Top 10 Best Grow Box for Beginners

reviewed by Truman Perkins

Want to start hydroponic gardening? You can begin indoor growing with minimum effort and limited space. Get yourself a convenience hydroponic box and make your dream valid. The best grow box for beginners will guarantee success in indoor growing success.

The equipment creates an ideal growing environment that is not affected by external weather or seasons. Therefore, it means you can grow anything you want irrespective of time in the year, be it spring, summer, winter, or autumn. However, choosing quality to grow box is a difficult task for many gardeners. Thankfully, we have simplified the quest by availing of the top 10 best grow boxes for beginners below.

Top Grow Boxes for Beginners by Editors

10 Best Grow Box for Beginners Review

10 Best Grow Box for Beginners Review
10 Best Grow Box for Beginners Review

1. Dealzer Cash Crop Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box
Cash Crop 6.0-2 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

Dealzer is a reputable and famous brand that produces top-quality grow boxes and other hydroponic equipment. The Cash Crop 6.0 Grow Box measures 34.75×16.5×11.25 inches; thus the best small grow box for beginners. Particularly, if you are a cannabis grower, the kit can hold up to 6 plants. In addition, the box facilitates your plants to thrive by supplying all nutrients needed ceaselessly.

What makes cash crop 6.0 an ideal option for most customers is that the hydroponic system features a 1.5-gallon water reservoir. Something else is that the unit construction uses heavy-duty steel to boost durability. In addition, the box has an odor-free design and includes a secure lock system hence promotes discrete gardening.

The box is perfect with a system to control odors and ventilation promoted. Further, this best hydroponic grow box is carbon protected to prevent emissions that would filth the plants' environment. With reflective Mylar sheet guarantees, no light escapes hence keeping the plant utilizing lights effectively. This quasar generation LED light system comprises sidelights, thus broader coverage.

Key Features

  • Reflective Mylar sheet
  • Secure locking
  • Perfect carbon protection
  • User guide included
  • Can sufficiently support up to 6 plants
  • Features secure locking system
  • Designed odor-free, hence comfortable usability
  • Uses steel construction boosting durability
  • Mylar reflective lining ensures enough exposure to light.
  • Too small for users wishing to grow more than six plants
  • The system makes some noises when working

2. Dealzer Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box
Growzilla 4 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

First forward, Dealzer's Growzilla 4 is another comprehensive grow box that packs everything required growth right from seeds. This single vertical chamber grows box measures 68''x24''x16.5'' inches hence reliable for growing up to fall tall plants. Moreover, the system conveniently fits anywhere in the house from the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. So if you are searching for the best stealth grow box for beginners, this model can be an ideal choice.

Interestingly, the box adds a better look to the house such that guests would rarely guess what is in there. At the same time, the unit can is excellent for growing vegetables and herbs throughout the year. Something applaudable about this automated grow box comes with built-in odor-controlling funs to keep the space comfortable.

Some woods can withstand wear and tear, and as such, Growzilla 4 uses super sturdy, long-lasting woods. The modern grow box is smooth to touch, hand-painted, and looks sleek. The hydroponic system is a top choice because it bears all the qualities and nutrients to feed the plant growing inside. Additionally, the grow box utilizes Mars's full spectrum LED light, creating an ideal environment where seeds can germinate effectively.

Key Features

  • Odor control fans
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Single chamber
  • Hydroponic system
  • Features a lifetime warranty
  • Vertically designed chamber ideal for tall plants
  • Attractive, sleek design
  • Comprises durable built-in odor-controlling fans
  • Constructed with superb wood
  • Not very portable due to heavyweight
  • I should have used metal as it's more durable than wood.

3. "RSTJ-Sjef" 4 Layer Indoor Hydroponic Garden

RSTJ-Sjef 4 Layer Indoor Hydroponic Garden, Smart Plant Grow Box Cabinet Growing System With Fish Tank Or Nursery Layer - For Home Kitchen Office Gardening(48 Pots),Nursery Layer
RSTJ-Sjef 4 Layer Indoor Hydroponic Garden, Smart Plant Grow Box Cabinet Growing System With Fish Tank Or Nursery Layer - For Home Kitchen Office Gardening(48 Pots),Nursery Layer

Despite its 4 layers large capacity, this hydroponic system is one of the best grows boxes for beginners in the market. The size makes the system reliable for growing various herbs and veggies for salad or abundant freshness. Each of the 4 layers incorporates grow lights to support plants growing in the level. The system features power-saving efficient LED lights customized to achieve a specific spectrum needed for indoor gardening.

