Best Fertilizers for Vegetable Gardens: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2021

by Izaz Ahmad

Vegetable gardens are cultivated within a domestic environment to grow vegetables for consumption. Several types of vegetables can be grown in a vegetable garden. For example, tomato and pepper are some of the edible plants you can grow in a vegetable garden. Plants need water and nutrient from the soil for them to survive. Plants and vegetables also need sunlight and adequate nutrients for them to flourish all through the farming seasons.

Plants naturally get nutrients that help them grow from the soil, but fertilizers can be added to the soil to improve its nutrient supply. Doing this will help you achieve a bountiful harvest. So, when growing vegetables, it is important to fertilize them so that they can come out fresh and healthy. In this guide, we will review some of the best fertilizers for vegetable gardens.

Top 10 Best Fertilizers for Vegetable Gardens (Product Reviews)

Top 10 Best Fertilizers for Vegetable Gardens (Product Reviews)
Top 10 Best Fertilizers for Vegetable Gardens (Product Reviews)

Here are ten of the best fertilizers for vegetable gardens reviewed in 2021;

1. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food Vegetable and Herbs - Link

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food Vegetables & Herbs 2 lb
Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food Vegetables & Herbs 2 lb

This is one of the best fertilizers for growing tasty herbs and fresh vegetables. You will get to enjoy a fresh and bountiful vegetable garden harvest if you feed the plants with "Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food Vegetable and Herbs" every 7-14 days. All you need do is to mix the fertilizer properly with water and feed instantly on the plants to enjoy the best possible result.

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food Vegetable and Herbs is made with a mixture of natural ingredients to produce well-fed herbs and vegetables. It is the perfect fertilizers that will help increase your vegetable garden's harvest. It will not only make your gardens harvest bountiful, but it will also make them come out in the best possible shape and condition.

How to Apply: Use Miracle-Gro Garden Feeder or a Watering Can ensure even distribution of the fertilizer on the garden plants. You should soak the soil at the base of plants before applying the fertilizer so that the roots are effectively fertilized. Whatever you do, make sure you apply this fertilizer to your vegetable garden as directed to avoid burning. It is a great fertilizer to use for plants such as pepper, tomatoes, basil, carrot, cucumber, and several other vegetables. So, we highly recommend using this fertilizer since it's been tested and trusted.

Basic Features

  • Tomato Plant Food
  • 18-18-21 NPK Ratio
  • 7 days - 14 days Application
  • Suitable for All Vegetables Plant Food
  • 2lbs Feeds Approximately 800 Sq. Ft.
  • 1 ½ Gallon Covers Approximately 15 Sq. Ft.
  • 1 ½ Tablespoon Per 1 ½ Gallon of Water

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is great for use on single pots and backdoor vegetable gardens
  • You will get to enjoy a fruitful and increased vegetable garden harvest
  • It comes with a product label that will guide users on how to apply it
  • Easy to use and can be applied on all kinds of vegetables and tasty herbs
  • This fertilizer will help produce fresh and bountiful vegetable gardens harvest
  • Soaking the soil at the base of the plants before applying makes it more effective

The Cons (Limitations)

  • Improper mixture with water before applying can make them kill your plants

2. Root Naturally Azomite Rock Dust - Link

Root Naturally Azomite Rock Dust - 2 Pounds
Root Naturally Azomite Rock Dust - 2 Pounds

This is a special kind of fertilizer produced for plants and vegetable gardens use. The "Root Naturally Azomite Rock Dust" fertilizer is made from over sixty-seven organic elements derived from volcanic ash deposits. These organic elements combine to form the Volcanic Rock Dust fertilizer used in growing food plants. It is one of the best fertilizers for vegetable gardens.

It acts as an additive when applied to plant beds to give vegetables and plants vital minerals that will make them grow and thrive. This fertilizer is properly packaged in a heavy-duty re-sealable bag to ensure proper storage and easy carriage when purchased. Aside from vegetable gardens, this fertilizer is useful for growing shrubs, fruit trees, ornamentals, and grapevines.

How to Apply: The application rate of this fertilizer involves the following; adding one heaping tablespoon for every gallon of soil for potting mix. Spreading 1-2 pounds per 10 square feet and mix into garden soil. As for turfs and lawns, applying 3 pounds per 1000 square feet 4-5 times per year. You should also add 5lbs - 10lbs per 200lbs of compost at the beginning of a composting cycle. This is a great fertilizer for growing all kinds of food plants and vegetables.

