Best Boxwood Fertilizer: Reviews, Buying Guides and FAQs 2023

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Boxwood is very easy to expand Evergreen plants. It needs a little treatment & plant food. However, when the leaves tarns to yellow or marked yellow sides or in the springtime. It can show signs of nitrogen shortage. It will certainly need fertilizer

The best time to fertilize the boxwood is spring. The fertilizer provides good nourishment. It helps the boxwood to grow rapidly. The roots become stronger when you add fertilizer. It is not a good idea to add fertilizer in the heat of summer. The feeding in late summer, before great autumn temperature, can harm the plant. With the lavish foliage of boxwood, you can even include structural pathways in your garden. You can divide areas and even design a huge labyrinth.

You can design your garden or landscape with boxwood. You will need the best fertilizer for boxwood to grow them. It will not just looks great however is additionally resilient. Slow-release, balanced plant foods are best for boxwood, and a granular kind of urea fertilizer 10-6-4 is recommended. You can make use of aged manure or cottonseed dish if your plant appears healthy. You are ensuring your boxwood has lots of nitrogen. Absence of nitrogen appears as yellowing of the shrub's lower fallen leaves. If that happens, be sure to make use of urea. If your soil is not excellent (you can learn its pH via a dirt evaluation; get in touch with your neighborhood cooperative expansion workplace). You may need to change your food option or include another soil nutrient. For instance, if your soil's pH is below about 6, add some dolomitic lime. You shouldn't require adding the lime each time you feed. It continues to be active in the soil for many years. Yet retesting the pH can inform you if you need to include even more. If your pH is too high, add some iron sulfate to lower the level.

Top 11 Best Boxwood Fertilizer

Here are some ideas from where and what you can buy:

Top 11 Best Boxwood Fertilizer
Top 11 Best Boxwood Fertilizer

TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore and Protect Mix 10 Tablets - Link

TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix 10 Tablets for 1,000ft2
TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix 10 Tablets for 1,000ft2

Product Description:

Did you know that boxwood does not show any sign of growth in the beginning, when you plant it? You might purchase boxwood in a nursery. And do not even know whether it is affected by any disease or blight. That can waste your time and money. Fortunately, TOPBUXUS has developed a remarkable option with this fertilizer. This plant food will not only stop disease from spreading. But also, it will also heal the ones that are already influenced. It will save your time and problem. The fertilizer comes in small tablets. You will discover using them rather easily. Each box of fertilizer has 10 tablets and will cover most of your boxwood. The fertilizer is completely chemical-free. All-natural components within this plant food. It will assist you to provide the all-natural soil atmosphere. You can allow your boxwood to expand and flourish.


  • TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix is a foliar treatment which contains all needed nutrients for optimal Boxwood care. It reinforces your Boxwood and creates healthy and balanced green. It also create shiny fallen leaves
  • Easy to use bubbly tablets - TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix is a fallen leave plant food in the form of an easy to use tablet
  • Professional dose adequate for 1,000 square feet of Boxwood. The tub includes 10 separately packaged tablets. Each tablet covers 100 square feet of Boxwood. Simply put 1 tablet in 1 quart of water. Leave for 10 minutes for the tablet to dissolve itself. After that relate to 100 square feet of Boxwood foliage by using a sprayer. Make sure you cover the entire Boxwood
  • On all-natural base - TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect is a 8-0-10 fallen leave plant food with additional nutrients of 100% natural base
  • Developed by TOPBUXUS - TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect was medically established. It examined and also utilized from many years by TOPBUXUS on their nursery in the Netherland. TOPBUXUS are the world's biggest boxwood farmer


  • The most effective option for treating and protecting boxwood from diseases.
  • Effervescent tablet plant food that is easy to apply.
  • Includes no chemical and is totally natural.


  • Use every month for good results
  • Not very effective if the boxwood is dealing with any disease
  • It can burn the plant if used in hot summer

Scotts Continuous Release Evergreen Flowering Tree and Shrub Fertilizer - Link

Scotts Continuous Release Evergreen Flowering Tree and Shrub Fertilizer, 3-Pound (Not Sold in Pinellas County, FL) (2 Pack)
Scotts Continuous Release Evergreen Flowering Tree and Shrub Fertilizer, 3-Pound (Not Sold in Pinellas County, FL) (2 Pack)

Product Description:

Scotts Evergreen tree and shrub fertilizer is an excellent for acid loving and evergreen plants. It is very easy to use and good in quality. It will apply directly in to the soil. There is no need to dissolve in water. It will not harm any plant after direct usage.


