Plastic Pots for Plants Wholesale in Hyderabad

Plant pots are generally used to grow plants. Not every one has a garden or farm in order to grow plants, but there is strong desire for gardening.

Few do it as a hobby, and few just want to eat healthy, in order to achieve their desire they tend to buy plant pots so that they can grow plants.

There are various benefits of buying a plant pot. No need to buy any extra land for gardening or farming. They will enhance the beauty of the terrace or balcony.

They are cheapy available so no need to worry about the budget. They are portable, easy to handle and care.

Can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes. Otherwise also known as the planter. Initially when plant pots or planter or container when came in to the market , they were just made up of terracotta.

But these days flower pots or planter or container is made up of the metal, plastic or wood or even stone sometimes. Now a days they are even making organic pots, they are bio degradable.

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The only issue that can be seen with these biodegradable pots is that , once if they fell from a certain height then its service is over, they will just brake.

Even metal pots can get rusted as the time passes but the plastic pots they just don’t brake when they fall from a certain height. They don’t get rusted as the time passes on……… yes but the plastic is non bio degradable but it can be the reused for as many times as possible.

They available in the form of pots or in the form of trays as well. These pots were designed for the purposes of the healthy growth of the plant, there are even hole made in the pots or tray for the purposes of removing excess of water from the pot.

They act as exit for the excess water. It is noted that pots were first used by the Egyptians. Later on the romans were so fascinated by these pots that they started use them in excess and it became the trend in the whole world.

Plant pots when they came in to trend and those detail oriented people started to look for the ways in which it can be used for the purposes of trading.

Finally, the pot along with ready made plants were used sell by some of the people and that trend of selling ready made plants along with the pot is even continued till today.

In the late centuries the pots were available in the various forms and designs and highly decorative. Hence they became the means of trading for some people and some used only for the purpose of decorative.

As the centuries passed on the Athens took it little bit forward and they started using them in even festivals as well. The earthenware were used to be thrown in to the sea by the Athens in one of their festivals.

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Here are the list of the some of the great plastic pots which are available in our one of the twin city Hyderabad.

Eaglesford 8 inch planter pot pack of 5:

  1. Obviously made up of the plastic,
  2. Available in brown color,
  3. The dimensions of the product are 10 x 10 x 10 millimeters,
  4. Available in round shape,
  5. The weight of the product is 475 grams.

Livzing plastic flower pot with bottom tray:

  1. Made up of the plastic,
  2. The dimensions of the product are 30 x 30 x 28 cm,
  3. The shape of the product is round,
  4. The weight of the item is 5 kilo grams with 12 inch depth,
  5. The product just gives the appearance as if it is made up of sand(clay).

Clastik designer plastic planter:

  1. Available in various colors,
  2. Manufactured by clastik,
  3. The shape of the product is round,
  4. The dimensions of the product are 30 x 24 x 30 cm,
  5. The product is 12 inches in depth.

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