Best Liquid Iron for Lawns: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs in 2021

by Izaz Ahmad

Here's a look at the finest liquid iron for lawns to help you discover an essential iron supplement which can prevent chlorosis as well as discoloration in your grass.

As iron is engaged in chlorophyll synthesis, which gives plants their green color and promotes healthy growth, iron fertilizer is a crucial ingredient for lawns and plants. Iron chlorosis can occur in turf that is deficient in iron. The grass changes its color in yellow or brown in this situation. As a result, the grass loses its bright appearance and becomes lifeless and rough.

Different varieties of liquid iron fertilizers are available to keep the lawn looking green and fresh. These products correct an iron deficit while also making your lawn lush and green. Here's a look at the ideal liquid iron fertilizers for meeting your lawn's iron needs and promoting healthy, natural growth.

Is there yellowing on your grass, flowers, bushes, or trees?

If you notice yellow leaves on your plants, you may have an iron deficit.

Lawns that have a yellowish, mottled look may potentially have an iron shortage.

Iron is a necessary nutrient for plants to thrive. Plants rely on iron for a variety of essential functions, including:

  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Production of chlorophyll
  • Metabolism

You ought to be aware to see why your plants are unable to conduct important processes without a sufficient amount of iron...

That is to say, no matter what you are doing or how long you work, your lawn will not thrive.

Top Liquid Iron for Lawns by Editors

How can you figure out the difference?

Plants that are yellowing can indicate a nitrogen deficit, even though you might know. Even though there are some slight differences amongst iron and nitrogen deficiency, it's critical not to confuse the two. The use of nitrogen to treat an iron shortage simply makes matters worse. There are a few symptoms of iron deficiency that you should be aware of. Keep these in mind so you don't make the same mistake twice:

  • Greens that become yellow in iron-deficient plants generally have green veins in the Centre, but leaves in nitrogen-deficient plants have no green veins at all.
  • Newer leaves turn yellow in iron-deficient plants, but older leaves turn yellow in nitrogen-deficient plants.

The early color shift in an iron-deficient lawn can occur in two forms:

1. It will take on a light green hue across the top surface in the beginning. This normally happens in a few locations at first, rather than covering the entire lawn. Someone may have sprayed the top 12 inches of grass with a lighter green.

2. When iron chlorosis progresses, the younger leaves at the top of the grass turn yellow, and the yellow spreads down each leaf blade.

So what causes an iron shortage to deal with?

Everything is in the soil! But its, not the soil actually, which usually includes a lot of iron. Plants are unable to use all of the iron with in soil due to a variety of factors, including:

Higher pH (alkaline) soil is by far the most major cause of iron chlorosis, with pH levels typically exceeding 7.0.

  • Soil with a high phosphorus percentage
  • Soil with a lot of clay
  • Soil that has been compacted

Regretfully for you, anomalous ground conditions can be extremely difficult (if not unattainable) to change, as well as at best, hard to manage.

Top 8 Best Choices in Liquid Iron for Lawns

Top 8 Best Choices in Liquid Iron for Lawns
Top 8 Best Choices in Liquid Iron for Lawns

1. LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron (32 OZ) for Plants - Link

LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron (32 OZ) for Plants - Multi-Purpose, Suitable for Lawn, Flowers, Shrubs, Trees - Treats Iron Deficiency, Root Damage & Color Distortion - EDTA-Free, American Made
LawnStar Chelated Liquid Iron (32 OZ) for Plants - Multi-Purpose, Suitable for Lawn, Flowers, Shrubs, Trees - Treats Iron Deficiency, Root Damage & Color Distortion - EDTA-Free, American Made

Liquid iron from LawnStar is great for vegetables, flowers, trees and lawns. It's among the best-chelated liquid irons that are available in market for restoring lawn color and protecting it all from the impacts of severe weather. This iron supplementation aids in the restoration of the grass's green color as well as the prevention of root damage. Also it provides 6% of good-quality nutrients that seem to be necessary for the growth of lush green grass.