  • Superb for evergreens, dogwoods, hydrangeas, magnolias. It is good for several other acid-loving trees and hedges
  • Urges vigorous root growth and also lavish vegetation
  • Great for acid-loving plants such as azaleas, camellias, as well as rhododendrons
  • Easy to use - just use straight to soil to make use of, suggest use directly to soil
  • Safe - won't shed your plants when used as directed


  • Soil mix, direct use
  • Recommended for acid loving plants
  • Doesn't damage the plant


  • Overdose can damage the boxwood due to direct use
  • Can't mix in soil if you have rocks at the base

Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18 Pound - Link

Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound
Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound

Product Description:

Boxwoods can be grown for a variety of reasons. You can grow them for landscaping. You can also decorate the entrance of the house with boxwood. You should make a decision to work with this. This versatile costs blend by Espoma will certainly assist you nice. The blend features biotone formula which uses in the development for your boxwood. The mix allows your plant to bloom brilliantly. With the help of this all-natural plant food, your landscape design will come out brilliantly. Do you think the plant food will last though? You bet it will! As it is slow-release fertilizer in kind, you will certainly discover this plant food reliable for a longer period. Forget fertilizing frequently as you stress much more on the landscaping component. An additional fantastic feature of this fertilizer is its multi-purpose usage. As the bag contains 18 extra pounds of it, you can utilize the excess total up to grow various other plants. The vegetables, flowers, as well as bushes to include variety in your landscape design.


  • 100% natural all function Premium blend with biotone formula for bigger growth and also flowers
  • For all blossoms veggies trees and shrubs
  • Long lasting sluggish launch
  • Made in the USA
  • 18 LB, 5-3-3 Plant Tone
  • Natural & All Function
  • Use On Flowers, Vegetables, Trees, & Bushes
  • Includes Bio-Tone
  • Ensure Superior Plant Growth
  • 18 LB, 5-3-3 Plant Tone
  • 100% natural & All Function
  • Use On Blossoms, Veggies, Trees, & Shrubs
  • Has Bio-Tone
  • Ensure Superior Plant Growth
  • Program less


  • Attributes biotone formula for larger growth of boxwoods.
  • Natural product
  • Slow-release fertilizer that lasts for rather a very long time.
  • All-purpose plant food which can be utilized to expand a range of plants.


  • Little expensive than other
  • Pretty strong smell

BioAdvanced 701700B 12 Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Insect Killer and Fertilizer - Link

BioAdvanced 701700B 12-Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Insect Killer and Fertilizer, 4 lb, Granules
BioAdvanced 701700B 12-Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Insect Killer and Fertilizer, 4 lb, Granules

Product Description:

What's the point of growing boxwood if it does not provide the desired shade you want? The whole factor of landscaping and growing boxwood is to embellish your residential or commercial property with a stylish looking plant. In this case, the 701700 year Tree and Shrub Protect and also Feed Granules will help. It will be good idea to add such fertilizer for your boxwood. With all-natural components, this fertilizer will promote lush vegetation for your boxwood. This more improves your landscape's visual elegancy. It also aids to decorate your building with rosy boxwood. The fertilizer is quite efficient to use as adding it once per season will be sufficient. A perfect time to use will be between late fall and also the beginning of spring. One dose suffices and you will see the plant food yielding amazing results.


  • 12 MONTH DEFENSE: With simply one application, kills provided bugs. It also stops new invasions for up to a year
  • INSECT & BUG AWESOME: Eliminates Japanese Beetles, Adelaide, Leafminers, Aphids, Caterpillars, and also a lot more
  • SLOW-RELEASE FERTILIZER: Plant food and plant food improves the wellness of your trees and hedges
  • SYSTEMIC DEFENSE: Protects your potted and also exterior trees and bushes from the origins to the stem of every fallen leave


  • With 1 year protection
  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Bug and insect killer
  • Plant protector


  • Designed for systemic prevention
  • Can be harmful for newly transplanted plants and shrubs

Miracle Grow Tree and Shrub Plant Food Spikes - Link

Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Plant Food Spikes, 12 Spikes/Pack
Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Plant Food Spikes, 12 Spikes/Pack

Product Description:

You can enhance your landscape with trees, shrubs, and ornamentals that are low-maintenance and resilient. It provides shade, framework, color and even fruit to your garden. It is among their largest needs. It is an occasional feeding, particularly for younger trees and shrubs. They utilize a great deal of energy in the springtime, pushing out blossoms, leaves and seeds. They profit most from plant food throughout this energetic period. It will Feeds your blooming bushes after they have actually bloomed. It will motivate even more blossoms next year. Miracle-Grow has tree spikes specially created for trees, shrubs, evergreens, fruit, citrus, and palm trees. They ought to be utilized every year, in the spring and also very early autumn. It is a continuous launch of nutrients.


