Is Charcoal Ash Good for Tomato Plants?

reviewed by Christina Lopez

Charcoal is a black substance prepared from wood. It is very easy to prepare charcoal. You can use charcoal making machines in order to achieve your goal. There are various benefits, which are scientifically proven of the charcoal uses.

Charcoal is used even the medical industry, like treating the mouth poisoning, and also used for the treatment of the flatulence. flatulence is nothing but in our commonly used language we call it as gas problem.

Is Charcoal Ash Good for Tomato Plants?
Is Charcoal Ash Good for Tomato Plants?

Apart from flatulence, charcoal is also used to treat high cholesterol issues, hangovers and also stomach problems. There are also many various benefits of charcoal recorded for the skin. Few also use charcoal as the toothpaste.

Charcoal is also used in the treatment

Charcoal is also used in the treatment of the overuse of the drugs, activated charcoal face packs are available to enhance the beauty of the face of the user. Charcoal also maintains the health of our kidneys.

Charcoal is also used in the treatment
Charcoal is also used in the treatment

An experiment was conducted on rats in the year 2014. The rats used in the experiment had damaged kidneys, so they decided to give 4 grams of charcoal everyday to the rats, and the results were like there a significance reduction in the damage of the kidney and improvement in the health of the kidneys.

Charcoal is really good at absorbing various virus, bacteria, fungus and all other toxins which are present in the water and there by helping in the filtration of the water. People often suffer from diarrhea and they tend to suffer a lot.

Charcoal, since it has excellent bacteria and drugs absorbing capacities, can be useful in preventing diarrhea. Charcoal as mentioned earlier used as toothpaste. People often tend to put lots of efforts in making their teeth look pretty bright.

But despite of all of their efforts, they are unable to reach their expectations. Now they will go to some dentist and spend a quite a amount of money and even after that they are unsatisfied. Why to go through all those suffering, when nature is offering you the best toothpaste in the form of charcoal.

They are cheaply available and they promise all kinds of teeth benefits. However even after all those significance benefits people tend to fall for all those toothpaste scams. Another major problem that people go through is under arm smell.

Since charcoal is excellent at absorbing bacteria, virus and fungi. It is also great at absorbing the bad smell or odour generated by under arms. At last but not the least charcoal is used in treating skin infections.

Charcoal ash:

Charcoal ash:
Charcoal ash:

Charcoal ash is nothing but the fine powdered form of charcoal. The benefits remains the same. Charcoal ash is also used as fertilizers.

Charcoal ash balances the Ph value of the soil. It is generally used in the soil with high acidic nature. Another use of charcoal ash is used in the composition.

Charcoal ash is also used as the pest control product. The properties of the charcoal has been mentioned above and those properties are really useful in controlling pests.

They are also used in the absorbing of any kind bad smell. For example, if you are using any kind of bio fertilizer, generally 100 % organic, then they will also release a bad smell. With that smell it becomes very difficult for the gardener for gardening.

Hence to overcome such situations charcoal ash is used. So the question that rises here is that is charcoal ash is good for tomato plants? The answer to the question is yes as well as no.

If you are soil is highly acidic in nature, which is really harmful for the plant growth. Then in such a situation it is good for the tomato plants and it can be also used to absorb bad smells. But if your soil has a normal Ph value then using charcoal ash will just worsen the case.

They may end up making your soil completely basic which is also not good for your plant growth.


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