Aroma Zone Like Shops to Sell Pure and Natural Essential Oils in 2023

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Who else loves looking good? Gather here, you'll love what we have for you today. In our world today, cosmetics and/or beauty care products are of high relevance. No one likes to smell bad or look old and shaggy. Coupled with the fact that the first impression you make matters, I wouldn't blame you if you pay a great deal of attention to beauty care products.

Why a Need for Aroma Zone Alternatives to Trade Natural Essential Oils?

Why a Need for Aroma Zone Alternatives to Trade Natural Essential Oils?
Why a Need for Aroma Zone Alternatives to Trade Natural Essential Oils?

That means you'd always be on the lookout for companies or organizations in the beauty care industry that you can trust. With this, you might have heard or read about Aroma Zone.

Well, not to leave anyone behind, Aroma Zone is a beauty and cosmetic company or industry which was established about two decades ago, in the year 2000, to be exact, by a frenchman Pierre Vausselin (hence its French origin) and his two daughters.

You can check this link for videos on Aroma-Zone and how to use their products:

At first glance, it was a website primarily to dispatch quality information on beauty care products and other whatnots. But, much later, it expanded into a store(e-store) solely committed to essential oils from everywhere around the globe.

It's distinct for its topnotch and well reliable products from natural origin, somewhat scarce to find anywhere else and very much accessible in terms of price or cost.

Some years ago, they came up with a very tempting offer tagged " Do it yourself" on their site, giving easy passage or ticket to more than a thousand recipes or formulae for cosmetics. To add to the mix, a content-rich journal containing tools, ingredients and ready made products was also given out.

Some of their products;

  • Genuine and natural essential oils,
  • vegetable oils,
  • natural cosmetic components for home treatments and many other whatnots.

Well, Aroma Zone is a good and trustworthy beauty and cosmetics company. But, for some reasons, you may want an alternative or more. It's absolutely normal. Not everybody likes to stick to a product or services. Variety does it for some people.

Worry not, as there is hardly a thing on the internet without at least an alternative or competitor. Aroma Zone isn't an exception. There are a good number of other websites that serve you the same array of things and even more.

So, for your convenience and consumption, we have dutifully packaged, just for you, a good number of websites or alternatives for Aroma Zone. Feel free to continue reading!\

Online Stores like Aroma Zone for Pure Oils in 2023

Giving no specificity to arrangement or order;

Bulk Apothecary - Link


Bulk Apothecary laid its first stone about a decade ago. It actually picked off its services with primary focus on brick and mortar in Ohio, United States.

Afterward, it came to be one, if not the very best and biggest traders of essential oils and ingredients in the country. At first, their goal at Bulk Apothecary was to produce soap and ingredients for making candles, but as you have it, news of their good customer service, pocket-friendly prices and other things were the talks of the town. With this, they had no choice but to expand their horizon and move into other services like vitamin supplements, etc. In no time, they gained ground on the webspace and experienced growth on a daily basis.

Their first outlet at Ohio is still in operations as at now, and still got a very good presence on the net.

Some of their products are highlighted below:

1. Essential oils

2. Fragrance and flavor

3. Bases

4. Raw ingredients

5. Massage Products

6. Candle making supplies and so on.

Be it, eucalyptus oil, sandalwood oil,

lavender oil, peppermint oil or others that you want, Bulk Apothecary is right at your service. Their services can be accessed all around the globe.

One interesting thing you'd love to know is that they offer a very good discount on their services. 15% taken away just for you. Simply order for products over $250 and use the code: 15off250. Isn't that wow! You get to take care of yourself and still get a discount for it.

Mountain Rose Herbs - Link

MountainRose Herbs
MountainRose Herbs

A company which is popularly known for its saying- A company with a conscience. It started out in the 90's as a small-scale business, with Rosemary Gladstar who was driven to make supplies available for students of California school of herbal studies. Later on, it was divided into two sections;

1. Herb shop for retail services and

2. Email-order company.

Fast track to the present day, it has commenced the production of its very own syrups and extracts.