Basic Features

  • Natural Mineral Deposit
  • Heavy Duty Re-Sellable Bag
  • 1lb or 2lbs Per 10 Sq. Ft.
  • 3lbs Feeds Approximately 1000 Sq. Ft.
  • 1 Tablespoon Per 1 Gallon of Soil

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is virtually odorless and easy to apply
  • It is a great soil additive for vegetables and food plants
  • It is good for all soil types to improve root systems and plant yields
  • It can be applied across different seasons and weather conditions
  • It re-mineralizes the soil for plants and vegetables optimum growth
  • It is applicable in potted plants, home gardens, and greenhouse use
  • It comes in a heavy-duty bag for easy storage and re-sellable value after use
  • It can be applied to flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetables, and house plants

The Cons (Limitations)

  • The use of the fertilizer may produce dust and inhalation may affect your health
  • For irrigation system, it requires agitation because it is not water-soluble

3. Dr. Earth Home Grown Tomato Vegetable and Herb Fertilizer - Link

Dr. Earth Home Grown Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer, 4lb
Dr. Earth Home Grown Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer, 4lb

The "Dr. Earth Home Grown Tomato Vegetable and Herb Fertilizer" is specially formulated to feed fruit plants, summer crops, winter crops, and food plants in vegetable gardens. This home-grown fertilizer is handcrafted from human and feed-grade ingredients. This fertilizer is highly recommended for use during seed planting and transplanting. It can also be used as compost tea for when you need to frequently perform top dressing on your vegetable garden plants.

Dr. Earth Home Grown Vegetable Fertilizer is enriched with ingredients such as proteins, multi-minerals, carbohydrates, humic acids, and other elements that improve the soil's health for growing the healthiest vegetables. This TruBiotic Living fertilizer will improve the growth of your plants and vegetables by renewing the soil nutrient where it is applied. This process will start new soil purely and naturally over a short time. It is a quality vegetable fertilizer.

How to Apply: Easily apply this fertilizer by adding it to the soil around your plants while adding water for moisture. For example, you can apply one tablespoon per pot. It's a perfect fertilizer for growing your tomatoes and peppers including fruits like strawberries. Overall, it is very beneficial for producing homegrown foods through containers and gardens plantings.

Basic Features

  • 4lbs Size
  • Organic and Natural
  • 4-6-3 Feeds 60 Sq. Ft.
  • No Synthetic Chemicals
  • Probiotic Soil Microbes and Mycorrhizae

The Pros (Benefits)

  • This fertilizer renews soil nutrients and restarts tired soils
  • It is a natural fertilizer product that will not burn your plants
  • It promotes hearty root development and vigorous crop growth
  • It has no synthetic chemicals which make it people and pet safe
  • It works well and will yield great results even in the hot weather climate
  • This fertilizer is great for multiple use including organic herb cultivation
  • It is a premium tomato, vegetable, and herbs fertilizer for versatile use

The Cons (Limitations)

  • It is not recommended for indoor planting because of its foul smell
  • You have to regularly feed this fertilizer to your plants for them to grow fast

4. Jobe's Organics 9026 Fertilizer - Link

Jobe's Organics 9026 Fertilizer, 4 lb
Jobe's Organics 9026 Fertilizer, 4 lb

The "Jobe's Organics 9026 Fertilizer" is a top organic and natural fertilizer produced to increase the growth of tomatoes and vegetables. This organic granular plant food fertilizer contains Jobe Biozome that aggressively breaks down soil material by improving it to generate a faster result. It also guarantees abundant vegetables and plant harvest because it prevents insect invasion and resists plant diseases. It also protects vegetable gardens from unfavorable conditions.

It is OMRI listed for organic gardening by USDA which helps in certified organic food production through container planting and vegetable garden planting. It is a kind of fertilizer formulated to help all vegetable plants bear more natural and healthy fruits. It is suitable for growing edibles like onions, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, and eggplants.

How to Apply: You can apply it every 4-6 weeks for all plants and every 7-28 days for the water-soluble type. For this water-soluble type, use a watering can to spread the mix on the soil. The Bizome element has a healthy bacteria strain that improves soil structure and keeps nutrients near the plants. This fertilizer helps plants absorb water and nutrients for a better harvest.