When plants get a quality light spectrum at every stage, there are always rapid developments, optimum photosynthesis, and more harvests. The units here use LED lights with a life span of over 50000 hours. Thus, hydroponic gardening is modern farming that is easy to operate and bridges time and space limits. The unique thing with hydroponic gardening, you can grow your things all year round as the outside weather does not affect the plant's performance.

The unit is constructed with aluminum frames, giving it firm strength and durability. Aluminum does not get rust; thus, the system will be attractive and mimic nature. The growing box is an excellent way to get the child to know the plants' growth process. While the plants release negative oxygen ions during photosynthesis, the gas has health benefits to humans.

Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Perforated tray
  • Touch functioning panel
  • LED current drive circuit
  • Oxygen released during photosynthesis benefits human health
  • Durable aluminum frames used resist rusts.
  • Harmless close to kids and helps them understand plants growth
  • The system is convenient, thus saves space and time
  • . The grow box is very costly.
  • Requires maintenance

4. Grandma's Plant Hydroponics Grow Box by Dealzer

Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box
Grandma's Secret Garden 5.0-4 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

If you are looking for the best indoor grow box, then Dealzer Grandma's Secret Garden can solve your quest. The box measures 36''x24''16.5'' inches, and gladly, at a glance, someone would mistake it for a cabinet hence suitable for your bedroom, office, or kitchen. Well, the comprehensive hydroponic unit features all the plants' needs for thriving except for seeds.

Most enthusiasts in the urban setting are rushing to purchase this quality system for its effortless performance. The grow room uses quantum board LED lighting to generate a full spectrum and odor removal fans to create a comfortable environment for seeds or growing plants. Dealzer brand has designed over 2000 hydroponic systems and grows boxes to fit each consumer's individual needs.

You can smile all the way to the store to buy this grow box as the manufacturer instills confidence by offering a lifetime warranty. However, the grow light only comes with a 1-year warranty, but the brand's customer support number is responsive 24/7. All these features show that grandma's secret garden is a durable and reliable option worth your money.

Key Features

  • Quantum board LED lighting.
  • Odor control fans
  • Water reservoir tank
  • Treated premium quality wood
  • Includes a lifetime warranty
  • Automated design for effortless use
  • It comes with a relevant and understandable user manual
  • Odor control fans keep the environment clean
  • It can only support 4 plants maximum at a time
  • Lifetime warranty doesn't cover LED grow light

5. "Dealzer" 6-Pack - 6 Clone LED Hydroponic Grow Box

6-Pack - 6 Clone LED Hydroponics Grow Box
6-Pack - 6 Clone LED Hydroponics Grow Box

As the name suggests, 6 Clone LED Hydroponics is the best grow box on the market with versatility quality. Therefore the Dealzer's unit is used for clones and growing plants. This unit is 27.75'' L, 15.75''W, and 11'' depth, hence reliable for cloning or growing up to 6 plants with a height of 2 to 4 feet. Further, the grow system comes with LED lighting to reimburse sunlight needs.

Since the smelly leaving space is the main concern with most hydroponic grows rooms, 6 clones feature odor control equipment. In addition, the small size makes the unit reliable and preferable since it fits anywhere, whether living room or bedroom. Another attractive fact is that the manufacturer has very responsive support available and reachable 24/7 via call or mailbox.

If you are after the best grow box for beginners or professional gardeners, this model can end your worries. What users fancy most here is that the hydroponic helps them grow plants and clone them effortlessly. Also note, with the automatic self-watering quality, you can go for a vacation and get back without worrying your plants could dry.

