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A fantastic product produced by nature itself. Have you used Diatomaceous earth pest control for gardening? If you haven't, you're missing out on a great weapon and warrior in your garden. This excellent powder can help you take control of many common issues in your garden and around your home!

DE (Diatomaceous earth) is typically available in two forms. When using it for your garden and in your home, always use Food Grade, not Filter-grade used in pools. Food Grade DE is an organic mineral-based solution that will not harm you, your family, or your pets.

What is Diatomaceous Earth- Fossil Power

FOSSIL POWER Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Organic Powder​ - 100% Natural, 1 Lb ​Bulk​ - ​Fossil Fuel​ ​DE Food - Safe ​for​ Humans ​and ​Pets Consumption
FOSSIL POWER Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Organic Powder​ - 100% Natural, 1 Lb ​Bulk​ - ​Fossil Fuel​ ​DE Food - Safe ​for​ Humans ​and ​Pets Consumption

Fossils are cool! I am not talking about the big ones here. No giant T-Rex bones or ancient Wholly Mammoth unearthed in the making of DE powder. However, it is still ancient fossils mined from the bed of rivers, streams, and oceans.

The fossils of DE are made up of Diatoms. Some of the oldest aquatic organisms in the world. The decayed deposits of these creatures leave behind chalky fossilized deposits called diatomite. This ancient secret is a modern natural wonder!

Learn more about DE by visiting the national Pesticide Information Fact Sheet or Wikipedia if you want to unearth more about this natural product's makeup.

What Does Diatomaceous Earth Pest Control for Gardening Do Exactly?

Diatomaceous Earth For Gardening
Diatomaceous Earth For Gardening

Insects in the Garden

This fine powder DE we just talked about may look all nice and soft to use, but it is a nightmare to an insect! Those tiny particles of fossil are loaded with razor-sharp edges that pierce the bodies of soft-bodied insects.

When insects crawl over the ground or on a plant treated with DE, they get tiny cuts. Before long, they will succumb to injuries by losing body fluids.

In a second way, the Diatomaceous earth continues its assault with a dehydrating quality. It breaks down the outer layers of the insect, the exoskeleton, and causes dehydration.

Some insects are smart enough to pack up and go when DE is used. For many, it is a deterrent, and they will move on to easier targets.

Composting Piles

Creating compost to use in the garden is a great way to recycle old plantings and other organic matter. It can also be a breeding ground for larva and insects. After the compost's heat has gone down, it sits looking like an inviting spa for all sorts of insects.

Sprinkling DE in and on your compost can stop insect infestations later in your compost. It also acts as a natural deodorizer eliminating odors.

Soil Amendments - Link

Adding diatomaceous earth to your potting mixes by 15 - 20% per volume can increase your soil's water holding capacity. Besides, it serves as a great benefit to your indoor plantings for prevention.

Pre-treatment can destroy annoying fungus gnat larvae and other soil-born insects.

Deter Invaders, the Furry Kind

Deter Invaders, the Furry Kind
Deter Invaders, the Furry Kind

Diatomaceous earth will not harm animals. It is safe for fish, birds, cats, dogs, and your wild furry outdoor residents. You can use DE as double duty in discouraging them from visiting your garden areas.

Adding essential oil in the DE powder and putting it around garden areas can have a long-lasting impression for keeping unwanted animals and insects out.

  • Peppermint for mice, squirrels, and other rodents
  • Rosemary or Spicy Pepper for Cats and dogs


I add this as a benefit for diatomaceous earth for gardening because ticks have often been an issue for me when out in the garden. DE is a great way to eliminate ticks from your yard naturally without harmful chemicals.

Dusting your yard can help end tick problems. Repeat monthly during the warm months to keep you and your pets safe from tick-borne diseases.

How to Apply for Diatomaceous Earth Pest Control in Your Garden

Apply Diatomaceous Earth In Your Garden
Apply Diatomaceous Earth In Your Garden

Dry Application - Most Common and Easiest

  • Best applied after morning dew or a light misting of water to help it stick.
  • Use a dust applicator approved for DE (highly recommended); you can make one from an old coffee can and lid. Puncture tiny holes in the top and create a shaker. The downside to homemade is difficulty dusting the underside of leaves and regulating the dust output.
  • Wear a dust mask during application. DE can irritate the lungs when breathed in.
  • Dust the upper and lower part of leaves and around the base of plants.

