Best Vermicompost Brand in India

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Vermicompost is the by product of the of a process known as decomposition which is done by worm, earthworm and wigglers etc. If worms are used in the process of decomposition, then the process is known as vermiculture.

The end product or the by product of the process is a organic matter which is useful in various ways. Organic matter is useful in terms of reducing the contamination level in the soil.

Studies have proves that organic matter increases the nutrients as well as the saturation level in the soil.

Best Vermicompost Brand in India
Best Vermicompost Brand in India

Vermicompost acts like organic fertilizer and contains water soluble nutrients and also provides the soil conditioning. Vermicompost is used for small scale farming.

Vermifiltration is a process of filtrating drainage or sewage water so that organic matter is removed and basically used as a vermicompost.

Studies have shown that there are many advantages of vermicompost.

Pathogens which basically meant to destroy your plant. Science has proved that using vermicompost will help you in suppressing the pathogens. They wont kill them but rather they will protect your plant from the attack of pathogens.

Best Vermicompost Brand in India
Best Vermicompost Brand in India

Vermicompost is rich in terms of nitrogen and phosphorus and these things are pretty much required for the healthy growth of the plant. Vermicompost helps in supplying the nutrients to the plant.

The other benefit of the vermicompost is that it holds water, so there will no issue will arise like low supply of water or hyper supply of water. Basically, vermicompost holds water in order to supply water to the plant, whenever it is necessary.

Not all bacteria and fungi are harmful. In fact there are some bacteria and fungi which are useful in maintaining the health of the soil and growth of such bacteria and fungi are backed up by vermicompost.

As mentioned earlier that the vermicompost doesn't kill the pathogens, rather prevent them from attacking the plant, the same can seen in the case of pest. Vermicompost will not kill the pest rather prevent them from attacking.

Again and again the studies have shown the healthy growth of the plant and higher yielding rate, when vermicompost is used.

Vermicompost promote the growth of the worms which are useful in maintaining the health of the soil and also convert the contaminated soil in to healthy soil.

So these were the benefits of the vermicompost and below is the list of best vermicompost brand in india.

Trustbasket organic vermicompost:

Trustbasket organic vermicompost:
Trustbasket organic vermicompost:
  1. Trustbasket is one of the leading online shop in india,
  2. Trustbasket provides you all kinds things or materials required for the purpose of gardening,
  3. Apart from that trustbasket also provides gardening kits like vertical gardening pots, vertical gardening stands and much more,
  4. They also provide composters,
  5. They also provide seeds and plants,
  6. You can also buy gardening tool also here,
  7. You can also give an glance at fertilizers and pesicides,
  8. There plenty of things which are available here and really helps you with gardening,
  9. One of the leading store in india,
  10. Price is reasonable.

Booster organic vermicompost:

Booster organic vermicompost:
Booster organic vermicompost:
  1. One of the best company vermicompost company in india,
  2. The quality of the product is efficient,
  3. The product is price efficient,
  4. The company claims that the product is 100% organic,
  5. The product is free from weed,
  6. No bad odour can be seen, in fact it is odourless,
  7. The product which is provided by the company is eco friendly,
  8. Booster organic vermicompost increases the speed of the germination process,
  9. Germination is nothing but the successful growth of the plant after a period of dormancy,
  10. Booster organic vermicompost assures the protection of your plant from various kinds of pests and diseases,
  11. Helps the plant in the elongation of the root,
  12. Provides better conditioning of soil,
  13. Provides better aeration,
  14. Aeration is the process of providing air i.e., carbon dioxide to the plant,
  15. Improves the structure of the soil,
  16. Most importantly, booster organic vermicompost is cost efficient.

Ugaoo vermicompost:

Ugaoo vermicompost:
Ugaoo vermicompost:
  1. Ugaoo vermicompost is quite a popular company in india,
  2. Available in 5 kg pack,
  3. The structure of the ugaoo vermicompost is really perfect and it tunes perfectly in the soil that enhances the growth of the plant,
  4. The quality of the soil is increased by the nutrients present in the soil,
  5. Two kind of nutrients are present micro nutrient and macro nutrient,
  6. As the basic function of any vermicompost, ugaoo vermicompost is really good retaining water,
  7. Ugao vermicompost can also be used for the purpose of farming,
  8. One of the best vermicompost present in india,
  9. The product is totally reliable,
  10. The demand of the product is very high,
  11. Ugaoo vermicompost is price efficient.


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