Basic Features

  • Easy Pour Resalable Bag
  • Organic Granular Fertilizer
  • Contains Biozome Element
  • No Synthetic Chemicals
  • 1 ½ Tablespoon Per 4 Inch Pot
  • 1 ½ Cups Per 6 inches Pot
  • Available in 1.5lbs, 4lbs, and 16lbs Sizes

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is safe for use around children and pets
  • It is properly packaged in an easy-to-pour bag
  • It improves root growth and nutrient absorption
  • It is safe for use within domestic environments
  • It is an organic fertilizer with no synthetic chemicals
  • It prevents insects from attacking plants and helps plants resist diseases
  • This organic fertilizer breaks down the soil to improve its condition and quality

The Cons (Limitations)

  • It is more suitable for outdoor gardens and larger plant beds than indoor plantings

5. Haris Organic Plant Food and Plant Fertilizer - Link

Harris Organic Plant Food and Plant Fertilizer, Hydrolyzed Liquid Fish Fertilizer Emulsion Great for Tomatoes and Vegetables, 3-3-0.3, 32oz (128oz (Gallon))
Harris Organic Plant Food and Plant Fertilizer, Hydrolyzed Liquid Fish Fertilizer Emulsion Great for Tomatoes and Vegetables, 3-3-0.3, 32oz (128oz (Gallon))

The "Haris Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer" is a hydrolyzed liquid fish fertilizer emulsion used for growing tomatoes and vegetables. This is an organic fertilizer that contains micronutrients and trace minerals that are naturally derived from fish. This stimulates the growth in the roots of vegetables and plants so that people and farmers can enjoy a bountiful garden harvest.

The micronutrients and trace minerals produced from deepwater feeding fish adds nutrients to this fertilizer to provide great benefits for vegetables and plants. These benefits include the rebuild of soil texture, and plant growth improvement to help yield higher production. This fertilizer has a superior production process that produces hyper-active biostimulants.

How to Apply: It has a versatile application process that involves the foliar-applied method, soil-applied method, and drip applied system. Add 1-3 tablespoons per gallon of water whether you are applying indoors or outdoors. Ensure you feed this organic fertilizer to your flowers, plants, and vegetables every 2-3 weeks to get good results. You can apply this organic fertilizer to grow fruit trees, vegetables, and even lawns. We recommend it for vegetable gardens.

Basic Features

  • Enzymatic Cold Process
  • Trace Minerals and Micronutrients
  • Versatile Fertilizer Application
  • 8 Ounces Per Gallon of Water (Shrubs)
  • 4 Ounces Per Gallon of Water (Lawns)
  • 1-3 Tablespoons Per Gallon of Water (Plants)

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is organic and safe for use in gardens
  • It contains quality minerals and nutrients
  • It increases vegetables and plant growth
  • It is great for use in Organic Plant Programs
  • It can be applied to plants through various means
  • It is good for plants because it will not burn them
  • It is perfect for use in an organic gardening program
  • It provides superior plant and soil health and improves microbial activities

The Cons (Limitations)

  • It is not ideal for indoor planting because it is not suitable for a closed environment

6. Espoma Garden-Tone Plant Food Natural and Organic Fertilizer - Link

Espoma Garden-Tone Plant Food, Natural & Organic Fertilizer for an Abundant Harvest, 4 lb, Pack of 1
Espoma Garden-Tone Plant Food, Natural & Organic Fertilizer for an Abundant Harvest, 4 lb, Pack of 1

The "Espoma Garden-Tone Plant Food" is an organic fertilizer produced for organic gardening of herbs and vegetable foods. It is a quality plant fertilizer made from 100% natural and organic ingredients to promote abundant vegetable gardens harvest. It has no fillers or sludges which makes it an effective and long-lasting plant food natural and organic fertilizer for gardens.

The pack of this organic fertilizer weighs 4 pounds and it contains natural ingredients that are ideal for the long-lasting planting of vegetables and herbs. It will help you grow vegetables in hot and cold weather conditions. Vegetables like Kale, Lettuce, Pepper, Tomatoes, Onions, and Squash. You can also use it to grow herbs like Chives, Basil, Parsley, Sage, and Oregano.

How to Apply: It is quite easy to apply. Mix a portion of Garden-Tone fertilizer into your garden soil before seeds planting. For Transplants, you can add this fertilizer 7-10 days after planting. Then ensure you feed the plants that are already established with this fertilizer monthly. Garden-Tone Plant Food is the perfect fertilizer you need for feeding your vegetable gardens.

