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Neem tree is the pride of the India and it is considered to be a very honorable plant in India.

The making of neem oil is a simple process. The fruits or the seeds of the neem tree has to be compressed and the oil that has obtained from that compression is nothing but the neem oil.

Benefits of the neem oil:

Benefits of the neem oil:
Benefits of the neem oil:

It has been recorded in the history books and more often we see that the neem tree has been used in several medication purposes. Some of the following benefits of the neem oil has been mentioned below.

Neem oil is used as the hair oil and it is recommended to use the neem oil since neem oil posses the anti viral and anti bacterial properties and which is a must for the healthy growth of the plant. Need oil along with the almond oil is used for the better results.

Benefits of the neem oil:
Benefits of the neem oil:

Neem oil has some of the healing properties for skin. If someone is suffering from any skin disease like acne, then let them use the neem oil for a month, then they will notice the change in their skin.

The skin will be most likely to be clear from the acne. Some of the other skin diseases include hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation means to you will have dark spots on your skin. That condition can successfully be treated by the neem oil.

One of the most disturbing and disgusting problem is dandruff, it not only annoys the person who is suffering from the disease, but also the one who is sitting right in front or beside him.

There are many oils and shampoos, which claim to cure dandruff once for all. But that is not the case, they may help you temporarily but for the permanent cure you have to use neem oi. Apart from neem oil, coconut oil is also considered as one of the best oil in case of dandruff.

Dandruff is basically caused by an fungal and since the neem oil has the some of the best anti fungal properties, it is very useful in order to cure the dandruff.

Well there are various ways in which neem oils are made. But cold pressing is the traditional way of making the oils. Apart from the anti viral and anti fungal properties of the neem, neem also posses the antioxidants properties.

And hence in this way hair loss and baldness are successfully prevented. Neem oil can also be used as conditioner. Why need to spend large amount of money over the products which claim to help you, but they will leave you with your hopes, when you have your natural weapon with you.

Azidarachtin is a chemical which is present in the the neem, which basically acts as insecticide against the head lice. To procedure is simple to apply. Apply the oil before sleeping and leave it overnight.

Next day when you are awake, wash away the oil and if possible you even in the morning.

As we have seen there some extra ordinary benefits of the neem oil, there are tremendous amount of benefits plants as well.

Neem oil as mentioned earlier has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. They are used as pesticides and the fungicide. Mildews are a kind of fungus, that grows on the vegitables and that can be controlled by using the neem oil.

Neem oil is very simple to use on plants. Sprinkle the oil in every morning and night for better results. Neem oil will protect your plant from the mosquitos. Neem oil protects your herbs from the aphides, leaf miners and spider mites.

Neem oil protects your plant from the insects. The method of using neem oil is mentioned above and it is pretty easy to use.

Some of the great benefits of neem oil has been just now observed. Don't worry neem oil doesn't harm any kind of bug, fly or any type other creature unnecessarily, rather it just keeps them away. Here is the list of best neem oils for plants india.

Best neem oil brand for plants india:

1. Chipku:

  1. Chipku is water soluble oil.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Available in 350 ml bottle.

2. B natural:

B natural:
B natural:
  1. It is a neem oil but not water soluble.

3. Neem veda:

Neem veda:
Neem veda:
  1. It is a neem oil with water soluble properties.


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