Key Features

  • Odor control element
  • Feature LED grow light
  • Russia wood construction
  • It comes in a 6-pack design
  • No stress setting up as come pre-assembled
  • An easy way for cloning plant
  • Fully controlled odors
  • Made of sturdy Russian wood
  • Highly responsive tech support
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Not available in most shops

6. "Grobo" Automated Grow Box

Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box - Hydroponics Growing System - Ships Fully Assembled - Smartphone Controlled
Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box - Hydroponics Growing System - Ships Fully Assembled - Smartphone Controlled

Technology has greatly advanced that now you can enjoy gardening that is controlled right from your smartphone. Grabo premium uses an app to help a user in every step of the growing journey. Using technology optimized data, the North American-made hydroponic box guides the user on selecting favorite grow recipes from 100 plus recipes provided. Its sophisticated modern design makes the unit stand to be decorative 'cabinet like in the living room. The box measures 4''x14''x14'', thus a unique size to fit where space is limited.

So from the app, you pick the flora you need, then germinate the seed and watch your plant thrive. The podcast recipe features a customized schedule for every plant to guide proper light settings, AC adjustments, and pH levels needed. This system is a self-contained grow box with a steel security lock plus a carbon filter to eliminate odors emanating from the unit.

Luckily, the app grows recipes that include essential herbs and vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers. Further, the Grobo app guides the user on what to provide during the daytime or at night, which calls for better results. What makes global premium the best grow box kit for beginners is the fact it comes with system sensors, a carbon filter, cocoa pod, anything.

Key Features

  • Steel security lock
  • Odor reducing carbon filter
  • Grabo smartphone-controlled app
  • Includes cocoa pod
  • Smart technology with premium customization
  • Feature odor-eliminating carbon filter
  • The automated light setting, EC adjusting, and pH level
  • Sleek and includes lifetime warranty
  • Heavy hence limits movement.
  • No readily available in many stores

7. Aerospring Vertical Hydroponics Indoor Growing System

Aerospring 27-Plant Vertical Hydroponics Indoor Growing System - Patented Vertical Hydroponic Kit For Indoor Gardening - Grow Tent, LED Grow Lights & Fan - Grow Lettuce, Herbs, Veggies & Fruits
Aerospring 27-Plant Vertical Hydroponics Indoor Growing System - Patented Vertical Hydroponic Kit For Indoor Gardening - Grow Tent, LED Grow Lights & Fan - Grow Lettuce, Herbs, Veggies & Fruits

Indoor gardening with a quality grow box is great, but investing in aeroponic technology systems is more incredible. This Aerospring model measures 33.86'' x 29.13'' x 78.74'' in dimensions, hence sufficient to grow up to 27 plants at a go. The grow box is tried, tested, and found to offer a perfect performance and still takes a small space. It is the best stealth grow box for beginners with everything required to raise your plants to maturity.

Among the many features inclusive in the kit box are professional-grade LED grow light and ventilation management property. The honeycomb-shaped grow tent offers a fantastic adventure for the whole family to discover the joy of their crop gardening. The hydroponic system is a 2-in-1 convertibility option for growing herbs, vegetables, and spice crops in a compact space.

Your plant will never need sunlight as the grow box comes with an Oxford D600 tent with highly polished reflective interior panels. Based in Singapore, the manufacturer uses excellent quality materials that adhere to strict environmental statutory standards. All these factors assure the consumers that it is indeed durable and the best marijuana grow box.

Key Features

  • Professional-grade LED lights
  • 2-in-1 convertible design
  • Oxford D600 tent
  • Full-spectrum grow lights
  • Attractive 2-in-1 convertible design
  • Clear set up instructions
  • Adheres to strict environmental standards
  • Responsible customer support and community feedback freedom
  • Not ideal for plants with the long root system
  • A bit costly for customers with budget constrictions

8. "INTBUYING" 6 Sites Hydroponic Site Grow Kit

INTBUYING 6 Sites Hydroponic Site Grow Kit Box-Type Plant Garden Growing System
INTBUYING 6 Sites Hydroponic Site Grow Kit Box-Type Plant Garden Growing System

What to speed up your growing period? INTBUYING box type growing system can make your harvest as soon as 45 days!. In particular, the unit is reliable when growing nutritious vegetables and herbs like berries, melons, tomatoes, etc. The hydroponic grow kit comes complete and is designed to deliver oxygenated water and nutrients as needed. Further, the water pipes are all food-grade, thus no pollution.

