Wood Ash for Plants Online in India

Wood ash is the by product of an burnt wood. It mainly consists of compounds of calcium and few other chemicals. There were many witnesses and uses of the wood ash in the past.

The main component which is present in the wood ash is calcium carbonate. There are many uses of wood ash. Its main usage is seen in soap industry. Soap plays a major role in our day to day life. The main component required in making the soap is potassium hydroxide.

So the compound involved in making soap is potassium hydroxide which can be easily obtained from wood ash. Now a days we use gas cylinders in order to make or prepare food.

But when you refer the pages of history before the invention of gas lines wood was used in order to prepare food.

Wood ash can also be used as the composts and this trend gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the world, wood ash is also used to absorb bad smell or odour.

Wood ash is also used for the purpose of the cleaning , especially cleaning of the glass. Apart from the benefits mentioned above the wood ash is also used for purpose of melting ice as it contains salts of potassium.

Another benefit we see in using wood ash is , it helps in the growth of aquatic plant, which really helps in the growth of the plant. However this doesn’t mean that you will pour huge amount of wood ash in to water but rather put some small amount o wood ash into it.

Most often plants tend to suffer from frost problem, this problem can easily be avoided by using wood ash. Wood ash plays a huge amount of role in the healthy growth of the tomato plants.

Tomato plants tend to suffer from calcium deficiency and this problem can be overcome by using wood ash. Another thing which plays a huge role in the growth of an healthy plant is soil. The Ph value of the soil is really important.

If the Ph value of the soil is less than 7 , it means the soil is acidic in nature and this can really cause a huge problem in the growth of the plant. Wood ash helps in balancing the Ph value of the soil.

The list also include protection from the pests. All other kinds of insects and animals like ants and snails which really harm your plant can be avoided by using wood ash.

Wood ash is also used as the fertilizer. There is a significance role of fertilizer in the growth of the plant. Fertilizer balances the Ph of the soil, they can hold the water afor longer period of time so that, that can be used in the future.

Fertilizers helps us to get rid pests and other harmful creatures which may attack your plant. Here is the list oof wood ash providers for plants in india:

Grey magic:

  1. They claim that their product is rich in potassium,
  2. Can be used for alkali friendly plants,
  3. Apart from essential chemicals , micronutrient are also present in the product,
  4. Use along with compost,
  5. Mix well in the soil,
  6. The product is manufactured by penta imaging system.

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Cocogarden wood ash:

  1. They claim that their product is 100% made up wood,
  2. Acts as a natural organic fertilizer,
  3. Provides minerals which are essential for the growth of plant,
  4. Improves the health of the plant root,
  5. Use along with compost,
  6. Available in grey colour,
  7. The product is manufactured by the jay and co.

Plantsab wood ash:

  1. Available in 1 kg pack,
  2. They claim to provide high quality product,
  3. Manages Ph value of the soil,
  4. Improves the quality of the soil,
  5. Acts an fertilizer,
  6. Manufactured by generic.

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