Basic Features

  • 4lb Pack of 1
  • Liquid Form
  • Bio-Tone Microbes
  • Garden-Tone 3-4-4 Plant Food
  • 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is easy to apply and have a very clear direction
  • It helps to grow highly flavorful and nutritious vegetables
  • It offers bigger and abundant vegetables and herbs harvest
  • It is good and safe for use on all types of herbs and vegetables
  • It provides slow-release feeding to ensure balanced growth of plants
  • This plant food fertilizer is approved for natural and organic gardening
  • It is enhanced with thousands of living microbes to ensure long-lasting feeding
  • It is reasonably priced as compared to other natural and organic fertilizers

The Cons (Limitations)

  • The fertilizer is strong and produces a sharp pungent smell

7. Scotts All Purpose Flower and Vegetable Plant Food - Link

The "Scotts All Purpose Flower and Vegetable Plant Food" is a multi-purpose fertilizer that provides continuous release of plant food for flowers and vegetables. It is made from a mixture of natural and organic ingredients that delivers nourishment to your flowers and vegetables. It is on our list of best fertilizers for vegetable gardens because it is highly effective and reliable.

Scotts All Purpose Flower and Vegetable Plant Food promotes vigorous roots growth to ensure plants get all the needed ingredients from the soil. It also encourages lush foliage that ensures plants flourish across different seasons and weather conditions. It is an affordable fertilizer and can be used to grow all kinds of flowers and vegetables you can think of.

How to Apply: Simply apply this fertilizer directly to your garden soil by following the manufactures guide. A pack of Scotts All Purpose fertilizer can feed your flowers and vegetables by applying it every 2 months. It can be used for growing flowers, fruit trees, shrubs, roses, and vegetables. We highly recommend purchasing this quality fertilizer for your vegetable garden.

Basic Features

  • 3 Pounds in Weight
  • 10-10-10 NPK Ratio
  • Resealable Bag
  • Multi-Purpose Fertilizer
  • 1 Cup Covers 30 Sq. Ft.
  • ½ Tablespoon per 1 Sq. Ft. Area

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It comes in an easy-to-open resealable bag
  • It is quite easy to apply if you follow the directions
  • It is great for use on all types of flowers and vegetables
  • It promotes beautiful flowers and abundant harvests
  • It is highly safe for use and it will not burn your plants
  • It is a multi-purpose fertilizer used for growing several plants
  • This fertilizer will make your vegetable green and increase your harvest
  • The easy-to-use formula delivers nourishment to plants in your vegetable garden

The Cons (Limitations)

  • It can cause browning on your flowers if not properly applied

8. Purely Organic Products Tomato and Vegetable Plant Food - Link

Purely Organic Products Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food 8-8-8, 250 sq. ft.
Purely Organic Products Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food 8-8-8, 250 sq. ft.

This fertilizer is a tomato and vegetable 8-8-8 plant food produce excellent germination result for vegetables, herbs, fruits, shrubs, and trees. It is an organic fertilizer with excellent protein and plant-based formula produced by "Purely Organic Products LLC" for fast-acting results.

This is one of the best fertilizers in the country because it is good for use in indoors planting and outdoors planting of several vegetables and plants. It has a balanced 8-8-8 NPK formula that offers different functions i.e., it has 8% Nitrogen that improves plant growth; 8% Potassium that makes plants root strong; and 8% Phosphorus to make plants blossom and fruitfully flourish.

How to Apply: You have to keep feeding this fertilizer to your plants every 7-8 weeks. It is well packaged in a resealable bag and can cover up to 250 square feet. We recommend Purely Organic Products Tomato and Vegetable Plant food for fertilizing your vegetable gardens because you will enjoy utmost satisfaction from the great increase in harvest it provides.

Basic Features

  • 2.3 Pounds in Weight
  • Protein Nutrients
  • Resealable Pouch
  • 8-8-8 NPK Ratio Formula
  • Purely Organic Fertilizer
  • 2.25lbs Covers up to 250 Sq. Ft.

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It is easy to use and ideal for all your vegetable gardening needs
  • Slow-release and quick-release nutrient makes plants grow faster
  • It is properly packaged in a resealable pouch for easy storage
  • It is ideal for use in both indoors and outdoors planting
  • It contains no harsh chemicals which ensure your plants don't get burnt
  • It is good for indoors planting because it contains no smelly manure
  • It provides adequate nutrients for plants to grow across all seasons
  • This fertilizer is formulated for planting varieties of fruits and vegetables

The Cons (Limitations)

  • It is not good for use in organic crops and organic food production

9. Miracle-Gro Nature's Care Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer - Link

Miracle-Gro Nature's Care Organic Bone Meal, 3 lb.
Miracle-Gro Nature's Care Organic Bone Meal, 3 lb.

