Fox Farm Ocean Forest Review

reviewed by Truman Perkins

The complete organic potting soil holds everything your plants need from day 1-premium quality ingredients from both the earth and the sea. Fox Farm Ocean Forest potting soil provides the ultimate base for growing almost every plant.

Can you succeed in your container gardening with the boosted powerhouse of the ocean forest?

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Review

Foxfarm FX14053 Ocean Forest Plant Garden PH Adjusted 12 Quarts Potting Soil Blend Mix For Containerized Plants, 11.9 Pound Bag (2 Pack)
Foxfarm FX14053 Ocean Forest Plant Garden PH Adjusted 12 Quarts Potting Soil Blend Mix For Containerized Plants, 11.9 Pound Bag (2 Pack)

Product Description: Give your plants a healthy growing habit that encourages powerful growth. Ideal for container planting as packaged with a pH balance of 6.3 to 6.8 as packaged. Foxfarm ocean forest soil is rich in organic matter. Blended with fish and crab meal, earthworm castings, bat guano, forest hummus, and much more.

Surf and Turf - The Ultimate Meal

If you have been gardening for any length of time, I am sure you have heard a reference to fertilizers' values. Many gardeners, including myself, are advocates for organic powerhouses. These include earthworm castings and fish emulsions.

Why? The earth and Sea provide amazing growth power and nutrients for the growth of your plants.

Strong Plants Are Health Nuts

Plants can overeat just like humans. Over-fertilizing your plants can cause them to burn out and die. Organic natural diets provide the right balance of nutrition. Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil offers a balanced diet for your plants.


  • Ready to use straight from the bag
  • Rich in natural fertilizers
  • Loose, airy soil for good drainage
  • Maintains proper density for healthy root growth
  • Provides plants nutrition for up to 30 days or more without additives


  • Difficult to locally source
  • Price is slightly higher compared to other brands.
  • Sometimes contains larger pieces of organic material.

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Why is Soil Important for Your Plants?

Importance Of Soil For Plants
Importance Of Soil For Plants

You do not need a "green thumb" to grow beautiful, healthy plants. Successful gardening develops through knowledge and the use of proper ingredients. The soil you use is an important first ingredient to growing success.

In the case of container gardening, the soil you use becomes even more important. There is no leaching of nutrients or minerals from the ground. Your plant is relying on its sole little habitat to provide it with everything it needs.

Improper soils lead to growth issues and failures!

Slow growing plants. Discolored or yellowing leaves. Spindly weak growth. These are just a few signs of possible soil deficiency.

They are not the fault of your thumbs! They are the error of your soil!

How to Choose the Right Soil?

Choose The Right Soil
Choose The Right Soil

Excellent potting soil for your plants needs to meet quality standards to achieve success.

  • Provide proper drainage while still maintaining good moisture retention
  • Remains airy even when wet for proper circulation and root rot prevention
  • It offers well-rounded nutrition that does not cause soil build-up and crusting. This often occurs with chemical fertilizers.
  • Clearly, list ingredients and not just generic terms such as fertilizer or soil.
  • Identifies if the product is Organic or Non-organic

Fox Farm ocean forest soil is an easy solution that meets all those standards. It works for an old pro like a new gardener and me too.

It's just simple. You do not need to spend time worrying about mixing in added ingredients. This soil is ready to use straight from the bag. Furthermore, new plantings can go up to 3 months before needing any additional fertilizers.

Strong Base = Successful Plants

Strong Base = Successful Plants
Strong Base = Successful Plants

If you are serious about growing beautiful, successful plants, give them the right start. They will thank you with:

  • Strong, healthy Roots
  • Disease and Pest resistance
  • Improved Growth
  • Healthy Foliage and Blooms

With the right soil, everyone has a green thumb!

A special note. The type of plant your potting also creates certain soil needs. In most cases, soils, like the Fox Farm ocean forest, will be ideal. However, certain plant types, such as orchids, cactus, etc., require specific soil.

The Company Behind the soil - Fox Farm

Fox Farm Company
Fox Farm Company

Fox Farm is a family-owned company that is nationally recognized for providing some of the finest quality garden products. They provide a variety of soil mixes, fertilizers, hydroponic nutrients, and much more. Many of their products are organic.

Rumors Have It - Fox Farm has Gnats!

Special note about ANY potting soil company or brand. I often hear complaints about this brand or that and finding fungus gnats or other bugs.

Well. I am sorry to say. I have bad news. That is nature. All properly packaged soils have holes for air circulation, or you would be buying a big stinking moldy mess. The organic matter in these bags can attract pests.

Test any soil you get! Moisten a handful and place it in a sealed glass jar for a few days. You will see critters if they're in there. If you have a pest problem, you will need to treat it. Check out this article I posted here on soil sterilization.

I have not had that often happen with the Fox Farm, but I realize it is natural not a fault of the company.

Grab the Powerhouse!

Get the ultimate blend of the Earth and Sea and start your plants off right! Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil is a premium blend of earthworm casting, bat guano, hummus, kelp, fish, and crab meal.

I Grow Many Plants in an Ocean Forest.

For container planting indoors, Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil is hands down my favorite. I have been gardening for a great many years, both indoors and out. During that time, I have tried so many different soil brands. I even make my own that to use in my raised beds.

The ocean forest soil is a clear stand-out for me in my indoor garden. I have not had a plant fail due to a soil issue when using this product. The price is slightly higher when compared to other more easily sourced products. However, the quality far outweighs the cents it adds up to.

I use it primarily for transplanting into and rarely start seeds direct in this soil. Why? Seeds often have all the nutrients they need to get started. A simple seed starting mix or other base is an easier option to germinate. You could use this, but I find it is overkill of nutrients at that early stage.

What Soil do you use?

Have you tried the Fox Farm Ocean Forest Organic Potting soil? I want to hear all about it: the good, the bad, or the indifferent. Start a conversation by leaving a comment below.

Happy Gardening!


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