Wet Application Insect Treatment- Not as Effective on Ground Areas

Diatomaceous Earth Pest Control Reviews
Diatomaceous Earth Pest Control Reviews
  • A garden sprayer or spray bottle that will allow you to create a steady mist.
  • Mix 4 tablespoons of food-grade DE to 1 gallon of water.
  • Mist plants getting the upper and underside of leaves.

Wet Application as a Repellent

  • Using the exact directions as above.
  • Add essential oil to the mix by one teaspoon per gallon for pure essential oils.
  • Spray around the outer area of the garden or directly on the exterior wood of raised beds.

This video demonstrates the wet application.

Tips & Cautions: Do No Harm

Tips & Cautions
Tips & Cautions

A Mask

When using DE, keep in mind it is an excellent powder. Using a dust mask is a must. Although Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic to us, it can be a lung irritant. Keep pets away from the area while you are applying, and keep your mask on. Once it has settled, which is quick, you are safe to remove the cover and reintroduce your pets.


You can use DE cautiously with bees in mind. Bees are shown to have some defense against this powder but let us play a part in caution. When treating your garden areas and lawn, treat in the evenings or very early morning when the bees are less active. Avoid getting diatomaceous earth on flowers and blossoms that the bees visit. This will help ensure their safety.


Rejoice. Earthworms are structurally different from the other insects you are trying to prevent and remove from the garden. The mucus make-up of their body allows them to slide over the DE without harm. Any that is absorbed is harmlessly expelled in their castings.

Your Plants

With Any Treatments Don't overdo it. Light sprinkles, infrequently. Mass clumps of diatomaceous earth build-up on the leaves of your plant can inhibit photosynthesis and cause harm. Use soft treatments that just dust, not bury your plants. This makes it 100% safe for your garden plants!


Rain washes DE off surfaces. You will need to reapply after a rain if your issues still exist or lightly as a continued precaution.

Diatomaceous Earth Can do so Much More!

Diatomaceous Earth For Cats And Dogs
Diatomaceous Earth For Cats And Dogs

A quick list of other benefits DE has around the home.

√ As a Nutritional Supplement! Yeah, that is right; you can consume DE without harm. It has many benefits. Including rich antioxidant powers, aids stronger bones, teeth, joints, and detoxifying cleanse for your intestines.

√ Bed Bugs! I hope you never have them, but if you do. Diatomaceous earth is a great solution. Sprinkled on furniture, mattresses, and bedding can remove these pesky bugs.

√ Fleas on your cats and dogs! Using your hands or a fine shaker to avoid a lot of air dust. Rub it into your pet's fur to kill fleas naturally. Please do not get in their mouth, nose, or eyes. Also, it works on ticks!

√ Cockroach Ant and Spider control: Use DE sprinkles around the outside of your house to prevent these invaders from ever making it in!

√ Deodorizer. Use baking soda in the fridge, freezer, trash cans, and bins to prevent and remove odors!

Natural Occurring Food Grade DE an Organic Solution

Food Grade DE An Organic Solution
Food Grade DE An Organic Solution

I have been using diatomaceous earth for gardening for many years. Serves as an excellent benefit for me both indoors and out. My worst enemy in the garden has been the aphid. In a previous article, I explored the benefits of DE against aphids. You can read more about it here.

Make sure always to get FOOD GRADE and look for the OMRI organic certification. This will help to ensure you are getting the best quality and ORGANIC diatomaceous earth you can get. It will be safe for you, your pets, and your plants.

I choose this DE food grade brand. I know it is a product I can rely on for quality and reliability. You can read the review here. Best Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth - DiatomaceousEarth Review

Questions, thoughts, and concerns? I would love to know what you think or have experienced using Diatomaceous Earth Pest Control. Drop a comment below.

Happy Growing!

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