It is consumed by the root zone of the plants, resulting in a healthier and more resilient lawn. It protects your grass not only from the impacts of nature but also improves the ability of turf to withstand stress from the environment. The nitrogen levels, chlorophyll generation, and metabolic activity of green plants are all maintained by Lawn Star liquid iron, resulting in a vibrant-looking lawn.

The above iron supplement comes with free of EDTA, making it safe to use. However, you should use caution while applying this product to your grass. However, with a few key considerations, I considered it to be simple for using. To begin, the LawnStar iron supplements may cause stains, so necessary to wear protective gloves and clothing before using it. Second, you must determine the pH level of the soil where you are going to use it. If the level of pH is unstable, first stabilize it before using the product.

Spray your grass, trees, and shrubs with a mixture of LawnStar CLI iron supplement 1.5-3oz according to the size of your turf and a large quantity of water. After you've spread this solution, don't water for the next few hours. Allow the mixture to sink into the roots for a bright lawn. On the packaging, the mixing ratios for varying sq feet are listed.


Bio-nutrients account for 6% of the total.

Enhances the appearance of a lawn

Without EDTA


Alkaline soil is not recommended.

Incorporating sodium glucoheptonate, the LawnStar is in the form of a Chelated liquid iron supplements that turns the weak soil healthy. It contains all of the key nutrients that perhaps a healthy grass or plant growth demands. It also encourages root growth and gives stability and strength. If you really want a speedy response, LawnStar iron supplements are a good choice because they provide the needed outcome in just four days.

2. Bonide 037321002994 299 Liquid Iron Concentrate - Link

Because the essential minerals and chlorophyll don't completely reach the roots, an iron deficit in the grass can make your lawn yellow. As a result, you'll see a spotty, rough lawn. Since 1926, Bonide has been one of the leading plant care manufacturers, known for its organic and reliable products. Bonide liquid iron supplies your grass both iron as well as critical bio-nutrients for chlorophyll development. It prevents the grass of your lawn from becoming yellow and preserves it from the extremes.

Herbs, shrubs, tall trees, vegetative plants, and grass can all benefit from it. It can be used in conjunction with some other herbicides, insecticides, and phosphate fertilizers. It is completely safe for using and has no negative effects on humans or animals. Bonide liquid iron is made up of minerals which are completely hazardous to the environment. It is still not, meanwhile, meant for use indoors. Furthermore, Bonide liquid iron seeps into insufficient soil, giving it a vivid appearance.

Bonide liquid iron produced immediate results for me. It is designed with organic elements that work swiftly to improve the health of your grass, so you will see a difference in your yellow lawn within 72 hours. Bonide liquid iron not just saves your lawn against nature's wrath, but it also prevents chlorosis in your blossoming and vegetative plants all through the season.

Liquid iron is simple to use, and all directions are included on the packaging. It can be used as a foliar spray as well as like a soil drench. Both strategies are effective and produce similar outcomes. Make sure your soil's pH level is regulated before using this essential nutrient. The level of pH balance would aid in the rapid absorption of nutrients from Bonide liquid iron, resulting in noticeable outcomes in just 24 hours.


Produced using organic ingredients

It is completely safe to use.

Quick outcomes


It has the potential to trigger an allergic reaction.

Bonide liquid iron provides the greatest outcomes in the shortest time possible. It contains nutrients like iron and other micronutrients that promote root development as well as chlorophyll production, preventing your plants and garden from getting yellow. Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives your grass its green color. It also aids in the nourishment of the soil, allowing for the growth of lush grass on your turf.

3. Southern Ag 01952 Chelated Liquid Iron - Link

Southern Ag 01952 Chelated Liquid Iron, 16oz-1 Pint
Southern Ag 01952 Chelated Liquid Iron, 16oz-1 Pint

If your grass is showing signs of slowing, you should consider purchasing this liquid iron to keep it from becoming dull and harsh. Furthermore, Southern Chelated Liquid Iron protects your plant from chlorosis and revitalizes insufficient soil. It also raises iron levels in the plant's roots, giving your turf a lush green appearance.

