growing, separating from its stems and forming into curled up leaves and then eventually becoming a complete flower plant.

Care & Prevention:

Some preventions to be taken while growing a stone lotus flower plant are as follows:

  • Stone lotus plants require moist but well-drained soil. Proper measures should be taken to allow the water drain well through the soil by forming holes at the bottom surface of the pot.
  • Place the pot or container in an area where it receives partial sunlight. Provide filtered sunlight to these plants when the sun is too harsh especially during summers.
  • These plants should also not be overwatered as overwatering can cause their roots to get rotten and then eventually die.


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