Top 10 Plants with Whorled Leaf Arrangement

reviewed by Truman Perkins

Whorled leafsplant characterizes a plant in which at least three or five leavesarise at a node and form a whorl. They can either be opposite or alternately placed throughout the stems. The distinctive arrangement is a validation of nature's perfection.

10 plants with a whorled leaf arrangement.

10 plants with a whorled leaf arrangement.
10 plants with a whorled leaf arrangement.

Here is a list of 10 plants with a whorled leaf arrangement.

1. Blackboard tree (Alstonia scholaris)

Also known as the Indian devil, the Blackboard Tree is a species of trees in the family Apocynaceae. The tree is self-supporting and can grow up to 40 m tall. The whorled leaves are simple, broad, and fleshy.Blackboard tree is usually found in southern Asia, Australia, and the Solomon Islands. The wood is soft, thus not very useful. However, the leaves being richin nutrients like alkaloids, are often used in traditional medicine.

2. Japanese clethra (Clethra barbinervis)

Characterized as a shrub, the Japanese Clethra is embellished with rich-scented white blooms from mid to late summers. It also bears fruits that persist into the autumn season until the leaves change their color and fall to the ground. The shrub can grow 10-20ft in height and cover a large area.

3. Lemonwood ( Pittosporum eugenioides)

The shiny, wavy edges of the narrow leaves distinguish the lemonwood tree from the rest. It produces clusters of highly scented tiny yellow flowers during the spring season and makes itself admirable for all the glances.

4. Mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia)

The dense, round shrub with irregular branches and multiple stems has the most peculiar blossoms in pink, purple and white from late May to early June.

5. Indian cucumber root (Medeola virginiana)

The unbranched stem rises from the ground with whorled leaves settled flat on top of it. The plant blooms once a year with tiny greenish-yellow flowers and inedible purple berries drooping from the whorl.

6. Panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata)

Known for their minimal maintenance, durability, and consistent bloom, panicle hydrangeais as resilient as they're beautiful.

7. Hound's ear (Bupleurum rotundifolium)

Fresh green leaves holding a bunch of tiny yellow flowers can be a refreshing sight to behold. Hare's ear or hound's ear is a native to Morocco but is now found all around the world.

8. Redvein enkianthus (Enkianthus campanulatus)

The drooping tiny bell-shaped creamy-yellow to whitish-pink flowers profusely blooms on the shrub and makes it look magnificent during the season.

9. Bunchberry or Canada dwarf-dogwood (Chamaepericlymenum canadense)

Found mostly in the wild habitats, the plant can quickly spread on the ground covering the floors to dominate the area.The leaves unfold into a whorl to hold the inflorescence to bloom from May till early July, and then in the late summer, clusters of round red fruits appear on the inflorescence.

10. Spotted Wintergreen (Chimaphila maculate)

An endangered species is a wildflower found in the dry woods and wild habitat. The bloom on spotted wintergreen plant appears in small nodding clusters, highly fragrant and light in color.

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