A 5 percent iron multi-purpose irons supplement absorbed inside roots and offers dull-looking grasses a more vivid and glossy appearance. Furthermore, it can be used on herbs, shrubs, flowers, roots and plants without causing any harm. Southern Chelated liquid iron delivers all of the necessary nutrients, including iron, to keep your lawns from yellowing.

A brownish appearance in the grass indicates a shortage of iron as well as nitrogen. An iron supplement is available in a gallon size which can treat a range of area up to 8000 square feet. It can be used depending on the size of your grass. It was incredibly straightforward to utilize for me. All you have to do is combine one tablespoon with a large amount of water. Furthermore, 16oz of Southern CLI liquid iron is required to cover a 1000 square foot lawn.

Sprinkle this solvent iron mostly in morning for faster and more effective results since cooling effects will absorb the nutritional requirements in the roots. In the afternoon, though, the extreme severity of heat can vaporize the spray. To ensure proper application, use a drench spraying. It is harmless for people and pets in the vicinity to use. It maintains the health of your lawn. After one or almost two days of treatment, you will observe a noticeable shift in color.


Contains 5 percent iron

It is affordable because it's less costly

It is completely safe to use.


It gets quickly vaporized

Southern Chelated liquid iron nourishes the roots of your grass, giving it a fresh lease on life. Anyone can use it on any shrub, vegetative and blooming plants because of its speedy results and low cost. This product's first goal is safety. The method of application is printed on the packaging to assist you in finding the best ratio of water and iron supplements for your lawn.

4. Chelated Liquid Iron +Plus Concentrate Blend - Link

Chelated Liquid Iron +Plus Concentrate Blend, Liquid Iron for Lawns, Plants, Shrubs, and Trees Stunted or Growth and Discoloration Issues - Solve Iron Deficiency and Root Problems - (32 oz.) USA Made
Chelated Liquid Iron +Plus Concentrate Blend, Liquid Iron for Lawns, Plants, Shrubs, and Trees Stunted or Growth and Discoloration Issues - Solve Iron Deficiency and Root Problems - (32 oz.) USA Made

Covington's chelated liquid iron is composed of 100 % natural iron and some other critical minerals that help plants recover from disease and improve the general healthiness of your lawns. Due to a shortage of iron, the color of the plants and grass changes from green to yellow. As a result, Covington Chelated Liquid Iron is highly recommended by numerous professionals.

It contains 6% iron as well as some other bio-nutrients such as manganese, sulfur, and nitrogen which aid in the treatment of iron deficiency or other ailments induced by environmental stress. And without any EDTA, I discovered it to be safe for using. It is also OMRI-approved, which indicates it includes organic nutrients which aid in root growth and is appropriate for foliage & lawns.

Outside of the development line of shrubs, grass, trees and herbs, it could be used. The Covington liquid iron is great for growing trees, and that it eliminates tree and grass discoloration. Furthermore, it corrects an iron shortage in your grass, giving it a lively greenish appearance. The spraying approach can be employed with this sugar-based fluid iron. The package contains all of the instructions.

It's critical to follow the directions for a given application. For instance, if you're using the liquid iron for grass or lawn, combine 8 to 16oz of liquid iron with both a decent quantity of water for quite a 1000 square feet area. Then, for best effects, evenly disperse the solution on the target area. With 100 % original products, Covington provides the greatest customer service. It also comes with a money-back guaranteed, so that you can try it out risk-free.


It contains Bio-nutrients and 6 percent iron

Certified by the OMRI

EDTA is not present


It has the possibility to stain your clothes and the surrounding region

Made in the United States, Chelated liquid iron boosts absorption of chlorophyll, giving your lawn, a vibrant green coloring. It also aids in the formation of roots, resulting in healthy plants and vegetables. It contains a combination of iron as well as some other minerals to help battle the symptoms of iron deficiency. It's easy to use and provides complete safety protection.

5. Opulent Blends - Link

An opulent blend is such a well-known maker of high-quality plant-growth and plant-health solutions. With its 12 percent iron content, the all-powerful iron supplement reduces the danger of iron insufficiency. It contains a ferrous amino acid complex that provides immediate benefits after application. Within a day, you can notice a noticeable difference in the lawn.