Like other best weed grow boxes for beginners, the 6 site hydroponic kit is simple to install hence a convenient option. Give suggestions on the reservoir tank that you should prepare. Actually, adding a non-transparent tank with around 18L capacity can make your gardening better. Growing your plants using the system does not call for any experience; it is ideal for beginners or professionals.

Well, if you need success in this grows box, ensure it is set in a place where it can catch some sunlight. Especially if your plants grow under sufficient sunlight at least 4 hours a day, it can guarantee the maximum yield. When looking for the best grow box for beginners under 500, INTBUYING 6 Sites is a reliable option.

Key Features

  • Food grade water pipes
  • Includes 110v deep good pump
  • 6 Spacious planting sites
  • Hose and planting sponge
  • Crops taste better than soil gardened
  • Uses food-grade water pipes
  • Delivers indoor and outdoor versatility
  • Easy of use as no experience
  • The package does not include a reservoir tank
  • You bring your own power strip/ no grow lights included.

9. "Aerospring" Grower's Edition 2.0 9

Aerospring Grower's Edition 2.0 9-Plant Vertical Hydroponic Growing System - Patented Hydroponic Kit For Indoor Growing - Tent, Grow Lights, Carbon Filter & Fan - Grow Flowering And Fruiting Plants
Aerospring Grower's Edition 2.0 9-Plant Vertical Hydroponic Growing System - Patented Hydroponic Kit For Indoor Growing - Tent, Grow Lights, Carbon Filter & Fan - Grow Flowering And Fruiting Plants

Aerospring uses cutting-edge modern technology to design this quality patented hydroponic kit. What makes the system, particularly customers' top choice, is the complete package. It includes growing lights, a tent, a variable duct fan with controlled speed, a carbon filter, and other necessary materials. Something added also is the unique brushless RC motors and jet-type blades. The blades are energy efficient and deliver a 160 CFM airflow rate while utilizing only 18 watts.

Weighing the qualities featured in the Aerospring Grower's Edition 2.0 relative to its price, you will realize that the unit is the best budget grow box for beginners available. In addition, the 4''carbon filter is unique in that it has Australian virgin charcoal, an odor-controlling scrubber, and a pre-filter that you can recharge.

Unlike most of the best grow boxes for beginners, which may include sub-standard grow lights, this unit uses y-wing GX9 series lights developed in Denmark. The lights have a unique combination that boosts blooming by 15% faster than usual. The development and achievement of the ideal light spectrum have improved over time. The system comes with sealable tents and a highly reflective interior, preventing light seepage by 100%. The grow box measures only 77'' from corner to the other and 77'' tall thus, you can grow up to 9 plants.

Key Features

  • Australian virgin charcoal
  • Brushless EC motor
  • Duct fan with variable speed control
  • Smart Wi-Fi timer
  • Adjustable rope ratchet and SCROG net
  • Installation and setup are a breeze.
  • Compliant to quality and environmental standards
  • System design facilitates proper water and airflow to the root zone
  • Utilizes top quality y-wind GX9 series light components
  • Retails a bit costly due to production cost
  • Out of stock in many cases

10. "OPCOM" Farm GrowBox - All-in-One 59 Pot

OPCOM Farm GrowBox - All-in-One 59 Pot Hydroponic Growing System - Tabletop Indoor Garden - Stackable Grow Box With Growth Starter Kit
OPCOM Farm GrowBox - All-in-One 59 Pot Hydroponic Growing System - Tabletop Indoor Garden - Stackable Grow Box With Growth Starter Kit

If you fancy big leafy plants, then this grow box is ideal for you. However, for small leafy green, the system has sufficient space to grow up to 50 of them. Therefore, the OPCOM model is one of the best grows boxes for beginners that instantly welcomes you to a healthy lifestyle. The hydroponic system helps grow fresh greens and herbs irrespective of the growing season. This retractable box is designed with vine standards in mind. Most plants that perform well in the system include lettuce, cherry tomato, hot pepper, cucumber, spinach, etc.