The nature's care organic bone meal is a special fertilizer manufactured to help build a strong frame for your plants by starting with the roots. This 3lb packaged bone meal contains several ingredients like organic phosphorus for beautiful blossom and making the leaves of your plants green. This is one of the best fertilizers for growing plants and vegetable gardens outdoor.

This is a special fertilizer manufactured by the makers of Miracle-Gro organic plant food. It will provide all the nutrients your plants need to grow while also improving the quality of the soil. It will make your roses, flowers, vegetables, and bulbs stay beautiful and healthy throughout the farming season. Nature's Care Organic Bone Meal is OMRI listed for organic gardening use.

How to Apply: It is easy to apply if you follow the instruction guide. You can feed the fertilizer to your garden plants in three easy steps; apply your Organic Bone Meal fertilizer on the garden soil and use a rake to work it into the soil; then ensure you carefully spread out the fertilizer away from the trunk of the plant, and finally, water the plant and soil to make them wet. This fertilizer offers the best organic ingredients that will make your vegetable gardens prosperous.

Basic Features

  • 3 Pounds in Weight
  • 6-8-0 NPK Ratio
  • Phosphorus Ingredients
  • OMRI Organic Listed
  • Covers up to 60 Sq. Ft.
  • Organic Bone Meal

The Pros (Benefits)

  • It will make your plants strong and keep them healthy
  • It promotes and encourages vigorous roots and blooms
  • It is packed with organic phosphorus for vibrant blossom
  • It helps seedlings get off to a great start when germinating
  • It promotes early growth and strong roots in plants
  • The phosphorus ingredients ensure plant leaves stay green
  • It works well for backyard and outdoor vegetable gardens

The Cons (Limitations)

  • The package bag does not have a spout from which to easily pour the bone meal

10. Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer - Link

Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated All Purpose Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer. Easy Use Shaker (3 oz)
Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated All Purpose Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer. Easy Use Shaker (3 oz)

The "Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer" is an all-purpose fertilizer for growing vegetables and plants in indoor and outdoor gardens. It is organic indoor plant food and outdoor garden fertilizer that contain ingredients such as Mycorrhizae. Joyful Dirt Organic Plant Food provides additional nutrients that will help plants grow quicker.

This easy use shaker is compact and weighs 3 ounces. It is easy to apply and can be easily stored over a long time. It is powerful plant food and fertilizer for outdoor vegetables and plants. It can also be applied to indoor plants without the risk of burning them. Joyful Dirt Organic plant food and fertilizer can also be used to revive dying vegetables and plants.

How to Apply: Shake the content and pour it into the soil, then water it. You can also mix the portion you want to use in a watering can and then spread it over your garden. It can be frequently used as much as every time you water the plants. Joyful Dirt fertilizer is easy to apply if you follow the instructions as directed. We recommend this product for feeding your flower gardens, houseplants, lawns, her gardens, and vegetable gardens.

Basic Features

  • 3 Ounces
  • Organic Plant Food
  • All-Purpose Fertilizer
  • Mycorrhizae Nutrients
  • 1/8 Teaspoon for Average Plant
  • 1 Tablespoon Per ½ Gallon of Water

The Pros (Benefits)

  • This plant food and fertilizer is safe for pets and kids
  • It comes in a compact package that makes the fertilizer easy to store
  • The fertilizer soil application is easy and straightforward
  • The fertilizer is strong but gentle enough to not burn indoor plants
  • It can be used to improve the growth of plants without excessive use of water
  • It is good in increasing foliage and reviving vegetables and plants in gardens
  • It is organic plant food and fertilizer good for indoors and outdoors planting

The Cons (Limitations)

  • Excess use of the fertilizer can kill your vegetables and plants

Buying Guide of Best Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens

Vegetables are for consumption, so paying close attention to the type of fertilizer you're applying to grow them is important. Some fertilizers are only good for growing flowers and trees because they might contain chemicals not good for growing edibles. So, to produce healthy vegetables, you should purchase quality plant food and fertilizer that is good for them.

This section will point out important things to note before buying fertilizer for your vegetable gardens. Buying low-quality fertilizer and applying it to your vegetable garden can kill plants in your garden. Hence, take note of these factors that will guide you in buying the best ones.

Test the Garden Soil

You should test the soil in your garden for nutrients before buying fertilizer. This will help you determine the right type of fertilizer for growing your vegetables. You can learn how to test your garden soil and how frequently you need to test them online.

