How to Get Rid of Harmful Pests from the Garden?

reviewed by Christina Lopez

How will you save your garden from harmful pests which are detrimental to plants? What are the pests that you should look out for to save your garden? These are the answers that we look for to save our beloved plants from these destructive creatures.

Pests are insects or rodents that cause a detrimental effect on crops, livestock and even humans! They have to be monitored for and have to be rid of with immediate effect. There are list of harmful garden pests which you should be aware about.

1. Aphids:

One of the most destructive insects are aphids. They are small pear shaped insects and they multiply extremely fast, they also secret a sticky substance called honeydew which has a tendency of turning black. After a while fungus starts growing on it. They mainly affect under the leaf, stem or bud. The toxins produced destroy the leaves by curling them.

2. Leaf miners:

The larvae produced by the insect lives on the plant. They feed on the plants and you can identify them easily as they form patches on the leaves.

3. Mealybugs:


Their food is the juices from the leaves. When these bugs are feeding off of the leaves it weakens the plant causing it to wilt completely. The colour of the leaves change from a bright green to a yellowish tinge. They also secrete honeydew which act as a medium for fungi to colonise.

4. Caterpillars:


One of the common insects which have the ability to destroy the plant heavily. Their main source of feed comes from the leaves.

5. Spider mites:

They are common pests found in almost all gardens. Watchout for them as they suck sap from the plants. They severely damage the plant in a very short period of time so they are known to be quite harmful.

6. Whitefly :

Whitefly :
Whitefly :

They are common called mealybugs. They also suck juices from the plant causing destruction. They yellow the leaves in turn as well.

7. Maggots:


They stick to mostly cabbage like plants. They kill the plant completely as they dig right into the root of the plant. Very important to look out for these plants.

8. Plant bugs:

They are mostly seen in two colours green or brown. They move rapidly and are found on flowers commonly. They stunt and wilt the plant.

9. Cutworms:


Have you seen insects chewing on plants. This one does. They chew through the stem towards the ground level.

10. Ants:

They might not affect the plant directly but they do help to carry the insects and pests to the plant.

So when we see these pests do you think we need a solution ? Yes of course we do.

How do we then get rid of these Pests ?

There are many ways to get rid of these pests.

  • One of the tried and tested methods are to build a healthy garden soil which supplies the adequate nutrients and oxygen for the plants to thrive.
  • Regularly turn the soil and rotate the crops so that the same plants aren't pottend in the same beds.
  • Water pressure sprays, traps and handpicking are mostly said to be the mechanical way of removing pests.
  • There are chemical cures, horticultural oils and kitchen remedies also available to get rid of pests.
  • One of the most effective kitchen remedies to get rid of cutworms is to crush egg shells and put them near the plants. These cutworms don't come near the plant as they get scared of the sharp edges.
  • Chilli and Garlic Insecticide are very effective homemade option to get rid of pests. You can prepare the chilli-garlic spray at home.

Final Thoughts:

A garden is a beautiful place and should be maintained with a lot of care. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the pests that may infect your beautifully done up garden and of how to get rid of them.


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