It improves the health of the grass and converts yellow-brownish spots into green. The all-powerful iron boosts the iron content of plants and grass by 322 %. It is completely risk-free to use. It aids the plants and lawns in regaining their natural green color. Almighty iron, unlike the other products, does not include any hazardous compounds that can harm your plants. Trees, Plants, shrubs and grass can all benefit from it.

Vary from state to state of your grass; you may need to sprinkle this mist either once or twice each week. Its implementation is simple and rapid. Make sure you're e using this product with caution. While pouring this diluted mixture, dress old clothes to avoid staining on your clothing and the surrounding area.

It comes in gallons, and you'll need 4 ounces of Opulent almighty iron blended with a lot of water to cover a 1000 square feet of space area of lawn. The packet includes instructions for incorporating the right amount of iron based on the lawn's total surface area. Spray the tiny spray just on ground equally. The amino acid in Opulent Blends Almighty Iron includes a Fe ion that is taken into the soil and feeds the plant's roots for good growth.


Complex of ferrous amino acids

Iron content: 12%

Results are available immediately


There are no long-term effects

If you need immediate results, Opulent Blends Almighty Iron is the product for you. It restores the brilliant green color of your grass that has been lost owing to a deficiency of iron. It absorbs a lot of iron from the soil and encourages root formation for greater growth. It's compatible with insecticides and herbicides, for example. It's manufactured with non-toxic ingredients that meet the body's natural iron requirements.

6. Simple Lawn Solutions - Link

Simple Lawn Solutions - Liquid Iron Darker Green - Chelated Micronutrients - Concentrated Booster for Lawn, Indoor Plants and Outdoor Garden
Simple Lawn Solutions - Liquid Iron Darker Green - Chelated Micronutrients - Concentrated Booster for Lawn, Indoor Plants and Outdoor Garden

For a turf that has become yellow owing to a shortage of iron, a simple grass liquid iron is perfect. It supplies iron to the grass, which helps it to stay green. Since this solvent iron is manufactured from natural components, your lawn will seem green and beautiful. There are no hazardous compounds in it which could make the grass conditions worse.

Manganese, iron, Nitrogen and zinc are used to make it. These vital nutrients are absorbed by the soil thus aid in its proper growth. As a consequence, your garden grass will be darker green and healthier. It also cures mineral shortages in a natural way. It works well with grasses such as Buffalo, Centipede, St. Augustine, Florida, Bermuda and others.

Such product is utilized in commercial applications such as parks, high lands, turf grass and the Gulf. It promotes development and offers your lawn a healthy appearance. The liquid iron is frequently used by farmers and specialists for the appropriate growth of plants. When I used it on huge trees, herbs, floral plants, lawns, young plants, potting soil and shrubs, I discovered it to be effective. It's made with organic materials that won't harm the plant's fruit or blossom.

It is commonly utilized with 100% excellent results due to its simple implementation. Applying it to your entire garden requires fewer amounts of time and effort. To make the mixture, thoroughly check the guidelines on the container. It is harmless for pets, children, and other persons in the area. Because of its organic nature, it's doesn't irritate or agitate the skin. Despite damaging the grass, a simple lawn remedy maintains green color for a vibrant appearing landscape.


Contains ingredients that are organic

For all kinds of grass



The spray bottle is not suitable for this product

If you're concerned about chemical constituents that could harm your lawn, the basic gardening solution liquid iron is indeed the way to go. If you do have pets or children in your premises, it is secure to use. It's formulated with organic materials that won't stain your garden and have a long-lasting effectiveness. This is a product you would never regret purchasing for your iron-deficient lawns.

7. Fertilome Chelated Liquid Iron - Link

Fertilome Chelated Liquid Iron, 1 Gallon
Fertilome Chelated Liquid Iron, 1 Gallon

Fertilome chelated iron is indeed the finest solution for iron-deficient plantings and lawns. Copper, iron, zinc, and manganese are used to make it. It includes around 3% iron, which helps to prevent iron deficiency as well as encourages the growth of green foliage. It can be used in conjunction with other fertilizers and insecticides. It keeps your turf from becoming yellow and fragile. In the grasses, the iron component of Fertilome chelated liquid iron, along with other vital nutrients, increases chlorophyll consumption and root growth.