The hydroponic system uses the DFT technique to circulate water and nutrient throughout the root zone. The LED grow light inclusive in the system is customizable such that you set specific spectrums that are needed at each growing stage. When angles and heights are set with varying intensities, they stimulate effective growth. Good enough, it is replaceable in case of the problem with the standard A60 PAR38 LED bulb.

OPCOM is as good as other best grow boxes on the market. The equipment supports water circulation and efficient grow lighting that is adjustable to match day and night time to save some energy. To sum up everything, it is advisable, especially beginners, to invest in the above hydroponic grow box because being budget-friendly, set up is easy.

Key Features

  • Equipped with seed pack
  • pH management kit
  • Measuring device
  • A60 PAR38 standard LED bulb
  • Smart controlled with energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Angle and height adjustable growth light
  • Uses advanced DFT technique to circulate nutrient
  • High capacity and yield rate
  • Heavyweight and larger in size
  • requires special care and maintenance

Grow Box for Beginners Buying Guide

Buying Guide Of Grow Box For Beginners
Buying Guide Of Grow Box For Beginners

Although this article has dealt with the top grow box for beginners, there are particular factors that you may be looking for depending on what you intend to grow. For that reason, this buyer's guide is out to give clarity on issues to check before you make any purchase.

Size of the Grow Box

The fundamental aspect to look into is the size, measure the area you are going to place your grow unit. That way, you will go to the market knowing the size you want to fit precisely or nearby. Then, order your grow box knowing where to fit it, whether in the bedroom closet or attic. Failure to access space can consequence in getting an expensive package that will end up not fitting or too small when space can support more plants. So buying the wrong size grow box can waste your time and money for no reason.


When in the market, accesses what other accessories are needed before complete installation and sustainability. Fortunately, most grow boxes come in a complete package which is a big advantage to the consumers. However, you need to analyze the things included in the package, as some brands expect you to buy additional accessories. Buying more necessities can hike the cost of installation extensively. Mainly, grow boxes includes components like carbon filters, hydroponic system, ventilation elements, and lighting. Compare and narrow down the best budget grow box for beginners with more accessories.


Where stealth is your selection criteria, look for an ideal small or stylish grow box that will blend with your furniture and other room decors. For such quality, go for a lockable grow box or design in a way that you can add a locking feature. In simple terms, a stealth option is a self-contained grow cabinet with all tools needed for a healthy yield.

Adjustable Grow Box

Is the grow box you are interested in adjustable? That is the very first question you should ask yourself before placing an order for grow unit. Most professional growers want a comprehensive grow box. Some grow box are help gardeners to maintain mothers, generate clones, breed new strains for marijuana, and germinate seeds. After considering other adjustability factors, ensure that the product can help you cycle through plant growth stages smoothly.

Light Proofing Capability

It defeats logic, investing in a grow box that is not perfectly lightproof. Imagine in the middle of your cultivation that your grow room is compromised by leaking lights while the plants start blooming or flowering. Particularly, if you intend to grow cannabis, this subtle stress knocks your marijuana starts sprouting male flowers. Factor out poorly light-proofed grow boxes by carefully analyzing the ideal option based on customer reviews. You can also check by yourself before purchasing for the light leaks whatsoever while lights are off.


Well, the cost of buying and installing is a very crucial consideration. Settling for an item you are not able to pay for is wishing to buy. If you are not on budget constriction and there is sufficient space, purchasing a costly quality item that will last the longest is a brilliant idea. However, beginners should go for a convenient size and affordably grow box for a start.

As a Beginner, What is a grow box and what can you use it for?

A grow box is a container that you can use to cultivate plants. It is typically made out of wood, plastic, or metal and it has a controlled environment that helps the plants grow. The temperature, humidity, and light levels in the grow box can be adjusted to help the plants thrive. You can use a grow box to grow a variety of plants, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. The grow box can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. It is a great option for people who want to start their own garden but don't have the space or the time to do so.

