15 Indoor Plants to absorb Humidity & Maintain Temperature

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Indoor plants are indeed great to have when the amount of heat and humidity goes beyond control. The indoor plants help you by not only absorbing the humidity but also giving you fresh air and peace of mind. Let us talk about Indoor plants today and how they can help us in many ways. Keep reading. 

Bedroom Plants
Bedroom Plants



Humidity in India is very high, especially in coastal areas. Due to humidity, temperature also rises. Such a stressful situation can be handled by growing indoor plants that absorbs humidity and gives you comfort and succor. 

The amount of water vapors present in an atmosphere which makes temperature hot is known as humidity. Both weather and climate are affected by moisture. Understanding humidity is essential as it also affects your surroundings and indoor environment.


Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants

Indoor plants absorb Humidity from your atmosphere and keep it cool. They also purify your environment by keeping the toxins away. In this way, you will feel less stressed and will attain a tension-free environment which is better for your surroundings, home, and work. It is proven that by keeping indoor plants in your home, you will gradually feel the changes within you and your surroundings. Keeping indoor plants will help you to work ultimately better because of the atmosphere that will give you ease and comfort. 

Following are the fifteen indoor plants you can easily grow in India:

  1. Areca Palm.
  2. English Ivy.
  3. Aloe Vera.
  4. Indian Basil.
  5. Snake Plant.
  6. Money Plant.
  7. Peace Lily.
  8. The Lucky Bamboo Plant.
  9. Grape Ivy.
  10. Anthurium.
  11. Ladies’ Slipper Orchid.
  12. Spider Plant.
  13. Azalea.
  14. Weeping Fig.
  15. Dracaena. 



Xylene and toluene can be filtered by keeping this plant in your house. It can grow as long as 30 feet, but for indoor, it is restricted to 7 feet high. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, or else the leaves will turn yellow. It can grow anywhere in the house where the sunlight is indirect. To keep moist soil water it enough daily. 



Air-bine faecal-matter particles can be reduced by growing this plant in your house. This leafy plant needs sunlight to look firm and untired. If they do not get enough light, they might get attacked by the pests. You should be careful while watering it and let the soil dry before you water it again.


It is a well-known fact that Aloe Vera is used to attaining a great complexion. Aloe plants do not like to be wet and cold but warm and dry, water them when you see the soil is dry. A Sunny Window in the East is the best place to keep this plant. The full shade will not suit the aloe plant.


Tulsi is a common name for this plant, and growing it is a cinch task to do. This plant achieves many medicinal properties. It improves air quality by purifying it. A sunny window is the best place to keep this plant. Just water it daily to keep it fresh and firm.


Snake plant is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, works as an excellent air purifier (also identified by NASA). It absorbs humidity and converts carbon dioxide into Oxygen, removing toxins and chemicals from the air. This plant is elementary to maintain and flourish in low light.


The money plant is the most popular plant grown in Indian indoors. It can be easily grown in both soil and water. According to many pieces of research, this plant brings in the profitability and riches and creates a harmonious environment. It also purifies your atmosphere and absorbs Humidity. It is a Decorative Indoor Plant in India.



Apart from enhancing air quality and absorbing Humidity, this plant looks aesthetically enchanting. These plants are easy to cultivate and requires little or no sunlight. This plant requires a low level of water. Peace lily plant is undoubtedly lovely and eye-catching. 



This plant is also very famous in Indian homes. The lucky bamboo plant can be grown in both soil and water, keeping it at by a window and in directed by sunlight. For decorative purposes, this plant can be patterned into many organic forms giving a beautiful look to your house. 


These beautiful plants can surely be a part of your home decor and can give your room an aesthetic look. It is effortless to maintain indoor plant which can be grown in low light, dry air, and moderate watering. It is an ornamental plant which helps in purifying the air and looks attractive when placed in your home.


Anthurium plant is an exotic looking plant which can be maintained easily than you think. This plant needs indirect sunlight, moderate regular watering. 


Seeing the dull corner of your room makes you feel bored? Ladies’ slipper orchid is the solution to it. This plant brings that missing aesthetic vibe to your room, giving it an attractive look. As the name describes, this plant has unusual slipper-shaped flowers that sprout between two leaves. Water this plant once and place it where this is no direct sunlight. 


This plant reduces hazardous Chemical from the environment. This plant got its name spider due to its uniquely shaped leaves which looks like a spider on the web. Keep the soil well-drained but not soggy for a fresh spider plant.


This plant can control formaldehyde. This plant produces a beautiful flower during spring, which lasts long for several weeks. This plant should be placed where the sunlight is indirect. It is available in many colors. Want your side table to look attractive? Don’t wait and put an Azalea plant on it.


This leafy sad fig plant can remove emissions from curtains, carpets, and furniture. This plant should be kept in a bright place but indirect to the sun. Try to keep it away from cold hot air. You can enjoy its beauty for years as this plant won’t disappoint you keeping itself long-lasting. 


Dracaena is to be placed where the sunlight is indirect as it does not require direct sunlight. Soil should be kept moist, not soggy. Avoid overwatering and poor drainage as it can turn the leaves yellow. The window is the best place to keep this beautiful plant.


Indoor Plants Absorb Humidity
Indoor Plants Absorb Humidity

Indoor plants are elementary to be grown and placed in your house. These plants not only make your home looks beautiful and attractive but also guarantees to keep your environment fresh and peaceful. NASA has also identified some plants that will make your air purify and your environment safe. For keeping your environment clean and filtered. 

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