Krishna Tulsi Plant Care India

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Tulsi plant otherwise is known as the ocimum tenuiflorum or otherwise also known as holy basin or simply called as tulsi.

Krishna Tulsi Plant Care India
Krishna Tulsi Plant Care India
  1. Tulsi belongs to the family of lamiaceae.
  2. One of the holy plant of india.
  3. Mostly the cultivation of tulsi plant is done in southern asia.
  4. Belongs to the kingdom of plantae.
  5. Widely used in the medical industry.
  6. Commonly used in herbal tea.
  7. Mostly used in ayurvedic medicines.
  8. Used in essential oils as well.
  9. In Hinduism many people also worship this plant.
  10. Can grow up to 60 cm.
  11. The leaves are combined colours of green and purple.
  12. There are various kinds tulsi plants commonly known as ram tulsi and Krishna tulsi.
  13. Both kinds of plants possess of green coloured leaves.
  14. The plant is mostly found in north central india.
  15. As mentioned earlier the plant is mostly used for the purpose treating diseases.
  16. The plant when mixed with grains can be used as insecticide.
  17. The plant is very important in hindu mythology.
  18. Tulsi is believed to be avatars of many hindu dieties.
  19. And hence it is highly respected by the hindus.
  20. You can easily find tulsi in many hindu houses.
  21. Mostly worshiped by the followers of Vishnu, ram and Krishna.
  22. On the occasion of Kartika Poornima the worship of tulsi plant can be seen.
  23. Many also consider worshipping during the early morning as well.
  24. A kind of marriage known as the tulsi vivah is also practised by the hindus.

Krishna tulsi plant care:

Krishna tulsi plant care:
Krishna tulsi plant care:

Since tulsi plant is really important, it is necessary for the hindus to take great care of it. Like every plant, even Krishna tulsi plant needs fertilization.

As mentioned previous fertilization is a major process in the healthy growth of any plant or crop.

There are various ways of accomplishing the process of fertilization like granular, spike fertilization and liquid fertilization.

Mostly spike fertilizer otherwise stick fertilizer and liquid fertilizer is preferred by the gardeners due its advantages over other types of fertilizers.

So the first and primary step is to provide proper amount of fertilizers. The next step is using proper vermi compost.

The most preferred one is using organic one. They also show significance benefits in the growth of the plant.

Apart from that you can use coco peats purely made up of coconut elements. So you can use that as well for the healthy growth of your plant.

The next major step is provide efficient amount of water to your plant. Like humans even plants need water in order to survive.

And when you use organic compost it increases the quality of your soil. It increases the fertility of the soil. Hence never ever forget to using the organic compost.

Since it is organic it will be cheaply available. And when you use fertilizers, they have the great capacity to hold water and providing to the plant whenever it is necessary.

Using fertilizers also balances the Ph value of your soil. These above mentioned measures are more than enough for the healthy growth of your Krishna tulsi plant.

Krishna tulsi plant care:
Krishna tulsi plant care:


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