If you're interested in purchasing a grow box, there are a few things to consider for a beginner. First, you need to decide what type of grow box you want. There are many different options available, including hydroponic and soil-based boxes. You also need to decide on the size of the box. The larger the box, the more plants you can grow.

Finally, you need to decide on the features you want your grow box to have. Some boxes come with built-in fans and lights, while others require you to purchase these items separately. You also need to decide on the price range that you're comfortable with.

The benefits of using a grow box

A grow box is a great way to get started growing your own plants. They are easy to use and can be set up in any location you choose. You will be able to control the environment inside the grow box, which will help your plants thrive.

Here are some of the benefits of using a grow box:

  • You can grow plants year-round
  • You can control the environment inside the box
  • The box is easy to set up and use
  • You can choose any location for the box

How to choose the right grow box for your needs?

When it comes to selecting the right grow box for your needs, there are a few factors you need to consider. Size is one of the most important factors, as you want to make sure that the grow box will be able to accommodate all of your plants. You also need to consider the type of plants you want to grow and their specific needs. In addition, you need to think about the climate in your area and whether or not the grow box will be able to create the right environment for your plants. Finally, you also need to consider your budget and make sure that you select a grow box that fits within your budget constraints. By following these tips, you can ensure that you select the right grow box for your needs.

Size: One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a grow box is size. You want to make sure that the grow box will be able to accommodate all of your plants, so it's important to measure the space you have available and find a grow box that fits within those dimensions.

Plant type: Another important factor to consider is the type of plants you want to grow. Some plants have specific needs that need to be taken into account when selecting a grow box. For example, if you want to grow tomatoes, you'll need a Grow Box with a higher humidity level than if you were growing peppers.

Climate: You also need to take the climate in your area into account when selecting a grow box. If you live in an area with cold winters, you'll need to select a grow box that can accommodate those conditions. Some grow boxes have heating or cooling systems built in, which can help create the right environment for your plants.

Budget: Finally, you need to consider your budget when selecting a grow box. Grow boxes can vary in price, so it's important to find one that fits within your budget constraints. By following the tips above, you can ensure that you select the right grow box for your needs.

Setting up your NEW Grow Box

Now that you have your new grow box, it is time to set it up. The first thing you will want to do is read the instructions that come with the grow box. Each grow box is a little different, so make sure you know how to set it up correctly. Once you have read the instructions, you will want to start setting up the grow box. The first step is to assemble the frame of the grow box. Be careful not to damage any of the parts while you are assembling it.

Next, you will want to install the light fixture in the top of the grow box. Make sure that it is securely fastened in place so that it will not fall down. Then, you will want to install the grow light bulbs. Make sure that you are using the correct type of bulbs for your grow box.

Next, you will want to install the ventilation system in the grow box. This is very important, as it will ensure that your plants get enough air circulation. Finally, you will want to fill the grow box with soil and plants. Make sure that you are planting the correct type of plants for your grow box.

Once everything is set up, you will want to make sure that you are watering and fertilizing your plants correctly. Follow the instructions that come with your grow box to make sure that your plants get the nutrients they need. And that's it! You are now ready to start growing your own plants in your new grow box. Congratulations!

Buy on Walmart, Ebay, or Etsy

Spider Farmer 2x2 Grow Tent Kit Complete SF-1000D Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Samsung - Etsy, eBay

TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit LED 600W LED Grow Light Kit +32"X32"X63" Indoor Grow - Etsy, eBay

BloomGrow 24''x24''x48'' Grow Tent + 4'' Inline Fan Filter Duct Combo + 300W LED Light + - Etsy, eBay

HANGKAI Home Grow Tent, Hydroponic Plant Growing Room w/ Observation Window and Inner - Etsy, eBay


Reading through these reviews, you will be able to decide with no regrets about the best grow box for beginners. With the variety of products described above, it is easy to get the growing unit that will fit your needs and at a price, you can afford. One significant advantage of going for a grow box over any other gardening option is that the package includes all accessories you need until harvest.

Planning for a suitable grow box that will not compromise the quality and quantity of the yield is a motivation for the new gardeners. Further, the grow box will give you an essential growing experience that you can later apply even without using grow unit. So get your own grow box today, and your hobby will get you to a healthy living.


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