Trees Suitable for controlling dust pollution in India

In India, pollution, especially of the air, is a reality that poses a malicious threat and is a big issue. In the year of 2019, out of the 30 top heavily polluted cities of the world, 21 were in India.

From a study of 2016, the data suggests that about 140 citizens of India are breathing air that exceeds the WHO’s safe limit by about ten times. With a large population and heavy running industries, air pollution is not a concept unknown to Indians and has increasingly become their subject of worry.

Air pollution directly affects the health of its citizens, which includes both the elderly and little children at the most significant threat. The following are ten out of many trees that are suitable for controlling dust pollution and can be planted in abundance in India to help clean the air.

These trees not only take in Carbon dioxide but are also known to trap pollutants from the air, therefore cleaning the air.

1. Mediterranean hackberry

hackberry tree

It is a fast-growing plant that can reach heights of 20 to 25 meters. It is best for absorbing and taking in carbon dioxide and captures pollutants well.

2. Field Elm

trees to control dust pollution

This is another big tree that can grow up to a height of 30 meters. It also can transform 1000s of kilos of Carbon dioxide into biomass. It has a medium skill/potential of holding pollutants.

3. Common Ash

dust pollution trees in India

On the larger side, common ash can grow up to more than 30 meters in height and is deciduous. It grows fast, especially in its early years, and can store about three tonnes of carbon dioxide in thirty years.

4. Littleleaf linden

linden tree

Yet another tall plant, littleleaf linden, is one of the common offsprings of linden trees. Littleleaf lindens are usually found in areas of cities and gardens. They are fashionable and effective in removing smog.

5. Norway maple

maple leaf

The Norway maple is another tall and fast-growing plant. It can take a height of 25 meters. It can store about 4,807 kilos of carbon dioxide in 30 years.

6. Turkey oak

turkey oak to control dust pollution

Turkey oak comes from the Fagaceae family. It is tall and reaches a height of about 35 meters. If you plant it in a park or the city, it can absorb up to four thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide.

7. Ginkgo

dust pollution in india

Called the dinosaur of the trees, Ginkgo is the last remnant of an ancient species which has pretty much gone extinct. It has a slow growth rate but cleans the air and rids it of carbon dioxide marvelously.

8. Largeleaf linden

Yet another fast-growing plant, largeleaf linden, is a general preference in parks and gardens. It is another one of the plants that help to remove smog effectively.

9. Oak Tree

Oak trees not only provide their services when it comes to reducing pollution but also provide shelter to other trees and protect them.

10. Calotropis Gigantes

Called the crown flower, Calotropis Gigantes is a descendant of Calotropis native to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines India, Indonesia China, Nepal, and tropical Africa. As compared to others, it is a slightly shorter plant that reaches a height of four meters only.


These trees are effective in removing smog, filtering the air of pollutants, and taking in carbon dioxide. However, a nation can not entirely depend on them to improve their air quality and decrease pollution solely.

A lot of other factors such as the number of factories, the waste from industries, cars etcetera contribute to pollution and all need to be taken care of. People can walk to close distanced offices instead of using their cars or take a bicycle for comfortable distances.

Industries can be built farther away from the cities, and awareness programs should be run for the general public to understand the idea of air pollution.

When it comes to the plantation, greenery programs should be run and hosted throughout the year, and the focus on making the city more clean and green should be emphasized.

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