30 Fastest Growing Trees for your Garden

reviewed by Christina Lopez

Trees not only provide Shade but are a primary source of the air we breathe in and for the food we eat are very crucial for leading a life. They are a necessity not only for oxygen and food but also to ensure living in a safe environment. Trees beautify the planet and save humans from the adverse effects of pollution and soil erosion. It cleans the air and reduces carbon footprints.

30 Fastest Growing Trees for your Garden in India
30 Fastest Growing Trees for your Garden in India

Also, trees provide shade in hot summers, cools the air in the spring and blocks the harsh blowing wind in winter. It also provides insulation. 

Trees provide a home to wildlife, the place for rest to birds and squirrels. In layman’s terms, trees help in defining a space. 

We have listed the 20 fastest growing trees in India below:

1. Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree
Banyan Tree

A national tree of India, BANYAN TREE is an Indian originated tree. Famously known for providing shade in India, it is the oldest tree of our country. The tree is also known for wish-fulfilling. 

2. Nimboo Tree

Nimboo Tree
Nimboo Tree

Nimboo tree is also known as Indian Elm. The average height of the Nimboo tree is around 18 m tall. The leaves of this tree are elliptic ovate that are wide but smooth with the margin and pointed tip. An old tree of bamboo has grey color bark and peeling corky scales. 

3. Lal Chandan Tree

Chandan Tree In India
Chandan Tree In India

The Lal Chandan (Raktachandan) tree is also a very fast-growing tree. It grows up to the height of 8 m tall. This tree grows to 5 m tall in three years even when planted on degraded soil. Lal Chandan is a moderate-size tree. 

4. Semal Tree

Semal Tree
Semal Tree

The Semal Tree is wet tropical weather growing a tree that grows to an average of 20 meters. The old tree of Semal grows up to 60 meters. The leaves of this tree are deciduous in the winter season.

5. Mangroves Tree

Mangroves Tree
Mangroves Tree

The Mangroves tree mainly found in tropics and coastal areas, this tree plays an important part and function in our ecosystem. It works as a natural coastal protecting agent. The roots of this tree are extended that forms a nursery. The mangrove forest is the terrestrial ecosystem. Also, the roots of this tree work as an attaching surface for marine species like colorful sponges, etc. Known for filtering the pollution of the air, this tree is widely known for protecting from the soil erosion a d for providing food and nest to various species.

6. Shikakai


The Shikhakai is a beneficial ingredient of herbal product and shampoos, Shikakai is an ancient herb that has been used as a superior cleanser that promotes healthy and beautiful hairs. This tree is also helpful in curing malaria. Also, the leaves are an excellent source for correcting skin disorders. Shikakai is a native of Asia. INDIA is the hub for shikakai. In India, Shikakai is mainly grown in the warm plains, especially of south and central of this country. The Shikakai Tree grows very fast. 

7. Amla Tree

Amla Tree
Amla Tree

Amla an ayurvedic medicine which is known as the gift of nature for humanity is also a fast-growing tree. It is a medium-sized tree with a crooked trunk with long and spreading bushes.

Amla is a greenish-yellow color fruit that has six vertical stripes on it. In India, it is also known as Gooseberry is both sour and sweet.

8. Karanja Tree

The Karanja tree is planted mainly along highways and roads to prevent soil erosion. The Karanja Tree is a nitrogen-fixing tree. This tree also acts as an essential feedstock for Biodiesel that is being used for reclamation and soil stabilizing. 

9. Madhukar Tree

MADHUKAR is a fast-growing tree that can be grown in any soil. But the preference for growing this tree is on Sandy soil. The tree grows up to 20 meters when planted in warm and humid conditions. This tree is easy to grow with the least efforts, but the benefits of increasing it are numerous.

10. Ber Tree

Ber Tree
Ber Tree (source)

Ber tree helps in the production of silk. Silk, one of the costliest yet commercially very successful product that is sold in the market. It is the most preferred and prestigious product. The Ber tree is also a fast-growing tree. Also, the leaves of Ber are used to feed Tasar silk. This tree is well known for growing even in the adverse climatic conditions. It is also known as INDIAN PLUM.

11. Sheesham Tree

Sheesham Tree
Sheesham Tree

The Sheesham, also known as NORTH INDIAN ROSEWOOD, SHEESHAM is also a fastest growing tree which is best known for its economic timber. The wood of this tree is highly durable and resistant. Sheesham tree and especially its leaves play an important role in Ayurveda also. The tree is used for medicinal purposes as well. Also, the leaves of this tree are well known for curing various diseases and health disorders. Some tree have cultural significance in India, like Sheesham, Nagalinga, Peepal etc. 

12. Babool Tree

Babul Tree
Babul Tree

Babool, a tree known since ancient time for cleaning teeth, is also known as a faster-growing tree. It is an ayurvedic medicine for healthy teeth. Also, this tree grows very tall in less period and lasts for years. This tree is grown in dry regions, preferring sandy and sterile region soil. The crown of this tree is flattened or rounded. Also, the tree is found with moderate density. The branches of this tree droop downwards when the top is roundish in shape 

13. Bahasa Tree

Bahasa tree, also known Laburnum tree in English, is a tree with lovely and beautiful flowers. The tree looks alluring and bewitching in April. Also, this tree is grown in dry climates; thus, the tree is found in plenty in the southern states. Height of this tree is 40 feet.

