How to use Fertilizers Spike for Indoor Plants

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Fertilizer spikes otherwise known as the fertilizer sticks are now commonly used for the purpose of providing nutrients to the plants.

Fertilizer spikes are far better than the fertilizer granules. They are portable and easy to use. Fertilizer spikes demand is keep on increasing on the daily basis, and certainly in the upcoming years you will notice the high growth in this field.

Fertilizers spikes prevent or protect your plant from the pest and other diseases which are harmful for your product, they help the plant with aeration. Aeration is the process of providing air, carbon dioxide in the case of plants to the plants.

How to use Fertilizers Spike for Indoor Plants
How to use Fertilizers Spike for Indoor Plants

Fertilizers spikes provides you with soil conditioning and efficient growth of your plant. Fertilizer spikes is definitely a need in order to grow a healthy plant.

Fertilizer spikes dissolve in the soil very slowly, they provide the necessary nutrients whenever it is necessary for the soil.

When you see the function of the fertilizers spike , they have a quite a similar approach as vermicompost except for the vermicompost are pure 100% organic while these fertilizers are made up some chemicals.

So here is the way to use fertilizers spikes in the , you first need to dig small holes around the plant and place the fertilizer spikes in to them and that’s all we are done with the implementation of the product.

They are used annually, once per year.

Plant food spikes vs liquid:

Plant food spikes vs liquid:
Plant food spikes vs liquid:

Plant food spikes:

Plant food spikes is not a new name and much about it presented at the top of the article scroll up in order to know more about. They have given the name food spikes as they are able to provide food to the plant.

Liquid fertilizers:

Liquid fertilizers:
Liquid fertilizers:

It’s a kind of liquid or solution basically possessing all the nutrients required in order to grow the plant successfully. When compared with the spikes , liquid fertilizers are far better at balancing the ph value of the soil.

Ph value basically determines the acidic or basic nature of any liquid or thing. For the healthy growth of the plant , it is necessary that ph value should be balanced and liquid fertilizers are far better at balncing the ph value of the soil.

In recent years there is a tremendously high in the popularity of liquid fertilizers. As days are passing more and more people are shifting from the traditional granule fertilizer to eithet fertilizer spike or the fertilizer liquid.

How to make fertilizers sticks?

The usage of the product is very simple , you just need to sprinkle some of the drops of the fertilizer liquid around the plant and that’s all we are done with the implementation part.

One thing I like about liquid fertilizers that, unlike fertilizer spike they are uniform and if you compare the functioning speed of the liquid fertilizer , you will observe that the liquid fertilizer are faster than any other fertilizer type.

The growth in the plant is very fast in liquid fertilizer when compared to any other fertilizer. They are much more efficient than any other fertilizer. So which is best in between spike fertilizer or fertilizer spike either way you name and the liquid fertilizers.

Personally speaking, they both are good efficient long lasting and they are pretty much equal at the stuff. But only one wins here and that is liquid fertilizers. why?

Here is the reason. If you see in the case of fertilizer spike the process is slow when compared to the liquid fertilizers.

And next comes efficiency, liquid fertilizers are slightly more efficient than the spikes fertilizers.

Spike fertilizers or fertilizer spikes takes time and dissolves slowly into the soil whereas the liquid fertilizers dissolves quickly in to the soil. So liquid fertilizers are our winners right? Wait.

Lets not make any kind of conclusions right now. Not all types of soils are meant in order to use liquid fertilizers which means not all soils integrate with the liquid fertilizers.

On the other hand if you see the spike fertilizers, they can be pretty much be used to any kind of the soil irrespective of the condition of the soil. And more over it is scientifically proven that fertilizer spikes improves the condition of the soil.

On the other hand , nothing like that can be seen in the liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizers job is to provide the nutrients required for the growth of the plant.

So at the end liquid fertilizers and fertilizers spike , both are really useful and depending on the soil, anyone can be used.

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