15 Easiest Fruits to Grow in Pots

reviewed by Christina Lopez

Home Gardening in India has been a thing now. Because it not only fills your requirement for fruits and vegetables and ornament our house but also is a beneficial way of playing our part for refining the environment from pollution and restoring oxygen.

Following is the list of fruits that you can quickly produce in your homes even if you have less space.

1. Mulberry:


Mulberry can be quickly grown in a big pot. It has all the tasty sweets and nectar. This plant requires plenty of sunlight and fully ripened in early summer

2. Lemon:

Lemon is a popular plant in the home garden. This citrus fruit has tremendous health benefits, and its plantation is also low maintenance. It need deep watering The best season to plant lemon is July/August.

3. Pomegranate:


Pomegranate is a seasonal plant. It is more heat to grow and ripened; however, its cultivation occurs in September or early Winter.

4. Black guava:

Guava plant is a natural plant as the flowering starts as soon as the plant is potted warm and dry season are best for their growth.

5. Lychee:

Lychee is a tropical plant that can be grown in West Bangla, Haryana and Punjab. After flowering, it takes 70 to 100 days for the fruit to ripe. To grow a lychee plant in a Pot, a moist, rich growing medium is required. The pot is then placed in a moist and warm site. It usually harvests in May and June.

6. Dragon Fruit:

Dragon fruit is a big hit in India due to its nutritional properties. It is a low maintenance plant and can be grown indoors.

7. Figs:

Figs can be correctly grown in small containers. They need a warm, sunny spot and needs to be well watered.

8. Strawberry:

Strawberry is a delightful fruit. It fruits the whole year, but it needs a temperature of less than 28°C, which is suitable for the Northern Indian region.

9. Calamondin Orange:

It's a hybrid form of orange which is usually planted in 12-inch pot. It can be grown indoors or outdoor, but it is crucial to place it for a few hours in sunlight during golden hours.

10. Cherries:

Cherries blossom in spring, but its sweet varieties need more sunlight. They have shallow roots, so they need plenty of water during dry spells.

11. Kumquat:

Kumquat is mainly an ornamental plant In south Asia; it also gifted as good luck plant. It is a cold-hardy plant that can bear -5°C.

12. Apple Ber:

Apple ber or jujubi plant is a fruit which ripens in the winter season. In summer, season it is in Dormant conditions.

13. Pineapple:

Pineapple is a tropical plant that can be grown in large pots Pineapple is a relatively slow grower. It needs at least one and a half year to start flowering. The easy steps to cultivate a pineapple is by slicing its crown carefully and planted in a pot and when it starts rooting, shift it to a larger space.

14. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is neither a fruit nor a vegetable, but this semi-succulent tropical plant has tremendous uses. It's good for skin hair and also detoxifies the body. It is a low maintenance plant; It also doesn't need that much water. It should be kept away from direct sunlight

15. Grapes:

Grapes vine is grown on any soil with more drainage. It should be kept in warm, sheltered sunny sites. This plant needs approximate three years to start fruiting


A homegrown production has big rewards, not only you get the easy access to fruits, but it also keeps you away from chemicals and preservatives sprayed on market fruits. Home gardening is a healthy activity as it keeps you busy you learn to be more responsible and develops a mild nature.

It helps to reduce worries and restlessness. It also becomes a vital source of oxygen that you own. More oxygenation in your home relax the stiff muscles and release tension leading to a peaceful life. It also keeps your home cool.

A home garden has so many benefits that everyone should be enlightened about, and they should be compelled to have an at least minor garden to pay their contribution to restoring the environment.

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