  • Advertises dynamic color as well as lush foliage
  • Includes all-natural active ingredients
  • Feed as soon as per period in Springtime and also Autumn
  • Also fantastic for use on evergreens and acid caring plants
  • Easy-to-use spikes release nutrients straight right into the origin zone to aid promote strong trees and hedges


  • Use only one time in season
  • Provide direct nutrients to the roots
  • Easy to use
  • Including natural ingredients


  • Good for large trees
  • Can be harmful for small plants

VPG Inc BAC421 20Lb Tree and Shrub Food - Link

VPG Inc BAC421 20Lb Tree & Shrub Food, 1
VPG Inc BAC421 20Lb Tree & Shrub Food, 1

Product Description:

A clinically developed tree & bush food which contains passing through activity. It can move the food straight to the feeder roots when used around the tree or shrub drip line. It eliminates the need to dig openings. Great for all sorts of trees & hedges consisting of shade trees, nut trees, Evergreens, citrus, tropical, & blooming trees. Feed trees & shrubs two times a year.


  • Getting rid of the requirement to dig holes
  • Feed trees and hedges two times a year
  • Feed in early Spring and Summer
  • Aids feed the feeder roots of trees and bushes


  • Best for all kind of trees and shrubs
  • Feed the roots with nutrients
  • No need of any hole to apply


  • Not an organic product
  • Use twice in a year

Jobe's Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes - Link

Jobe's 01661 Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes, 15, Brown
Jobe's 01661 Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes, 15, Brown

Product Description:

The plant food nourishes the root of your boxwood. The origin is a vital part of any kind of plant. It is responsible for carrying procedures like photosynthesis. This evergreen plant food does a great task of taking care of the origin. The amazing thing regarding this plant food is that it is entirely smell-proof. It also will not hand out any type of odor while applying. Also, using the plant food is quite minimalistic. It won't produce any type of unpleasant situation. You need to understand that boxwood origin, the section above the surface area degree always active and growing. By often tending to this part, you can enhance its growth rate. It will certainly have the ability to expand rosy boxwood. With the help of this fertilizer, you can supply needed nutrients to this root degree. The plant food utilizes slow releasing formula which will be durable for the majority of the seasons. They are easy to insert and perform efficiently.


  • Pre-measured evergreen fertilizer spikes nourishes at the origins. Time release fertilizer for Junipers, Spruces and also various other evergreen trees
  • Easy to use fertilizer spikes; No inefficient runoff, no mess, threats or smells. Apply very early springtime and late autumn
  • Continual supply of nutrients listed below the surface, where the tree's active roots are growing
  • Jobe's fertilizer spikes are simple to place around each tree's drip-line; Slow release formula lasts all season


  • Good for growing durable boxwood
  • Odorless, does not create any bad smell
  • Provide nutrients to the roots
  • Easy to apply


  • Can be broken down during hammering in the ground
  • Can be harmful for small shrubs, good for trees
  • Water well before applying them

Bonide wilt stop Anti-Transpirant Plant Protector Concentrate - Link

Bonide (BND102) - Wilt Stop Anti-transpirant Plant Protector Concentrate (32 oz.)
Bonide (BND102) - Wilt Stop Anti-transpirant Plant Protector Concentrate (32 oz.)

Product Description:

Bonide plant protector Shields plants from drying, dry spell, wind shed, sunscald, winter kill. It also protect from transplant shock and also salt damage. Wilt Stop will extend the life of cut blossoms. Great for use year-round on deciduous trees, evergreens, hedges, roses, transplants, vegetables, fruits. It is made up with natural active ingredients.


  • SAFETY COATING - This anti-transpirant plant protector forms a soft, clear, flexible coat on plants, preventing moisture from escaping, lowering water loss during plant stress.
  • LOWERS MOISTURE LOSS - Shields plants from drying, dry spell, wind burn, sunscald, winter months kill, transplant shock, and also salt damage while at the same time permitting them to expand normally.
  • SELECTION OF USES - Designed for use on evergreens, trees, hedges, lawn, blossoms, veggies, bulbs, houseplants, transplants plus dormant as well as expanding plants.
  • LASTS ALL PERIOD - Just one application of Wilt Quit per season is needed to safeguard your plants.
  • SIMPLE TO APPLY - Product instantly combines with water and ought to be applied utilizing either a trigger or stress storage tank sprayer. Make use of it according to classify directions.
  • Anti-transpirant plant protector
  • Helps in reducing transplant shock
  • Reduces moisture loss when plants are under stress
  • Stops winter months kill, wind melt, sunscald, salt damages, and also drying out
  • Expands the life of Christmas trees


