Vertical Garden Pots Size

The method of growing plants vertically ,which either grow along the panel or wall is known as vertical gardening.

Vertical garden pots:

The pots which are specifically used for vertical gardening are known as vertical garden pots.

Vertical garden pots gives you a very beautiful look from the outside. They are really helpful in order to increase the beauty of the house. They attract outsiders like hell. As all plants do , they convert the carbon dioxide present in the air into healthy oxygen.

Apart from that , they tend to absorb external heat , so that energy can be saved in those areas where air conditioner is required.

The method of vertical gardening , actually known as vertical farming and it is followed since decades. If you give a careful glance into the vertical farming will observe that vertical farming is pretty useful in terms of saving land areas.

As they tend grow along the wall on the building, so we can safely assume that vertical farming is essential in terms of land saving. In todays daily life , as the technology grew , we tend to observe that all we are eating is just the by product of some pesticide.

In order to make profits, few farmers add pesticides to their farms, so that there crop grows fast, but doing this will remove the vital advantages provided by the crop itself.

The only solution to the problem is you can grow all the necessary food items at your home itself. But the problem is land right? Vertical farming is meant to overcome this problem, you can eat healthy and is no need to worry about land.

As deforestation is keep on increasing the level of oxygen is keep on decreasing , vertical gardening gives the solution of the problem. Planting vertical gardens just requires a small balcony,

These were some of the advantages of vertical gardening or farming. Here are some of the best vertical garden pots which bigger in size.

Orian planter stand:

  1. The length of the product is 25 cm,
  2. The width of the product is 125 cm,
  3. The height of the product is 115 cm.
  4. You need to additionally buy the pots,
  5. Orian planter stand can be used for multi purpose,
  6. Orian planter stand looks attractive,
  7. Orian planter stand is cost efficient.

Oleander Plant Care India

Trustbasket rectangular railing planter:

  1. The length of the container is 23 inches,
  2. The width of the container is 6.5 inches,
  3. The height of the container is 6.8 inches,
  4. Gives an attractive look to your balcony,
  5. Doesn’t require land space,
  6. Available in white color, however they may be available in various colors as well,
  7. It is recommended to use either the pots or the plastic bags before planting plants,
  8. However you can plant them directly into the container but it is just no recommended,
  9. The material used in making of the planter is galvanized metal which is corrosion resistive,
  10. The planter may be durable up to 3 to 5 years,
  11. Trustbasket rectangular railing planter is cost efficient.

Oleander Plant Care India

Trustbasket marvel planter stand:

  1. The height of the stand is 73 cm,
  2. The breadth of the stand is 25 cm,
  3. The length of the stand is 78 cm,
  4. Trustbasket marvel planter stand is very useful , when it comes to decorating the house,
  5. You need to additionally buy the pots,
  6. Trustbasket marvel planter stand enhances the beauty of the house,
  7. It is clearly mentioned tat the pots are not includes which means you need to buy the pots additionally,
  8. Trustbasket marvel planter stand is cost efficient,

UV treated rectangular plastic planter:

  1. Personally speaking , uv treated rectangular plastic planter is one of my favourite type of vertical gardening pots.
  2. Unlike the products which are mentioned above which are offering only stand, which means you need to buy the pots , uv treated rectangular plastic planter offers you bigger pots.
  3. You can just put them in to their suitable place.
  4. The product used for manufacturing is plastic and as we all know, plastic is corrosion resistive as well as it cannot be decomposed and hence no amount of soil or water will have any effect on the product.
  5. Uv treated rectangular plastic planter is light in weight,
  6. Th sun rays will have no effect on the color of the product,
  7. Plastic is a perfect material or growing plants, vegetables and herbs .
  8. Uv treated rectangular plastic planter is a long lasting product
  9. The designing of the pot is eye catching,
  10. Can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor,
  11. Uv treated rectangular plastic planter is cost efficient.

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