Types of Bonsai Plants

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You probably have seen tiny trees growing in the homes of your friends or family, or oriental restaurants and movies. No matter where the bonsai plants have taken the world by a storm. These delicate looking plants are the epitome of finery and horticulture at its best.

Many people assume that a bonsai is in itself a plant. However, that is not the case. The word bonsai comes from Japanese origin and is a form of art that involves creating miniature trees. Different techniques are used to cultivate the miniature version of plants in containers.

Bonsais cannot be made precisely from any kind of plant. It requires flora that has perennial features and real branches. The selected plant s grown in such a way that its seed of branch is cut and cultivated out.

Types Of Bonsai

One of the most common bonsai in India is the Ficus bonsai. The ficus plant is well adapted to the south East Asian climate and is easily grown there. A one-kilogram ficus bonsai is readily available in India online and in markets nationwide. Besides that, fruit bonsais are also readily available in India and are easy to maintain according to their climate.

Besides, that triangle fig bonsai are also available in India for cultivation and keeping. They are a bit costly, but they are also quite the keeper to invest in. You can also find the WestIndian laurel fig bonsai available in India. Since India has a climate where there is ample sunlight and humidity when required, the bonsai plants can thrive and flourish there in almost any breed.

1. Fast-Growing Bonsai

Fast-Growing Bonsai
Fast-Growing Bonsai

Certain bonsai takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to grow to its full form. These are usually larger than an average small potted one, or because they may be bearing flowers or fruit that causes them to take time to grow.

However, there has now been a list of various bonsai that grow quickly with experimentation and trials. These come with aesthetics and are also just as equally delightful to keep.

2. Bougainvillea Bonsai

Bougainvillea Bonsai
Bougainvillea Bonsai

The first significant bonsai is the bougainvillea bonsai. This, although it has flowers, the nature, and ability of a bonsai to flourish and grow quickly, making this bonsai a fast-growing one.

3. Brazilian Rain Tree Bonsai

The next is the Brazilian raintree bonsai. It is a hardwood tree-based bonsai whose leave curl up in the evening time. Ensuringplenty of light and moisture gives it the ease of growing quicker and better.

4. Laurel Fig

The Laurel fig, also known as the Banyan bonsai, is a familiar and easy to grow plant. This, too, is a plant capable of growing fast. It is a ficus plant that is capable of bearing arid climates to an extent and can grow fast if taken care of properly.

5. Crypt Myrtle &Divi Divi

Crypt Myrtle and Divi Divi are also two more examples of bonsai variety. The Divi-Divi plant is a thornless evergreen that originates from island climates. Crepe Myrtle trees are found across all continents and are easy to grow into bonsais. It has a unique beige trunk that it sheds annually, getting thicker each time. However, this is not an evergreen and requires a little more effort to keep.

6. Jungle Jalebi Bonsai

Then comes the Jungle jalebi. While this has no relation with the sweet meat jalebi itself, these bonsai arehard-coremaintenance. They grow fast but require time and effort. These can be commonly found here in India as well.

7. Fukien Bonsai

Another fast-growing bonsai is the Fukien bonsai that has its origins in China. Since its origins are from a cold nation, this plant requires moderate to slightly cooler temperatures to flourish. It grows fast, which is why it requires quick and efficient maintenance.

8. Golden Durant

The Golden Durant will be another fast-growing bonsai we can discuss. It is found in almost the majority of nursery farms or with plant retailers. It, too, requires a lot of effort to maintain and keep.

9. Elephant Bonsai

If you want a fast-growing low maintenance bonsai, then the Elephant tree species is your best friend. This bonsai requires minimum effort when it comes to maintenance and watering.

10. Orange Jasmine Bonsai

Another good option for a fast-growing bonsai is the Orange Jasmine bonsai. It is an evergreen bonsai that is easy to prune and likes warm weather.

Bonsais are the ultimate luxury flora in a pot. It's definitely worth keeping and giving a shot if you like gardening.


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