Top 10 Roadside Plants in India

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We all see plants in the green belts and pavements when we travel anywhere. To beautify the streets and roadsides, there are plenty of plants growing. However, the kind of plants that are being grown varies in each climatic area. Roadside plants are those florae that can sustain certain aggressive weather conditions and yet add beauty. These are mainly vegetative plants as those are evergreen flora that last.

India is a place with harsh climate frequencies and hence requires plants on the roadside that are able to sustain the extreme heat or humidity and those that can withstand roadside pollution.

Top 10 Roadside Plants in India
Top 10 Roadside Plants in India

Ten Different Roadside Plants in India

 Ten Different Roadside Plants in India
Ten Different Roadside Plants in India

We'll take the example of ten main plants on the Indian roadside today to learn and understand them a bit. These include the following.

1. Tamarind Trees

These trees provide plenty of shade and help in keeping the area cool thanks to its more extensive coverage. What's more, is that the tamarind fruit is edible and a good source of vitamins for the people as well.

2. Golden shower

Golden shower
Golden shower

The national plant of Thailand is also a state flower in India. It has golden colored flowers that grow in bunches. Due to the number of hanging flowers in the tree, it gives a yellow shower like effect.

3. Jacaranda

An esthetic looking tree with small flowers that are grown commonly across Asian countries.


4. Bauhinia

Bauhinia (source)

Also known as kachnar in the local dialect, this plant is distinguished by its edible flowers cooked by locals. The tree offers shade and a source of beauty, withstanding ideas harsh climates.

5. Cassia Javanica

Cassia Javanica
Cassia Javanica (source)

Also known as the pink shower, these plants are fast-growing and bloom in the spring crimson pink flowers. This plant is native to the southeast Asian countries mainly.

6. Neem

This plant is known for its cleansing properties, and the plant is a natural pesticide with various medicinal benefits the locals can use. It also provides cool shade.

Top 10 Roadside Plants in India
Top 10 Roadside Plants in India

7. Pride of India

Pride of India
Pride of India

It's known as tamhan in the local language, and it is another aesthetic roadside plant. It has purplish-pink flowers that bloom in lateJuly to August.

8. Silk Cotton Tree

Silk Cotton Tree
Silk Cotton Tree (source)

A beauty in the winters, this tree adds a pop of color along the roads with its crimson red flowers in the months of January and February. The tree also provides ample shade and lasts in the harsh climate changes.

9. Flame Of The Forest

Flame Of The Forest
Flame Of The Forest

This is another unique red-hued tree that is grown around roadsides. Its flowers seem to give the appearance of a reddish-orange parrot beak. The tree is often associated with Holi traditions in India.

10. The Parijat Plant

The Parijat Plant
The Parijat Plant (source)

Its white succulent flowers are open at night and fall by dawn from the plant. That's what makes it so special, along with its sweet fragrance.

There are many more various roadside plants in India. They vary from state to state and the climate in each area. Although there may be some evergreen types, but there are many seasonal plants that are found on the roadside for aesthetics.


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