Oleander Plant Care India

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Oleander Plant Care India

Oleander Plant Care India
Oleander Plant Care India
  1. Oleander plant is otherwise known as Nerium oleander,
  2. Otherwise simply known as nerium,
  3. They belong to the family of apocynaceae,
  4. They belong to the family of apocynoideae,
  5. The plant is widely cultivated,
  6. They belong to the kingdom of plantae,
  7. They are from the tribe of nerieae,
  8. The plant can grow up to 6 m,
  9. The plant can live in harsh condition like drought,
  10. But cant stand a long frost,
  11. It is one of the poisonous plant,
  12. Contains lots of toxic components,
  13. It can cause nausea, vomiting, excess salivation.
  14. Sometimes can also lead to the death,
  15. Can also cause skin irritation and other skin diseases as well,
  16. The name oleander was first discovered by Linnaeus,
  17. Since the ancient times the plant was considered as one of the most poisonous plant in the world,
  18. The plant can be mostly seen in the region of Africa,
  19. Even in some parts of china as well,


  1. The plant is well known for its poisonous nature,
  2. Even though its seeds are used in the medical industry,
  3. Used in the treatment of various lung diseases like asthma, cancer, malaria and other heart diseases as well,
  4. Despite being the plant itself responsible for skin problems, its seeds can be used to cure them as well,
  5. The point to be noted here is that at any cost the patient should never eat oleander plant,
  6. If it happens severe problems can be seen in the patients,
  7. Oleander plant is also used as the antibiotic against heart diseases,
  8. Used along with the calcium supplements,
  9. While dealing with the plants like oleander much care has to be taken,
  10. Limited amount of dosages should be taken.

Oleander plant care:

Much has been mentioned about the uses and the dangers of oleander plant. Now here are some of the important information regarding the taking care of the oleander plant.

May it be an oleander plant or the other plant the most important thing to taken care of is fertilizing. Fertilizing can be done in various ways.

Fertilizers are used to fast forward the growth rate of the plant. There are various kinds of fertilizers available in the market.

The most common type which once was the most popular type of fertilizer was granular fertilizer.

But as time passed centuries later a new kind of fertilizer came in to the market called as the spike fertilizer that shook the entire market.

It was not only better than the granular fertilizer but also more efficient than the granular fertilizers.

There was tremendous amount of popularity in the spike fertilizers. Later liquid fertilizers came in to the market.

Liquid fertilizers dominated the market later, using right kind of fertilizer is must for the better growth of your plant.

Then comes watering the plant on every day basis, no plant can survive similar to humans without water.

Especially in summer you need to provided proper amount of water to your plant. Pruning plays another great role in heathy growth of the plant. Pruning can be done yearly as well or whenever you think it is necessary for your plant.


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