Telangana Govt Greenhouse Subsidy for Rooftop farming (2023)

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Hyderabad is one of the few cities in India which has a stable and predictive climate, which makes it suitable and nearly perfect for Rooftop Farming.

The city of Hyderabad, currently on it’s way to get a new look, with a major development occurring almost every day, from the initiation of Metro to MNCs pouncing at the opportunity to set up shop and expand their business, creating new opportunities for people and the appeal to attract more tourists may sound all like a total win, but with these progressions comes the need to sustain these people. 

Greenhouse India
Greenhouse India

Currently, an estimated of 100 lakh people stay in this city, with 20-30 lakh of floating crowd every day and we need the resources to satisfy these many people, especially food, the thing that every Hyderabadi holds dear to their heart and as the natives of this beautiful place, we may be able to help solve this yet to be a crisis! How? Rooftop farming.

“What is rooftop farming and why should I be doing it?” is probably what is going on in your mind and we are here to explain exactly what it is, what it’s benefits are to you, and to other people. 

Telangana Govt Greenhouse Subsidy for Rooftop farming (2021)
Telangana Govt Greenhouse Subsidy for Rooftop farming (2021)

In simple words, the activity of farming or gardening on your terrace is referred to as rooftop farming and with tropical wet and dry climate, temperatures ranging from 13 degrees to 40 degrees and an average rainfall of 89cms, Hyderabad proves to be a great atmosphere for undertaking this activity.

Now, we know why Hyderabad can be a place for one to do this, but what about the why and how?

The why:

Rooftop farming, besides providing an artistic look to your rooftops can actually help deal with the problem of pollution in big cities which have a direct effect on an individual’s health, by providing the one thing that can actually purify this toxin-filled air, plants, and trees.

It also provides you with fresh produce which can be much more comforting to consume, knowing that it is free of any unwanted chemical or tampering because you grew it yourself!

“How much do I need to sustain myself?”

The vegetable plant required per person depends on what the plant type is, to name a few:

Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden
  1. Beetroot: 20-30 plants per person
  2. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts: 3-5 plants per person
  3. Cabbage: 2-4 plants per person
  4. Carrots: 20-30 plants per person

Now, as we all know that there are several vegetables out there, but our focus is to know how to grow these plants, not to know what is available to us.

Tools and Equipment:

Container Farming
Container Farming


It is a large plastic bag that is filled with a soil mix in which plants are grown, like tomatoes or other salad crops.

These Grow Bags makes a person’s job easier because they don’t require you to constantly sterilize or replace the soil because you can add nutrients to them that is sufficient for one season’s growth. 

Soil Mix:

Also known as Miracle Soil, is the medium through which the plants grow, they may contain peat, composted bark, sand, and recycled mushroom compost and despite its name, little or no soil is used in soil mix because it is considered too heavy for houseplants.

Neem cake 

It is Organic Manure that is a by-product of cold-pressed neem tree fruits and kernels and acts as a fertilizer for your plants.


A short-handled cutting tools with a flat blade which is used for digging the soil for hoeing or earth up to the weeds.


Also known as pruning shears or hand pruners, they are a type of scissors used for pruning (removing selective parts) of the plants that are too thick to remove.


These devices contain pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and defoliants as a means of the quality control of the plants. Although farming requires a mechanical sprayer, rooftop farming requires only a small handheld sprayer.

“Sounds great! Where can I find these things and how much do I need to invest?”

The best thing about jumping onto this activity is that the Telangana Government is actually looking for people who would be willing to start their own urban garden and as such is providing people with a rooftop organic farming kit at a subsidy of up to 50%, which means, that you the individual will not have to go looking for quality equipment and can just focus on the farming part.

Rooftop organic farming kit:

Currently, two types of kits are available to you that come with their own subsidy patterns.

Kit A:

S.No Name of the component Specifications
1. Silpaulin Covers 4 covers, 40” Dia and 12” depth
2. Supply of potting mixture 52 cft, Red Earth, FYM in 2:1 ratio, in Polybags of the required size.
3. Seeds 12 varieties of Vegetable seeds
4.  Neem cake 25kgs
5.  Neem oil 1/2 ltr
6.  Implements – Kurpi, Secateurs, Small sprayer, shower, Poly feed and cloth bag 1 unit


Subsidy pattern available for the kit:

Subsidy Pattern Government Share Beneficiary Share Total
With soil 3,000 /- 3,000 /- 6,000 /-
Without soil 2,000 /- 2,000 /- 4,000 /-


Kit B:

S.No Name of the component Specifications
1. Grow bags Grow bags 1ft*1ft*1ft [12” Dia and 12” depth) – 90GSM 22 bags
2. Supply of potting mixture 26 cft, Red Earth, FYM in 2:1 ratio, in Polybags of the required size.
3. Seeds 12 varieties of Vegetable seeds
7.  Neem cake 25kgs
8.  Neem oil 1/2 ltr
9.  Implements – Kurpi, Secateurs, Small sprayer, shower, Poly feed and cloth bag 1 unit

Subsidy pattern available for the kit:

Subsidy Pattern Government Share Beneficiary Share Total
With soil 1,900 /- 1,900 /- 3,800 /-
Without soil 1,400 /- 1,400 /- 2,800 /-

So, now you know what rooftop farming is and the reasons why you should be doing it and even after all this, there may still be one thing that might be lingering in your head, “What if I have the enthusiasm to do it but don’t have enough space to execute it?”

The great news is that you don’t need a fancy, big rooftop to implement this, people currently have their own gardens ranging from 50sft to 1000sft and they are doing some amazing work for themselves and for their community, whilst enjoying the support and subsidies of Telangana government.


Since the lockdown due to Covid19, the subsidy applications by the government of Telangana are suspended temporarily. The applications will resume soon.
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