Some products you can find on its store;

1. Essential oils

2. Herbs and spices

3. Recipes and many more.

And for easy navigation, they've provided a list of categories;

1. Herbs and spices

2. Teas

3. Aromatherapy

4. Specials

5. Home goods

6. Bath and body and so on.

Nature's Garden Wholesale Candle - Link

Nature's Garden WholesaleCandle
Nature's Garden WholesaleCandle

Starting as a family business or would rather say hobby, about twenty-three years ago, Mike and Deborah Ward were known for homemade candle making of which they got a dividend from several quotas like eBay, wholesale sales and many more.

Although it looked like an easy road to success land, it didn't come easy. In about a couple of years after they started, it upgraded from a family hobby to an official company- Nature's Garden Candle Supply.

As of today, it has grown to be a renowned company with global recognition. Plus, they are known for their quick shipping and delivery worldwide.

They offer the following services;

1. Soap supplies

2. Soap making supplies

3. Natures Garden

4. Fragrance oil

5. Bath supplies

6. Incense supplies

7. Herbs and spices and so on.

Rocky Mountain Oils - Link

RockyMountain Oils
RockyMountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils, otherwise referred to as RMO, for short, is a beauty care company developed by a group of health and wellness devotees some years ago. With a point-source goal- making essential oils suitable for families.

No doubt, you'd be interested in some of the things they have to offer just for customer satisfaction.

1. Their return protocol cannot be overlooked. They give a 90-day return policy, that's full three months to return their products for any reason found. That's not all! To keep you satisfied, all charges for return shipping is totally on them. So you invariably have nothing to lose.

2. To satisfy both in-house and out of the boundary clients( International shoppers), they give soothing packages.

For in-house shoppers, when you place an order of more than $25 dollars, you get your delivery in the range of three to seven working days, starting from the minute you placed the order. Fair enough!

However, international shoppers who order products worth more than $199 are bound to receive free shipping. Good deal.

3. You don't just order for products, you could earn through their platform. Affiliate system or program is one way to do that.

How does it work? They accept several kinds of people who are willing to share their knowledge on essential oils and others in the list. You only need to sign up for the program and start earning if you successfully complete the process.

4. Wholesale Program is also available. Though the application system might be a little tough, majorly because of the requirements, you can begin earning for your pockets on their platform through this program.

So, it's not just about you placing orders, you are also welcome to earn right on their platform if you meet up with all the requirements.

Starwest Botanicals - Link

Starwest Botanicals
Starwest Botanicals

Herbal lovers, please come together as you'd love to read this. Founded in 1975 by Van Joerger, president of the organization. In its early days, the company began as a little herb shop majorly for retail services in a specific part of California, Sacramento, to be exact.

It grew on a geometric scale on the wings of commitment and was able to build its first herb mill four years after its inception and then to its present state.

You can easily navigate the site with the list of categories provided, such as;

1. Essential oil

2. Bulk Herbs and spices

3. Bulk tea

4. Herbal capsules

5. Herbal extracts and so on.

You'd want to check out their customer service.

Saje - Link

Aroma Zone Like Shops to Sell Pure and Natural Essential Oils in 2023: Saje
Aroma Zone Like Shops to Sell Pure and Natural Essential Oils in 2023: Saje

This company's story is rather from a different angle compared to what we've seen in others. A company solely based in Canada, it got its bearing from an accident, involving the founder, Jean-Pierre Leblanc.

Following his healing process, he was moved, with his wife to share with others, the effectiveness of natural wellness products. Hence, the company, Saje.

Applying his knowledge in chemistry in creating essential oils, Kate, his wife handled the retailing aspect of the business.

It presents on its platform an avenue where people can be educated about their body and wellness in general.

It has a category list for easy navigation. The list contains;

1.Essential oils

2. Essential oils and blends

3. Diffusers and blends and so on.

One little drawback is its coverage or exposure. Not really global.

Now, you'd agree with me that the above mentioned websites are worthy alternatives for Aroma zone.

Please, note, beauty care and wellness products should be selected cautiously as it has a whole lot of effects on our lifestyle and being. So, take from this list we've supplied you, check which suits your body and work with it. You're part of our story and we want you intact!

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