How to Attract Parrot to your Garden & Balcony?

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When people gazed at the bright-colored birds, they called the most unusual species of nature parrots. Psittacines is another name for parrots. The scientific name for a parrot is Psittaciformes. These birds make us feel alive and energetic. They are adorable and capture the attention of folks using their fascinating looks. The unique ability to imitate human voices and noisy objects increases their worth.

Parrots as Attention-Seekers

Attract Parrots In Garden
Attract Parrots In Garden

For ages, the innocent bird, that has 393 species hold the attention of human beings. They are found in different colors and different sizes. People all over the world keep parrots to enhance the beauty of their homes and gardens. They are considered good companions of humans. The practice of selling parrots to get money is ancient and shared all over the world, including beautiful India.

They Love Greenery!

Attract Parrots In Garden
Attract Parrots In Garden

Greenery is the most delicate part of nature. It is right to say that without a green color, life is incomplete. This color contains such magical properties that are enough to soothe all the living creatures, including birds. India is one of those countries which are blessed with beautiful greenery. The pleasant and delightful climate of the country is favorable for the birds and animals. A lot of colorful and unusual birds reside in the lush green gardens of a beautiful country. Of all the birds, the most precious are the parrots. India owns twelve species of parrots. They are considered the most intelligent birds.

Attracting Birds to the Gardens

To increase the value and beauty of the beautiful gardens of India, the presence of the charming parrots is thought to be necessary. Their presence not only makes the gardens to look splendid but also forces the people to visit gardens. India has a precious species of parrots.

Attract Parrots to the Gardens

Parrots In Garden India
Parrots In Garden India

Different ways can be used to make the availability of the social creatures inside the gardens possible.

The first and most important thing is to create a friendly and comfortable environment. Cats and dogs should not be allowed to enter the gardens. The gardens should be in peaceful places.

The gardens should be clean and noiseless . The litter should be disposed of properly. It should not be thrown on the floor of the garden. The unclean and noisy environment annoys the parrots and keeps them away from the garden. The visitors, especially, the naughty kids, should not be allowed to tease the parrots in any way.

Like other birds, parrots also build their nests on the branches of the trees and sometimes inside the holes of the trees. Trees are their homes. Providing shelter is a vital key to attract parrots.

The nesting box should also be hanged to accommodate the birds. The plants which are excellent and charming for the parrots include Aloe, African violets, Fern, Coleus, Boston, Spider plant, and wandering dew.

Suitable prey and trap to capture the attention of the parrots is food. They should be provided with a variety of food . Berries, tropical fruits including bananas, oranges, mangoes, melons, or papaya produced by trees, vines, and shrubs can attract parrots to your place. They also like to eat seeds, grains, nuts, leaf buds, and insects. Bird feeders should be hanged on the branches of the trees. These can be filled with birdseed mixture.

Attract Parrots In Garden
Attract Parrots In Garden

Just like other birds, they are also attracted by water . They drink a lot of water. They also take a bath. To appeal to the little creatures, water fountains should be fitted in the gardens. The splashing sound of water makes them able to know about the presence of the water. This realization forces them to enter the garden. The ground birdbaths and lower basins can also be preferable. The big water pots should also be kept at different places in the garden to invite them.

Some friendly and appealing birds like dove, cuckoo, nightingale, and colored sparrows should be kept in the gardens. They can be prevented easily by making significant and extensive cages for them. Being social creatures' parrots enjoy the company of other birds. The sight of the other birds and their cooing voices gain the attention of the parrots, and they feel bound to come inside the garden. Moreover, the bird's sound simulation system should be introduced in the garden to invite the colorful parrots.


As bright colored and fragrant flowers have always been the sources of inspiration and comfort for all living beings. The parrots and the other birds like the sweet fragrance of the flowers. They love to suck the sugary nectar. So, when the pretty flowers are grown; their pleasing sight calls the parrots in the garden.

Poles and rods nearby eating area should be fixed so that they can wait before feeding time. The branches of the trees can also serve the same purpose. Parrots can even sit on these poles and departments at other times when they do not need to eat the food. Sometimes they can sit on the poles and the branches in a group and make the pleasant cooing voices.

Another way to invite the parrots is to provide them with nest building material . They can be supplied with wool, pet hair, lint, and grass clipping. These materials give Birds like Parakeets the chance to build their nest. If they find such things in the garden, they become happy and don't want to leave the yard.

Parrots as the humans' companions

They can be unusual visitors to your garden and even in areas where native parrots are not in abundance. All the bird lovers may have a golden opportunity to attract these delightful birds if they take steps to meet the needs of the beautiful birds and make their garden bird-friendly.

Parrots come to the garden, but sometimes they take time to locate food and water in the area. Patience is needed while attracting them to the gardens. Once they enter the garden, they should be given extra care. If they are provided with proper food and shelter, they feel delighted and start to like the company of human beings.

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