Using liquid iron works well on lawns, citrus fruit plants for example mangoes and avocados, shrubs, potted plants and floral plants among other things. If you are using this liquid iron in the right proportions, it will give your lawn a green appearance. The application instructions are included in the packages and are simple to follow.

It should be sprayed on the soil uniformly with foliar application. A gallon of water is required for one tablespoon. Moreover, for a 500-square-foot lawn, you'll need 16 ounces of Fertilome liquid iron mixed with a lot of water. Also you can adjust the ratio based on the size of your lawn. It is harmless in using and has no negative effects on the environment, allowing you to get results quickly. Within the first treatment, you will notice the change in your garden. Depending on the condition of the lawn, it's best to be used twice per month.


Composition of 3 percent iron

Helps to promote the green color

It is completely safe to use


Clothes will be stained

Fertilome chelated liquid iron is simple to use and completely safe. This product contains all or most of the necessary nutrients for optimal plants and grass development. At a low price, you may receive a perfect treatment for your grass that prevents it from deficiency of iron.

8. Commercial Grade Lawn Energizer- Grass Micronutrient Booster with Iron & Nitrogen - Link

Commercial Grade Lawn Energizer- Grass Micronutrient Booster with Iron & Nitrogen- Liquid Turf Spray Concentrated Fertilizer- Any Grass Type, All Year- Simple Lawn Solutions- 32 Ounce
Commercial Grade Lawn Energizer- Grass Micronutrient Booster with Iron & Nitrogen- Liquid Turf Spray Concentrated Fertilizer- Any Grass Type, All Year- Simple Lawn Solutions- 32 Ounce

Grass Energizer is indeed a good-quality Iron mixed micronutrient lawn enhancer with a nitrogen boost. Lawn Energizer is made in the USA by a family-owned company with 25 years of commercial professional turf sector experience.

This improved booster is formulated to re-energize your lawn and topsoil to their maximum nutritional levels, ensuring maximum vigor, growth, and coloring. Lawn Energizer gives your lawn the nutrition it needs to darken its color.


Coverage Area: 3,200 sq. ft.

Suitable for all types of grass

Formulation is proprietary and one-of-a-kind.

Ingredients of Feed Grade Quality

Sprayer Application (Ready-to-Use)

Made in the United States of America


Might be not appropriate to kill weeds

Buyer's guide

When your lawn becomes discolored, it is a sign that it is iron lacking, and now is the time to supply it with critical nutrients. Choosing the right liquid iron for your lawn, on the other hand, is a difficult undertaking. Finding the right iron supplement in order to increase your lawn's fertility and provide it a vivid appearance takes effort and time as well. Here's a guide on finding a liquid iron supplement to assist you get your lawn back to its natural state.

Examining the Soil

The state of your grass will reveal whether or not there is a nutrient insufficiency. The most prevalent issue is grass that has become discolored. As your lawn's grass appears yellow or brownish, it indicates that the soil is iron-deficient. You'll determine which supplements to take based on the nutritional deficiencies. This will also inform you how much liquid iron that you may need to make up for the deficit. It is necessary as so much liquid iron will harm your soil, and so less iron will not perform effectively.

First and foremost, you must examine the soil. One such step is critical since it will inform you regarding the soil's pH level. In case if the soil of your lawn is alkaline and also has a high level of pH, liquid iron will not operate well. You'll be able to tell which nutrient is missing thanks to the soil test. A testing kit is required for test of soil. Take a little sample of dirt and run it through the equipment.

After you've completed this test, you'll be able to better determine the supplements you will need to buy based on your soil's requirements. You can also go to testing laboratory in case you don't have a testing kit. They will assess the soil's condition and inform you of the findings. They will also make advice on where to buy a liquids supplement.

The lawn's area

You can purchase liquid iron determined by the size of your grass. If your grass is little, you can use a small bottle of liquid iron. Whereas if surface area of lawn is considerable, however, consider purchasing a huge gallon of liquid iron. This will spread evenly over the lawn and provide good effects after application.

