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Are you wondering where exactly you can get aesthetic, stylish, and genuine planter pots online? The Internet has turned the world into a global village. Unfortunately, at the same time, it has created an opportunity for wreckers, shysters, scammers, and other cybercrimes.

You must be careful when surfing and especially where your hard-earned money is involved for your safety. It would help if you worried no more as you are reading the right page. This content reviews the most reputable online shops that deal with gardening planters and other accessories. This is where you can only buy genuine, approved planter pots for planting outdoor and indoor gardening that will transform your home into a haven.

1. Planter Pots on Amazon

Planter Pots on Amazon
Planter Pots on Amazon

Arguably everyone, including teens, has heard of Amazon if not purchasing something. It is the most famous shop where you can find almost everything. Amazon store sells pots for growing weeds, herbs, succulents, trees, and plants themselves. The shop is transparent, user-friendly, and displays planter pots in the same manner to everyone regarding customization, shipping, and other attractive properties.

The secret behind their success is there for everyone to ensure a unique personalized support service that treats buyers equally irrespective of their gender, origin, race, and religious affiliations. As a container gardener, you have options to shop by planter type, brand, size, and other unique properties. In addition, they have experts in all categories ready to help without bias if you have confusion about an item.

2. Planter Pots on Wayfair

Planter Pots On Wayfair
Planter Pots On Wayfair

Whether you want planters for fiddle leaf fig, steel planters, pots for ZZ plants, the list is endless; Wayfair is the right marketplace. Moreover, the shop displays items in their most convenient price options without exploiting the buyers. They sell planters with unique special designs from prominent manufacturers and with a wide price range so that you can get the product within your budget.

Most buyers prefer buying from Wayfair due to their after-sales service base. You can imagine any sales above $35 are worth free shipping and delivery. This means buying planters will deliver them to your address as soon as possible. Like other online shops listed in this article, all items you want are in store.

3. Planter Pots on Home Depot

Planter Pots On Home Depot
Planter Pots On Home Depot

Just one click to home depot, and trust me, you will quench your insatiable thirst for pots for container gardening. The discount bonuses increase with sales volume made; in short, you unlock more valuable benefits by buying both the plant and planter pots. Funny enough, most planter pots you get from the home depot store are not available elsewhere online or locally.

Unlike most online shops, which only deliver items with scheduled delivery, most items bought from this store are shipped to your place. And the good thing, delivery comes at a flat rate at no additional costs, apart from qualifying items.

4. Planter Pots on Ikea

Planter Pots On Ikea
Planter Pots On Ikea

Another big name in the industry is Ikea, the best place to get hot deals on planters and pots. It is a global store where you can make purchases at any location as long as you are connected. Like other internet shops, all products are available and offer respective discounts. The number of items determines whether you qualify for free shipping, or the cost will be inclusive of the total prices.

When buying planter pots for orchids from Ikea, you will most likely get a discount on waivered shipping costs or price advantages. Something unique about this store is that they very much mind consumer satisfaction. They are ready to replace or refund any item buyer dislikes at the frontline.

5. Planter Pots on Target

Planter Pots On Target
Planter Pots On Target

Target is another market leader with quite a more significant market share online. Target is part of famous stores that have made the world a better place by enhancing our purchases. Like other online shops, this brand commands a large customer base, and the secret behind their success is customer support and availing quality items. If you find an item out of stock on target, be sure the manufacturer has not produced the product for a while and, of course, not in stock elsewhere.

The shop usually has all plants, planter pots, plant liners, pot liners, and all available every day, 7 days a week. When you are looking for an item on target, and it doesn't seem to be found there, you should reach out for customer care. Their support is ever at every customer's service, and the phone is quite responsive.

Important Factors to Consider When Hunting for a Perfect Planter Pot Design

Buying Guide Of Planter Pots
Buying Guide Of Planter Pots

When you walk down the streets, you will definitely see plants and pots in various enticing designs and wished you had them to decorate your home. However, you don't know that getting the perfect planter planters needs critical analysis or experienced personnel. To make the right decision regarding planter designs, you need to master the following crucial factors.