  • Use once in a year
  • Good protector from pests problem too
  • Very easy to apply
  • Helps to speedy growth of Christmas trees
  • Good coating over plants and provide protection from environmental damage


  • Unpleasant smell
  • Mix in warm water, not cold
  • Mix it well; it should not be too concentrated. Very concentrated mixture can harm the small shrubs and plants

Lilly Miller Citrus and Avocado Food - Link

Lilly Miller Citrus & Avocado Food 10-6-4 4lb
Lilly Miller Citrus & Avocado Food 10-6-4 4lb

Product Description:

Lilly Miller's Citrus & Avocado Food is an impressive service to your boxwood's development and success. Boxwood is prone to a variety of weather conditions such as wintertime boozing. To ensure the survival of your plant, you must provide it with natural components. As this plant food consists of all-natural nutrients. You will find looking after your boxwood a whole lot simpler. Boxwood requires crucial minerals to expand healthy and balanced. It shields itself from outside injury. Lacking of minerals such as iron makes boxwood entrusts to grow yellowish. While Japanese boxwoods are spider mite immune, most boxwood needs security against these mites. Citrus & Avocado Food consists of most needed boxwood minerals to give your boxwood a fighting chance against these issues. This plant food can be found in 3 sizes and shapes. Choose the 4lb one which is approximated to last for a minimum of a season. The 6lb is the perfect selection. While 10lb one should be picked up, when you do not want to look for fertilizers frequently. Do not stress over the resilience. As the plant food will be effective for quite the moment despite the size of the bag. It decreases wastage and keeps you all set to deal with your boxwood whenever essential.


  • Lilly Miller Citrus & Avocado Food 10-6-4 4lb This is developed for lavish trees and scrumptious fruits
  • Strengthened with crucial plant minerals
  • This product is made in USA


  • Contains necessary minerals that are much needed for boxwood to expand healthy.
  • Is available in a selection of bag dimensions to offer you extra alternative.
  • All-natural plant food that creates a healthy and balanced setting for your plants.


  • Need to apply after every 4 months
  • More beneficial for citrus plants only

MicroLife Multi-Purpose Professional Grade Granular Organic Fertilizer for all Plants - Link

MicroLife Multi-Purpose (6-2-4) Professional Grade Granular Organic Fertilizer for All Plants, 7 LBS
MicroLife Multi-Purpose (6-2-4) Professional Grade Granular Organic Fertilizer for All Plants, 7 LBS

Product Description:

This fertilizer by MicroLife is currently loaded with a lot of strikes. This incredibly effective plant food consists of amino acid for enhanced photosynthesis. The vitamins for root advancement, carbon for plant growth therefore far more. It is certainly a good value for the money.

If you are an expert or entirely brand-new in the boxwood growing circumstance, you will find this plant food easy to use. This plant food promotes stronger and bigger root advancement. Your boxwood will also be able to conserve water and withstand a range of environmental stresses. Being a slow-release plant food, you will locate this to last for a longer period. Once it is used, it will suffice to supply your plant with all the nutrients it needs for at least three to four months.


  • VERY POWERFUL BIOLOGICAL AND ALSO DIETARY MULTI-PURPOSE PLANT FOOD: has over 100 + minerals, vitamins, all-natural plant hormonal agents and stimulators. It contains important sugars/amino acids/carbon and healthy protein plus billions of beneficial microorganisms including Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal
  • ENTIRELY ORGANIC AS WELL AS SECURE FOR ALL LIFE: 100% slow-moving launches, 2% iron, will certainly not burn and easy to use; repeat every 3-4 months
  • BOOSTS ALL PLANTS AS WELL AS SOILS: for all new and well established vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, perennials, trees and also shrubs
  • BUILDS LARGER ORIGIN EQUIPMENTS AS WELL AS BOOSTS PLANTS' HEALTH AND WELLNESS: It is developed for all cultivators' specialist and newbie in mind that desire vibrant plant growth. It offers essential elements for water preservation and assistance to much better endure environmental tensions


  • Organic and multi purpose
  • Good for edible plants and flowering plants as well
  • Improves fungus growth around the plant


  • Cost is little higher
  • If you have rocks at the bottom. You have to remove them first then apply this
  • Good as long as it doesn't get wet

BIOADVANCED 701910A 12-Month Tree and Shrub Protect Feed and Insect Killer and Fertilizer - Link