Check the NPK Ratio

You should check the NPK Ratio of the fertilizer you are buying before buying it. Fertilizers have different NPK Ratio that shows the formulae in which elements are mixed to produce the fertilizer. These elements include Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen. So, consider the type of vegetable plants you want to grow and identify the NPK ratio that aligns with them.

Buying Organic Fertilizers

Vegetables need certain nutrients for them to grow and look healthy for consumption. Hence, buying fertilizers that will provide those special nutrients is highly essential. A good example of fertilizers that will provide nutrients that vegetables need is organic fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers are man-made while organic fertilizers are naturally produced.

Check the Fertilizer Form

Fertilizers are produced in different forms; liquid form, powder form, and granular form. You should decide which form you want it to be before buying it. You have to mix some fertilizers with water before applying, while some can be directly sprinkled on the leaves of your plants.

Consider Your Budget

You should check the price of the fertilizer before buying to ensure you are spending within your budget. While some fertilizers can be expensive, you can still get affordable ones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are frequently asked questions that might be of help;

At what point can I apply fertilizers to vegetables in my backyard garden?

You can apply fertilizers to your vegetables at different times depending on the kind of vegetable you are growing. For some, you are to apply fertilizer when planting the seeds, for some you are to apply fertilizer when transplanting, while others require applying fertilizer to them when they're a few inches tall. Applying fertilizer to your vegetables at the right time will yield better growth and harvest.

Can I use fertilizers to replenish soil nutrients in a vegetable garden?

YES. Fertilizers can be used to replenish soil nutrients. Soil nutrient content and quality can reduce after years of constant use. So, a good way to improve the nutrients of the soil in your vegetable garden is to add fertilizer to them. This can be done annually by first testing the soil and then adding fertilizer to it so that vegetables can enjoy a regular supply of soil nutrients.

Is liquid form fertilizer better than granular form fertilizer?

Fertilizers that are produced in liquid form are short-acting and easier to apply to vegetable gardens. Unlike the granular form fertilizer that needs to be thoroughly mixed in water before adding to the plant. Nutrients are quickly released from liquid form fertilizer which is good for vegetables while granular form fertilizer is rather intended for extended-release which is more suitable for crops. Hence, liquid form fertilizer is preferable for vegetable gardens.

What season is best for me to apply fertilizer to my vegetable garden?

Fertilizer can be applied to your vegetable garden across all seasons but it's best during Spring. You can do this whether you are starting to plant or replanting. Your fertilizer will get into the soil faster during this season, which will in turn help to yield faster results.

Why do I need to add more fertilizer to my vegetable garden when plants are growing?

Once your vegetable plants start growing, they tend to use more nutrients from the soil. So, it is important to add more fertilizer to the garden because your vegetables and plants are ramping up production at this stage. This will help the plants to even grow faster.

What time of the day can I add fertilizer to the leaves of my vegetables?

You have to fertilizer at some specific time of the day, if you are using a fertilizer that requires sprinkling on the leaves rather than the soil. The perfect time of the day to do this is early in the morning (before sunrise) or late in the evening (after sunset). Adding fertilizer to your vegetable leaves when the sun is out and hot will make the leaves burn and cause irreparable damage.

Why are organic fertilizers best for growing vegetable gardens?

Organic fertilizers are naturally produced to add organic matter and improve the soil structure. They also fight pest and plant diseases that can damage the production of vegetables. So, this makes organic fertilizers the best for growing vegetable gardens.

Can I apply fertilizers produced for growing lawns to my vegetable gardens?

We will advise against applying fertilizers designed for growing lawns to grow your vegetables because they have high nitrogen concentrations. Vegetables need more phosphorus than nitrogen, so ensure you use fertilizers designed for growing vegetables instead. Lawn vegetables also have pest control chemicals that can damage your vegetables.

Can I feed my vegetable garden with nitrogen-based fertilizers?

You can feed your vegetable garden with nitrogen-based fertilizer if you are trying to grown green vegetables as it will prevent yellowing. Applying the right amount will make your vegetables healthy but the excess application will stunt the growth of some other vegetables.


Plants need fertilizer to grow faster and stronger, so applying fertilizer to your vegetable gardens is a crucial and beneficial thing to do. It is not okay to just apply any fertilizer you lay your hands on, but rather apply quality fertilizer that will yield better results and a bountiful harvest. We have reviewed ten of the best fertilizer for vegetable gardens, so ensure you check them out. Whether you are planning to grow tomatoes, pepper, or lettuce, choosing the right fertilizer to apply should not be ignored. Each of these fertilizers is of good quality and we highly recommend choosing any of them for your backyard vegetable gardens.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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