How to Prune a Peace Lily- An Idea

by Christina Lopez

Peace Lily, also referred to as the closet plant or Spathiphyllum spp., is one of the attractive houseplants suitable for homes and offices. The reason is peace lily the best popular indoor decoration is its low maintenance, adaptability, and it does perfectly in low light. This implies that experienced gardeners can find it easy to manage these plants for a long time. Research by NASA has that having these houseplants in your home will help purify the air you breathe. For growing this plant indoors, you have to know how to prune a peaceful lily.

Despite the overwhelming reasons to have these plants, they are challenging to grow, especially with no prior experience. In addition to comprehending how often to apply fertilizer and water, it is still essential to know if they require to be pruned regularly.

Pruning helps prevent diseases and pests while getting rid of slow growth to foster blooming and healthy plants. So is it a must to prune Peace lily plants? The short answer is YES. How? Read on to find out!

The Right Way to Prune a Peace Lily

The Right Way to Prune a Peace Lily
The Right Way to Prune a Peace Lily


Peace lilies typically need little pruning care to remain strong and healthy. They produce tiny blooms that look like a flower or bract structure, which mimics a white petal. Due to their small colors, you will be trimming few deceased buds. People looking to prune their peace lily must cut the bract or flower when it appears dry. Rather than direct cutting below the flower, it is recommended to cut below the stem. This is critical because there will be room for other new branches in the next season.

Besides pruning the bract or flower stalks, the following parts of pruning are the leaves. It would help if you allowed the leaves to grow green and luxurious. Notwithstanding, leaves begin turning yellow or fading, mainly if there is much sunlight or water shortage. If you notice this, the right step is cutting them at their base but not at the center.

Disinfecting the Equipment

Disinfecting is commonly done before and after pruning. May it be scissors or sheers, sterilizing your equipment helps ensure that diseases don’t spread to other plants. You can consider using a tool cleansing disinfectant and spray, or you can utilize a home-based solution best from pine oil, bleach, or other ingredients.


Deadheading is arguably a component of pruning, which is also great for peace lilies. This method works by cutting dead flowers to give room for fresh flowers to emerge. Deadheading your plants is essential, mainly perennial and annual plants that flower progressively in the whole growing season.

In case you want to exercise a deadhead on your peace lily, you should concentrate on getting rid of the bud below the bloom. This is primarily exercised before the initial set of leaves. Since peace lily appears to produce only a single bract or flower, you can ponder cutting to the bottom before the issue getting to the leaves. Doing this is vital and will help promote future growth.

Wastage Collection

If you are growing peace lilies indoors, it is vital to consider cleaning the trimmings. Research by ASPCA has that peace lilies plants are poisonous to pets such as dogs or cats. Therefore, never leave them behind after the exercise. Leaves, stems, petals, flowers, and other compounds must be collected and properly disposed of. The reason for this is that they can be consumed since they look like a snack.

Alternatively, if you consider pruning and keeping your peace lilies indoors, ensure that these plants are out of reach by the pets. Considering this helps foster growth while ensuring they are not chewed.

What to Use

Although several beginner gardeners consider using standard kitchen scissors, this can be an awful idea. These scissors are found to be the ground of bacteria. Thus, rather than employing them, you can ponder utilizing expert pruning shears.

Another best to use tool can be hand pruners. They are ideal types of devices since they are scissor-like and small in size. You can get a good pair of hand pruners; however, you must consider vising a reliable gardening store. These individuals always have different varieties to choose from.

In case you want to sanitize or sterilize your sheer, you can employ a standard alcohol-based solution. This solution will help destroy any germs or bacteria and leave the scissors or blades ready for future use. It would help if you also gave shear and the solution time to dry before considering pruning. Note that pure alcohol can destroy the flower.

Caring for the Peace Lily Plants

How to Prune a Peace Lily- An Idea
How to Prune a Peace Lily- An Idea

In most cases, individuals consider pruning their plants if they appear unhealthy. When handling peace lilies, the storyline is much different. This is because they are pretty simple to manage, and the only ill-health issue is usually initiated by mismanagement or environmental deficiency.

When pruning peace lily plant, the first thing you will want to do is modifying the plant environment. You must also ensure that the plant’s requirements are met before considering pruning.

First things first, you must remember that peace lilies love water and do well in damp soil. This signifies that you have to water them regularly because inadequate water will accelerate their death. If you notice the yellowing of leaves, then your lilies have been in dry soil for a long time.

Caring for the Peace Lily Plants
Caring for the Peace Lily Plants

High humidity is also essential. You are also advised to use fertilizer sparingly. In case you want to apply fertilizer, then utilize mild house blend in small quantity for every six weeks. Don’t think of providing a lot of nutrients. Alternatively, keep your lilies away from afternoon sunlight. The recommended sunlight should be moderate and natural.


Pruning peace lilies is an excellent way to caring them. Alternatively, it can still be a perfect way for professional gardeners to test their professional gardening skills and decorate their homes and offices. Ultimately, your decision to have your peace lilies pruned; however, pruning them comes with overwhelming benefits. While not a must, regular pruning is an exercise that ensures the plant remains healthy and away from bacteria or illness.

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