There are two common planter style variations in the market that you should be mindful of. The focal point, trailer, and filler are typical styles that upright planter utilizes. The focal point plant is colorful and taller than the rest, which one onlooker will notice first, making it the most outstanding. Secondly, there are filler plants that complement the focal plant. These filler plants provide additional color and texture by covering the pot's barely visible parts. Last are the trailer plants; you will see them hanging over the pot's edges, smoothening the design.

The last design style is where breeders use the same kind of plants in bulky to set appearance variations. However, it is recommendable to grow or buy a dense plant covering the whole container. For instance, in pots for aloe Vera, you will find only one dense plant planted in one box.


You don't buy wheels before having the car. Similarly, you start by analyzing your yard's space, then knowing the container's size, and finally purchasing the plant that will fit in that container. It would help if you chose a planter with a diameter twice that of the focal plant. Too big a planter relative to the plant will cause complications, while smaller than your plant will not fit.

However, when transitioning or repotting your plant into a bigger planter, consider going for a pot that leaves relatively from 2 to 4 inches. This will leave your plant a space to breathe. So size matters whether you buy pots for snake plants or pots for roses; all need repotting with a larger container.

Pot Type

Outdoor or indoor planter pots type and size you choose exclusively affect the design choice. Therefore, as you pick the plant, you should consider the pot's size. It would be best to consider whether your pot is a hanging planter or an upright planter before choosing a plant. Yes, hanging planters are for genetically hanging plants, for example, pots for spider plants.

Color Tones

When picking a specific design, ensure that the planters' color complements or matches your home or yard landscape where you are going to place them. For the perfect color blend, chose opposite colors. However, when looking for monochromatic colors, go for different variations of the same color.


Textures can ultimately affect the style. For example, most plants are green; however, they have different leaves textures. Therefore, when choosing plant style, the texture is the most fundamental property to consider over the color. To add a fantastic effect to your home design, choose plants with various textures and sizes.

Shade or Full Sun

Plants have different tolerances; therefore, it is recommendable that when deciding on the plant to pick, think about locating them. Plants in pots usually retail with labels showing what kind of environment they are adapted to thrive in. as a matter of fact, they have guidelines stating whether they thrive best in shades, light sun, or full sun.

Whether Thrives in Wet or Dry Conditions

Plants vary on their moisture needs, and some have an adaptation to survive in wet soils, others dry. Mixing the plants in the same pots with notable different moisture needs may cause your plant design to suffer many losses. Therefore, it is good you have pots for succulents and containers for other species.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Planter Pots
Frequently Asked Questions About Planter Pots

Why Should I Report My Plant? Is It Important?

Why Should I Report My Plant? Is It Important?
Why Should I Report My Plant? Is It Important?

Definitely, yes, repotting ensures that your plat gets a new potting mix in which it can thrive. When the plant has been in that pot, you should note that it could belong that it is squeezed and not expanding. After potting your plant, apart from improving health, it will increase in size, width, and height. Even if you delay or procrastinate when you should pot your plant, it is a matter of time and will call for repotting with new pots for cactus and others. Potting also generates new nutrients for the plant as the older potting mix has depleted with time.

Is Orchid Pot Costly?

Actually, in orchids pots like another plant, the thumb's rule cuts equally. Like pots for carnivorous plants or pots for lavender and others increase depending on material quality, so are planter pots for orchids. You can buy plastic pots at a fair price, but you will pay more when getting super-quality pots with more exciting designs. The budget gets a little high if you are looking to buy both functional and decorative pots.

How Frequently Should I Water My Outdoor Plants in Pots?

There is no set volume or time for watering your plants, whether outdoor or indoors. However, some factors determine how often you water outdoor pots for container gardening. Firstly, if the weather is hot, sunny, or winder, your containers will lose more water through moisture; hence, watering should increase. Moreover, if your pot is dark-colored, it will absorb more heat and loss more water. Therefore, always check your containers if there is a sign that guarantees the need for watering and never let it dry.

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