Liquid Iron vs. Granular Iron

Liquid iron is preferable to granular iron since it incorporates rapidly in the soil and enters the roots for greater root growth. It also produces speedier results, with fast greening and improved grass health visible in 24 hours. It also has a wide range of applications and spreads uniformly in the soil. It is much more expensive than granular iron, but it does have a wide range of applications.

It's harmless for animals and the environment, and it's suitable with other herbicides and pesticides. It induces just minor irritation, which varies from person to person. For the finest results, you must apply numerous times. The results of liquid iron are for a brief span of time compared to granular iron. The liquid iron, on the other hand, absorbs quickly in the soil but has no long-term consequences on the grass.

Spraying Techniques

You have two options for achieving better results. Many firms sell liquid fertilisers that come with a spray bottle, making it simple to apply the liquid iron onto your grass. It will aid in the uniform distribution of liquid iron. The liquid iron would saturate the soil and aid with root growth. You could also employ the irrigation approach, which involves combining the liquid iron along with a lot of liquid in the tank and then sprinkling it on the soil evenly. This method of irrigation is simple and time saver.


Is liquid iron beneficial to lawns?

Yes, putting iron into your grass will keep it "greener" and frequently give it a blue/green appearance. Iron has the advantage of greening up your garden without causing massive amounts of extra growth. Liquid Iron must be sprayed as a foliar application for optimal results, or it will be trapped up in soil.

When is the best time to apply liquid iron on your lawn?

In general, iron supplements must be applied to your grass in the season of spring. Iron supplements could be put to your lawns at any suitable times of year, but somehow the optimum benefits are achieved when the average temperature is between 40 and 80°F.

Is it possible to have too much iron in your lawn?

There is, however, one such matter as much more of a positive thing, so you can certainly apply too much iron for your lawn to handle. Too much iron in the grass can produce burning, whereas most iron fertilizers guarantee that their products don't harm the grasses, going overboard might be detrimental.

How often should chelated iron is applied to the lawn?

If your lawn is starting to lose its color and is turning into more yellow than greenish, you may have to apply chelated iron up to ten times per year. If the grass is basically healthy but could use a boost, three to four sprays per year should enough.

Is it okay if I mow before applying liquid iron?

After the very first hour, a large portion is absorbed, but significant absorption continues for the next 4-6 hours. Before mowing, clean it off the leaf blade; something which wasn't soaked can go beneath the soil and be absorbed by roots.

Is it possible to revive dead grass by watering it?

Because it is dehydrated, grass might appear dry and lifeless at times. If your grass is dry, water it quickly (if water limitations permit) or wait for rainfall. This can sometimes revitalize grass and return it to its natural green color.

Is it necessary to add water to chelated iron?

Use chelates in the spring, before growth begins, at the proper treatment rates. Spray some dry chelated iron for crops on the ground and water, or dilute the chelated liquid iron in water and apply it around the roots of the plants.

Can chelated iron cause grass to burn?

Milorganite's iron functions similarly to chelated iron, but without any cost. It also won't burn your lawn and releases iron into the soil where it's needed, unlike foliar (liquid applied directly to leaf) iron applications, which are progressively eliminated when the turf is mowed.


Liquid iron prevents browning, chlorosis, and a dreary appearance on your grass. The pH level of your soil, a larger quantity of zinc and an iron shortage all influence the quality of your grass. In order to battle iron insufficiency, I've examined some of the top products that can help you locate the right iron supplement for your garden's needs. The following are the top three suggestions:

For its 6 percent bio-nutrients, organic components, and EDTA-free mix, Lawn Star Chelated Liquid Iron is a great choice.

Bonide Liquid Iron is popular because of its organic nutrients, ease of use, and speed of effects.

01952 Southern Agriculture Chelated Liquid Iron is popular because of its 5 percent iron content, low price, and easy-to-use nature.

It was a comprehensive analysis of an ideal liquid iron fertilizer, complete with specifications and a buyer's guide. This research will assist you in locating a liquid iron supplement that will provide you with immediate and natural effects. Liquid iron is more efficient and secure than using granular iron.

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