14. The Ficus Tree

Ficus Fig Tree
Ficus Fig Tree

The Ficus Tree is also known as the Indian fig tree, This tree is native of Australia and Indian Subcontinent. This tree has values attached to it as it is very sacred and rare. This tree is remarkably fast-growing and very fruitful as well.

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15. Sadad Tree

The Sadad Tree is also known as Arjuna tree, is a large deciduous tree that forms a canopy which is full at the crown. The average height of this tree is 70 meters. Usually found near the bank of rivers or near dry river beds, the tree is well known for its yellow flowers. This tree has a vital role in Ayurveda. It was initially introduced to treat heart-related diseases. 

16. The Sagun Tree

Sagaun Tree
Sagaun Tree

The Sagaun tree is a tall evergreen plant that has yellowish blond to reddish-brown wood, is the prime most source of the wood for making the furniture. This tree is also very helpful in making medicines and holds a significant role in the same. Its bark works as a tonic to treat fever, headaches, stomach ache. Also, it is known for improving the digestive system. This plant can survive in various climatic conditions and is also well known for having a long life span.

17. Bamboo

Bamboo Tree
Bamboo Tree

The Bamboo is an incredible plant known as the world fastest growing plant. Bamboo is a hollow stem and is found in humid tropical climatic condition regions of Asia. India is one of the largest bamboo producers in the world. This tree can reach its full maturity within 90 days after plantation.

18. Neem

30 Fastest Growing Trees for your Garden in India
30 Fastest Growing Trees for your Garden in India

NEEM, a fastest growing tree which is also known for its medicinal value. A neem tree and its leaves are used to cure many diseases. Along with that, it is used to make medicines. We are talking about trees with medicine values, them all. When there were no medical stores back in the day, this was the tree that was instrumental in curing many severe diseases in ancient times.

19. Harra

The Harra tree holds a lot of value in Indian Mythology, is also a fast-growing tree. It is a deciduous tree which is 30 m tall. The flowers of this tree are dull in color and are found at the end of the branches. The fruit of this tree is hard and greenish. The seed of the fruit has an essential role in curing ailment disorders.

20. Oak Tree

Oak is an extant plant species, that grow in cold temperature is found in Himalaya region of India. The Oak is a fast-growing tree. It is a primary and prime source of fuelwood and leaves of this tree are a significant source of fodder for livestock.

21. Mahua

  • Mahua tree is an Indian tropical tree that is among the fastest- growing and reaches a height of about 20 meters.
  • It is known to grow extensively well on sandy soil.
  • The seeds of the Mahua tree are used for cooking by extracting oil from it. The flowers of the tree are also quite useful and contain various vitamins, minerals and calcium.

22. Amrood

Amrood Tree
Amrood Tree
  • Amrood tree is known for its Guava fruit which is widely available in all Indian markets.
  • Amrood tree has the capacity of growing quickly. Its height reaches up to 30 feet.
  • It is also known to be among the easiest trees to grow.
  • The growth of the Amrood tree requires well-drained soil.

23. Sagwan

Sagwan Tree
Sagwan Tree

Sagwan tree is also better known as the Teak tree.

  • It is one of the fastest and easy to grow trees. 
  • It is known to hold certain medical properties that can cure various stomach diseases.
  • It has a long-life span of over 200 years.

24. Indian wild cherry

  • The Indian wild cherry tree is one of the fastest-growing trees in India and can reach a height of up to 50 to 80 feet tall.
  • These trees grow well in moist and fertile soil.
  • They also tend to grow well with high exposure to sunlight.

25. Kapok

  • The Kapok tree has quite a fast growth rate and can reach a height of up to 200 feet.
  • It belongs to the tropical rainforest regions of India.
  • It has the ability to grow well even in salty soil.
  • The wood of the Kapoor tree is used for making coffins.

26. Almond

Almond Tree
Almond Tree
  • The Almond tree is the oldest form of a tree from which the fruit Almond is cultivated. It is native to the Rosaceae family.
  • It has the potential to grow really well and fast and is estimated to grow up to a height of about 15-20 feet.
  • Almonds cultivated from the almond tree are rich in protein, fibre, magnesium, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

27. Moringa (Drumstick tree)

Moringa Tree
Moringa Tree
  • Moringa trees are the easiest and fastest to grow and can reach a height of about 30 to 40 feet.
  • They are capable of growing even in poor soil conditions but needs to be watered generously. 
  • The fruit of the tree is cooked and consumed in many Indian households.

28. Papeeta

  • Papeeta tree has a short life span but is among the fastest-growing trees.  
  • The tree is known to grow a height of about 10 to 15 feet and has a single trunk.
  • Its fruit has a sweet and juicy taste and is a commonly consumed fruit in many Indian households. 

29. Karanja

  • Karanja tree is the fastest growing and extensively consumed tree because of its oil that is generated from its seeds. The extracted oil is used for making biofuel.
  • The height of the Karanja tree reaches up to 15-25 meters.
  • It is a flowering tree and bloom lavender, pink and white coloured flowers.

30. Jamun

  • The Jamun tree has a very tall appearance and happens to grow quite fast and is also among the easiest to grow.
  • The Jamun tree grows as tall as the height of about 30-35 feet.
  • The fruit of the Jamun tree is widely consumed and is known for treating many health disorders like digestive disorders, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.


A tree to be fast-growing need to have perfect climatic condition and soil. A fast-growing tree grows in lesser time and serves the purpose as well.

Above mentioned are various fast-growing trees of India that have multiple uses and takes less time in growing from a plant to a tree.

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