Best Drip Irrigation Kit in India

The process supplying required amount of water to the crops is nothing but known as irrigation. Irrigation plays the crucial role the growth of healthy irrigation.

Irrigation especially is most important in the areas where the rain is less likely to fall or just not enough rainfall takes place in that area.

Irrigation has another role to play that is frost protection. Irrigation helps in preventing the growth unwanted plants that is weed plants.

Usually the crops or agriculture relies upon mostly on rainfall for the purpose of the proper rainfall but if rain is less likely to fall or sometimes even the rainy is delayed, in order to prevent the plant or crop from destroying the process of irrigation is used,

Irrigation is has other uses as well like remove the sewage material and also used for the purpose of mining. The process of irrigation is not a newly adopted process but rather it is practiced since like 50 centuries.

The process of irrigation is mostly practised in asia , since it is the heart of irrigation. There are various methods of doing irrigation. They are:

  1. Surface irrigation,
  2. Furrow irrigation,
  3. Sprinkler irrigation,
  4. Drip irrigation.

Surface irrigation:

The process in which gravity is used as the main concept in order to supply required amount of water to the crops is nothing but known as the surface irrigation.

Surface irrigation is one of the most common method of performing irrigation. Surface irrigation is otherwise also known as the flood irrigation. The surface irrigation process is not quite that efficient and uncontrolled amount of water is distributed and hence because of that reason it is referred as the flood irrigation.

The whole process takes place in four steps. In the advance phase the water is supplied to the field. In the storage phase starts at the end of the advance phase, it is the phase when no more water is supplied.

The short submerged phase just after the completion of the storage phase is known as the depletion phase. In the recession phase the water just retreats or comes back.

In order to work this process out, you need strict management. There are many consequences may arise like water logging, deep drainage and salinization.

Furrow irrigation:

Small and parallel channels are used to carry water so that the process of irrigation may take place. Furrow irrigation is preferred in the row crops. Apart from the row crops furrow irrigation is also suitable for growing the trees.

Even though furrow irrigation is suitable for the most kinds of soil but the soil which easy to crust are much preferred over any kind soil.

Sprinkler irrigation:

The process in which sprinkler is used in order to carry out irrigation process is known as sprinkler irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation is not only used in agriculture but also used in the golf grounds as well.

The process appears as if the rain is falling. There are many others can be used in order to carry out irrigation.

Drip irrigation:

Drip irrigation is water efficient process. The process makes the water to slowly reach the roots. Drip irrigation can be carried out by using various things like pipes, valves and tubes.

This is the best form of irrigation when compared with all other irrigation types. Although the process of drip irrigation is since ancient times but tremendous amount of popularity, when the germans started using this process in the year 1860.

Plastic is also used can be used to carry out the process, it was started in the Australia. Here is the list of the best drip irrigation kit in india.

M dripkit drip irrigation garden watering 100 plants drip kit:

Cinagro drip irrigation kit:

Trustbasket drip irrigation kit:

Drip irrigation kit for terrace garden:

The importance of drip irrigation is mention already, please refer the above list in order to get the best kit for your garden.

Drip irrigation kit for home garden india:

The kits which are mentioned in the above list can be used for home garde as well so refer the above list………….

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