10 Best Indoor Plants for Bedroom

Are you looking forward to adding a little green punch to your bedroom? This thing will offer tremendous benefits to you, and your family members like, purify the air and embellish every corner of the home by making them aesthetic.

bedroom plants

Not only this, these indoor plants can make the home great apart from the end number of excellent health and wealth benefits. Many of the doctors recommend indoor plants in the areas where there is poor ventilation.

However, always remember that there are no plants that love dark places but, they adjust themselves well enough to the site and start delivering fresh air to the natives.

If you talk about India, the indoor plant market is surging at a very high pace offering countless benefits. Indeed, these indoor plants can be grown anywhere like, in office, homes, bedrooms, residences, etc.

Over the years these plants are used only for decorative purposes but, nowadays the trend has been changed, and they are used to improve the quality of air inside the home.

They are capable of absorbing toxic gases inside the house and release oxygen so that individuals feel fresh and energetic.

Do you know the most significant reason for indoor plant market in India?

bedroom plants

I will tell you; it is nonetheless air pollution, especially in metro cities where both inside and outside you will get an infection. 

In another report, which is delivered by Indian Flowers and Ornamental Plants Welfare Association, the market of India Flowers will grow ten-fold in the coming five years, which is real growth. The main reason behind this growth is, changing lifestyle, the income level of the individuals is increasing, and most crucially urbanization.

Most of the people use every kind of indoor plants in their homes just for decoration purposes but, they don’t know their extraordinary health benefits which come out of them. 

Do you that those plants eliminate the toxic air which is coming inside your home?

East Facing Window Container

And surprisingly putting one or two plants in your teenager room will help him/her concentrate better. Now you can well, imagine how these plants are benefitting the human being and we are just cutting them down to make our homes or setting up the business. We have listed all the indoor plants that can purify air in detail in this article

Well, open your eyes and see the end number of benefits plants are offering us; otherwise, it will be too late.

Let’s talk about the benefits of indoor plants which will heal your every problem: 

  1. They act as a natural purifier, which changes toxic air into the fresh air.
  2. Help the individual breath better by increasing the oxygen level.
  3. They are natural Humidifier.
  4. Improves the overall health and helps the person in recovering faster if they are suffering from any problem.
  5. Foremost for students as these plants help in concentrating and focusing on their desired goal.
  6. Improves the overall sleep of the person.
  7. Plants in the bedroom stop the outside noise from coming inside.
  8. The plants which people grow inside the home are not natural, and they work as medicines.
  9. No need of artificial fragrance, flowering plants emit mild fragrance inside the home, making it fresh.
  10. Lastly, overall décor of the place enhanced.
  11. They are Beautiful and Decorates the Bedroom.

Moving ahead, you will come to know the types of plants which are the best and most trendy in Indian bedrooms. Let’s have a look: 



Scientifically Lavender is known as Lavandula real to its name, which makes the bedroom full of fragrance, making the internal environment soothing and perfect.

According to some studies, it is found that Lavender helps in reducing the stress level of the individual and lowering down the heart rate. In reality, it is not a bedroom plant, but it can survive if the conditions are right. 

Peace lily

Peace lily

This plant is one of the favorite’s NASA’s plant which offers an eye a soothing effect and freshness for the whole day. Nowadays, it is a great and first choice for Indian bedroom.

Not only this, its fragrance filters out various harmful benzene, and other toxins from the house are making it fresh for intake.



Well, it will not survive its darkroom but, can enhance the décor of the bedroom if it gets indirect sunlight. However, water the plant when the soil gets dry for best results and apply liquid houseplant fertilizer once in a month for long-time protection.

Bamboo palm

It is also known as Reed Palm which act as a fantastic air purifier. So, goodbye to end several airborne diseases and harmful toxins.

As the origin of this plant is exotic, that’s why it delivers the warm tropical atmosphere to the bedroom.

Keep one thing in mind that avoid direct sunlight on this plant and keep in moist all the time.



They are scientifically known as Rosmarinus Officinalis has a delightful piney scent, especially when an individual rubs their fingertips against that plant. 

You can keep this plant on the window side as it wants bright light for survival. Keep the soil dry for some time. Most fundamentally, turn down the pot every month for even growth of the plant.

The herb of this plant can be used in cooking, which makes the food healthy and nutritious.

Gerbera daisies

Gerbera pot

This incredible plant makes everyone’s mood set apart right from the moment when you enter your bedroom. The cheerful color of this plant that is pink, orange, white, yellow makes everyone positive and energetic.

Snake plant

Snake plant

Snake plant is also an excellent bedroom plant which helps in purifying the air by which people can breathe better and in a proper way. However, this plant produces oxygen at night, which makes the sleep comfortable and relaxed.

Moreover, it also filters the nasty harmful toxic gases from the house, making it fresh.


Azores Jasmine

Jasmine astonishing plant because of its small white flowers and soothing scent which finds the perfect place in the bedroom. The best part is apart from purifying the air and filtering harmful gases; it helps in boosting the person’s alertness and overall productivity.



The growth of this plant is prolonged but best suited for the bedroom just because of small size which can be kept anywhere. However, it needs medium humidity and average temperature for survival.

Spider plant

It resembles a snake plant, but if you watch the qualities, it is much better than the snake plant. This plant is known as a champion cleanser of the air.

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Final Words

A test which was conducted by NASA shows that this plant removes almost 90% of the cancer-causing chemicals from the bedroom, which is lingering in the air. That’s the reason in every bedroom you will find this plant.

Well, at last in want to say that you can pick any of the above plants for your bedroom as they offer end number of benefits. But, keep one in thing mind that take care of them like your child.

So, good luck with your healthy future!

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