How to Grow Bougainvillea in a Pot?

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For those who are looking for a strong tropical vine with a variation of colours to display then Bougainvillea is the plant for you. Bougainvillea flowers put on a magnificent display of colours including white, pink, red, and orange.

The woody branches and brilliant bracts of this vining shrub are stunning. Most would admit that bougainvillea is lovely, yet many homeowners hesitate to plant them for several reasons.

The most frequent is that they grow excessively large and as a consequence, too messy. Though this is undoubtedly true, wouldn't it be great to appreciate bougainvillea's beauty while reducing its size and messiness?

When bougainvillea is grown in pots, the overall size of the bush is reduced, and there is less mess. Moving the container to a sheltered position, such as beneath a patio or covering it with a sheet, makes it simpler to protect them from frost damage in the winter.

Bougainvilleas are great for containers. Many gardeners in cold regions grow them exclusively in pots and bring them inside during the winter. In this article, you will find every tip on how to grow Bougainvillea in pots.

How to Grow Bougainvillea in a Pot?
How to Grow Bougainvillea in a Pot?

Must Known Facts

Facts about Bougainvillea
Facts about Bougainvillea

Before planting bougainvillea these things should be remembered and need to be done properly to get the best flowers from the plant.

  1. Needs a lot of suns: Bougainvillea requires plenty of sun. Plant one in a shaded location and you won't get the burst of flowers rather you'll receive vines and thorns. For perfect bloom, it requires at least six hours of sun each day.
  2. Well Drained Soil: The soil has to be well-drained. They dislike being wet for extended periods. And this might result in succumb to root rot in wet soil. To get the perfect result the soil must be gritty and loose.
  3. Proper Care: The root ball must be handled very carefully. The roots of Bougainvillea are thin and easily injured during transplantation. Furthermore, you must water the plant immediately after planting. Then water monthly until it is established and cease watering it after it's established. As Bougainvillea prefers a dry climate.

Tips to grow it on a Pot

Tips to grow it on a Pot
Tips to grow it on a Pot

For those who live in a place that never freezes there is good news as bougainvillea thrives in a pot. Because the vine blooms better when its roots are compacted, growing bougainvillea in a container turns it into a flowering machine. When the cold of winter sets in, bring your potted bougainvillea indoors and put it near a sunny window until the weather warms up again. Everything you need to know about growing bougainvillea in containers is right here.

Choosing the Variant

Choose a shrubby, shorter variety that will not overpower the container. 'Vera Deep Purple,' 'Singapore Pink,' 'Crimson Jewel,' and 'La Jolla' are all excellent options.

Selecting the Pot

One should begin with a 10-14 inch deep pot and re-pot it in the larger one after a few years. You can take the help of a best garden cart to carry out the soil and tools. The bougainvillea plant, on the other hand, likes to be rooted but ensures to re-pot it every two years if the roots get congested. Choose glazed pottery or ceramics pots to maintain the roots cool during the summer months.


You may use regular potting soil, but make sure it doesn't have a lot of peat moss in it because too much peat retains moisture in the soil and may cause root rot. The most important aspect for bougainvillea is that the soil and container have excellent drainage, as you want your bougainvillea to be able to take exactly the amount of water it requires and then have any excess water drain away. After all, bougainvilleas are native to hot, arid areas and are extremely drought-tolerant, so they flourish in drier settings.

A good soil mixture for the bottom of the container would be 3/4 potting soil with 1/4 cactus and succulent mix, which would ensure great drainage.

How to Plant?

How to Plant?
How to Plant?

After you've added your selected soil combination - remember to place your aeration and drainage mix in the bottom of the pot, such as 1/4 part cactus and succulent mix - you may start adding more potting soil, allowing enough space for your bougainvillea.


The drought tolerance of potted bougainvillea is not as great as that of plants growing in the ground. While you don't need to water as frequently as a bougainvillea in the ground since you want your plant to dry between waterings, you will still need to give periodic hydration, especially if you live in an arid region. Your bougainvillea should reward you with its typical bright dazzling winter blooms when we approach the dry winter season. If your potted bougainvillea's blooms are merely mediocre, consider relocating it to a brighter location to promote more blooming.


Pruning is necessary to keep the plant's size in control and encourage new development. The plant may be pruned at any time of year, but the ideal time is immediately after the blooming season. Using a sterilized shear or scissor, cut the stems to half their original length.


Because bougainvilleas are heavy feeders, apply a light liquid balanced fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season. When the plant is established in early summer, apply a slow fertilizer periodically. During the winter, do not fertilize the plant.


If kept in a sunny area with adequate ventilation, bougainvillea in pots seldom attracts pests. However, mealy bugs, mildew, and aphids may attack the plant. You may use a cotton ball dipped in insecticidal or neem oil solution to treat them.


You can bring the unique tropical beauty of bougainvillea to your home and yard by growing it in pots. This can be a beginning step to achieve the concept of gardening state. You may enjoy the potential isolation and definition bougainvillea offers to any outdoor space or garden by planting it in pots. Simultaneously, you effectively restrict the plant's development and spread without sacrificing your enjoyment of its incomparably beautiful beauty.

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