Fertilizer for Rose Plant in India

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The scientific name of the rose plant is genus rosa, and they belong to the family of rosaceae, according to the science till now over three hundred species of rose plant are found and research is keep going on.

Rose plants are used for many purposes and there are many benefits of rose plants. Rose plants are especially used for the decoration purposes.

Fertilizer for Rose Plant in India
Fertilizer for Rose Plant in India

Rose plants give you a very attractive smell and hence rose plants are used in the perfume industry as well. Rose plant has this anti inflammatory properties and hence rose plants are also used in the field of medical science.

Rose plants are used to treat many diseases like ulcer and diarrhea, these are some of the diseases which are cured by the using rose plant. The rose plant has many essential chemical including vitamin c in the hip of the rose including malic and citric acid as well.

As mentioned earlier there are significant benefits of the rose plant. Rose water is used in order improve skin conditions. As mentioned earlier the rose has anti inflammatory properties and hence rose water is used in healing burned skin.

Fertilizer for Rose Plant in India
Fertilizer for Rose Plant in India

By knowing the importance of the rose plant, many of the gardeners which to grow rose plant in their gardens. So they look for the best fertilizer in order to grow an healthy plant.



A fertilizer is a chemical which helps in the growth of the plant. There are many kinds of fertilizers which are used by gardeners, some of them include, fertilizer granule, fertilizer stick and liquid fertilizer.

Granule fertilizers are the traditional way of growing a plant, using Granule fertilizers are basically old method of growing plant. Hence granule fertilizers have some of the drawbacks.

Stick fertilizers are huge success in the field of gardening, they were easy to use cheaply available and hence they became the dream of the every gardener. They are easy to use. You just need to dig holes around the plant and put the fertilizer stick inside the holes.

Stick fertilizers generally provide essential nutrients to the plant and maintains the health of the soil. Unlike the granule fertilizer, it is enough to use stick fertilizer once per annum. The have the capacity to hold the water as well.

Hence, whenever the plant needs water the fertilizer is ready to quit plant's thirst. Speaking about liquid fertilizers, they are quite new to the industry. Both stick fertilizer and liquid fertilizer are efficient but liquid fertilizers have upper hand in terms of speed.

The growth rate of the plant in the liquid fertilizer is much higher than the stick fertilizer. So it is a wise decision to use fertilizers for the growth of the plant. As we have seen the benefits of rose plant.

It typically becomes the dream of the every gardener to grow rose plant. Hence here are the some of the best fertilizers in order to grow rose plants.

Casa de amor:

Casa de amor:
Casa de amor:
  1. The company claims that the fertilizer is organic.
  2. The fertilizer will boost the growth of the plant and branches of the plant etc.
  3. Helps in improving the quality of the roots.
  4. The fertilizer is suitable for all kind of rose species.
  5. The fertilizer helps in boosting the immunity of the plant.
  6. There is an old saying if the base is strong then the whole project is strong, casa de amor exactly does the same, it will strengthen your plant roots.
  7. The product is easy to use.
  8. You just need to add 2-3 spoons of the fertilizer to the soil.
  9. Mix up to at least 2 inches.
  10. Irrigate your plant regularly.
  11. Repeat the above procedure every week.

Devine tree rose wonder flower fertilizer:

Devine tree rose wonder flower fertilizer:
Devine tree rose wonder flower fertilizer:
  1. The fertilizer even focuses on smallest element which is essential for the growth of the plant.
  2. The say that they have added some premium powder which will boost the growth of the plant.
  3. The premium powder will going to improve the quality of the flower.
  4. The product is easy to use.
  5. Use 1 tablespoon of the fertilizer for new plant and if the plant is quite a grown one then use 2 tablespoon.
  6. Use the fertilizer at least once in 10 to 15 days gap span.
  7. The fertilizer can be used for the both indoor as well as outdoor purposes/ plants.

Eg elamgreen:

Eg elamgreen:
Eg elamgreen:
  1. The product is specifically made for the purpose of rose plants.
  2. The product claims to meet the all needs of the rose plant.
  3. The company claims that the product is 100% organic.
  4. The use of the fertilizer is similar as the above fertilizers.
  5. Add few table spoons of fertilizer and use in within every 2 weeks.


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