Top 20 Indoor Plants That Give Off the Most Oxygen

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Planting is an activity that can be carried out as per an individual's convenience. It is a very versatile, fun, and productive act of conduct. Plants, in general, provide us with many resources necessary for survival like fruits, vegetables, medicines, and, most importantly, oxygen. Oxygen is of utmost importance for human beings to survive. Plants are the ultimate source for providing fresh oxygen to human beings. However, some plants possess the immense capability of providing the maximum amount of oxygen than the others.

Top 20 Indoor Plants

Planting is also carried out both indoors as well as outdoors. There are quite many indoor plants that give off the most oxygen. Some of such indoor plants giving maximum oxygen are mentioned below-

Areca Palm

Areca Palm
Areca Palm

Areca palm is a flowering plant capable of producing a lot of oxygen in the air. These plants grow large and tall and are hence used in many apparent areas of the house or malls and restaurants.

Money plant

Money plant
Money plant

 Money plants are known to bring good luck and prosperity in the house. They are also a great source of producing adequate oxygen in the air. They also require less sunlight and are hence definitely a great indoor plant.

Mother in law's tongue

Mother in law's tongue is a trendy indoor plant. They produce a significant amount of oxygen, even in low light. They also efficiently cleanse the air.

The Boston fern

The Boston fern
The Boston fern

 The Boston ferns are very highly used indoor plants as they look very appealing and beautiful, and they also provide a lot of oxygen and thrives well in low sunlight.

Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisy plants are well known to produce a considerable amount of oxygen. It is a flowering plant that is also planted indoors as they also survive well in low light inside the house.

Peace lily

Peace lily plants are not only a pleasant treat to the eyes but also helps in giving out the most oxygen. They also help to filter and clear out harmful chemicals and toxins present in the air.

Spider plant

Spider plant is commonly grown as it is adaptable and thrives well in almost all conditions. It also gives out a lot of oxygen and moisture in the air.

Snake plant

Snake plants give out the most oxygen because they also produce oxygen in the night. These plants look utterly pretty. They also do not need much sunlight or water and hence are also great to survive well.

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen plant thrives well under low light conditions and produces maximum oxygen. It is also beneficial to improve the quality of the air by filtering out harmful chemicals.

Heartleaf philodendron

Philodendrons are tolerant of shades and supplies a lot of oxygen. They are likely to grow indoors and are used as decoration in the house.

Weeping fig

Weeping fig is known great to improve the quality of air of your home and also produces the most oxygen. They are mainly used as decorative in the house.

Bamboo palm

Bamboo plants are other commonly grown plants in many households. They give out immense oxygen and are very adaptable and require no much care and handling.


Chrysanthemum is a great producer of oxygen. The leaves of the plants also help in purifying the air. They look bloomy and are a great decorative addition in the house.

Rubber plant

Rubber plants are also one among the indoor plants that give off the most oxygen. It is known that these plants have been quite useful in making rubber balls.

English Ivy

English ivy plant is a flowering plant that is also grown indoors. These plants are also rich in giving out oxygen. There are also many medical uses of this plant, such as treating joint pain, liver disorders, etc.

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus plant requires indirect sun and hence grows well indoors and gives out oxygen quite adequately. These plants are mostly grown in different kinds of baskets and also in hanging baskets.

Neem tree

Neem plant is very commonly grown in Indian households. These plants have many benefits, one of which includes the capacity to give out the most oxygen. They also have many medical uses and are used as an ayurvedic addition to making different natural soaps and shampoos.

Tulsi plant

Tulsi plant is another commonly grown plant in India, which is also considered holy in Hinduism. Apart from giving maximum oxygen, it also has many ayurvedic uses and is known to cure many illnesses like cold, cough, headache, and flu.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera plants are also widely grown indoors in many houses and have high usage and benefits. The pulp extracted from the aloe vera plant is excellent for the skin and hair.

Top 20 Indoor Plants That Give Off the Most Oxygen
Top 20 Indoor Plants That Give Off the Most Oxygen


Orchids are also known as a great indoor plant to produce a lot of oxygen. This flowering plant is grown indoors for their beautiful and unique flowers, which is highly used everywhere as decoration and in gifting.


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