BIOADVANCED 701910A 12-Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Insect Killer and Fertilizer, 10-Pound, Granules
BIOADVANCED 701910A 12-Month Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Insect Killer and Fertilizer, 10-Pound, Granules

Product Description:

While expanding boxwood, it is not very difficult to do. Just keep them safe from insects. The 701910 Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Granules do an exceptional job in maintaining your boxwood secure from strikes of pests. Remarkably, it will certainly stop more infestation and will continue to do so for approximately twelve month. In larvae state, Japanese beetles continue to be below ground and also prey on yard plants and also their origins. After that there are emerald ash borers who additionally in the larvae state damages plant's capacity to absorb nutrients and also water. Various other insects that are most likely to hurt boxwoods consist of leaf miners, adelgids, and fall webworms. The good news is, this fertilizer eliminates every pest mentioned above and maintain your boxwood safe. The plant food includes rainproof defense which can be found in handy throughout the winter season. Boxwoods are fairly expensive to replace. Safeguarding them need to be your leading concern if you wish to prevent additional expenses. Boxwood is likely to get wintertime burn if it goes through temperature variation quite often.


  • 12 MONTH DEFENSE: With simply one application, kills detailed bugs as well as prevents new problems for up to a year
  • PEST & INSECT KILLER: Kills Japanese Beetles, Emerald Ash Borers, Leafminers, Aphids, and also a lot more
  • SLOW-RELEASE PLANT FOOD: Plant food and fertilizer improves the health of your trees and bushes
  • SYSTEMIC SECURITY: Shields your potted as well as exterior trees and hedges from the roots to the stem of every leaf


  • The powerful fertilizer that makes certain peak performance.
  • Your boxwood will grow and also flourish. It contains billions of microorganisms and rich minerals that helps
  • Slow-release plant food that guarantees constant nourishment supplement.
  • Multi-purpose fertilizer that can be used to expand nearly anything.
  • Make your boxwood insect free
  • Protect against weather conditions
  • It can be applied on potted plants too


  • Kill all the insects including honeybees
  • If the weather is too hot, it can burn the plants, so wait till summer ends

How to choose the best fertilizer for your boxwood?

There are 3 main types of fertilizers that are available. They are different in their application and function.

It depends on your need of growth and your plant type. The fertilizers are different for every plant type. The different types of fertilizers are:

Fertilizers that are available in liquid form

The fertilizers that are in liquid form are inorganic most of the time. They are simple to apply. It is just like you are giving water to your plants. But if you use them more than enough, they may harm the plants. They can burn the shrubs and can cause discoloring of leaves.

Fertilizers in powder form

Powder fertilizers are available in dry forms. The power form fertilizers are sustainable. Their results are long term. They show very good results. They are present in both forms, inorganic and organic. They are good for acid loving plants. These fertilizers are mostly use for them.

Fertilizers in the form of granules

The plants that need long term nutrition, granular fertilizers are best for them. They are available in dry form. You can apply them on the top of soil. When you give water to plants, they dissolve in the soil with water. They provide nutrients for long term. They are organic most of the time. But they are available in the synthetic form too.

Why there is a need to fertilize your boxwood?

When you are growing boxwood, it is important to know that what time is good to grow them. So, the best time to grow boxwood is mid spring or late fall. In the spring season, the grow rate of plants increases. You will see your boxwood growing rapidly in spring. This is the most favorable season to grow them. And in late fall, the boxwood will be able to develop its roots strong. Then it can survive in the environmental stress. The chances of damage will decreases.

When you grow the boxwood, the next step is to nourish them. This can help them to grow faster. Now, there is time to fertilize them. Before this, you should know how and when to apply fertilizers.

Avoid applying fertilizers in extremely hot weather like summer. The fertilizers can burn your boxwood. Apply it in spring. It is most suitable weather for them. The summer can affect ability of fertilizer.

Now the question arises that why there is always a need to apply fertilizer? What is the reason? So there are many reasons to apply fertilizer to your garden or boxwood.

  • They provide nourishment
  • Help to grow faster
  • Kill the bugs, pests
  • Protect boxwood from environmental changes that can cause damage
  • Make their roots strong
  • Help to fight them from different diseases.

There are some factors that should consider growing boxwood faster and some features that a fertilizer must have:

  • The fertilizer that you apply must have capability of lust foliage. The boxwood is shrub of landscaping. It needs a lavish growth. You can trim it to decorate your garden. If it growing good, then you can trim it according to your need.
  • Minerals are the biggest need of boxwood. It helps boxwood to become health and make more strong roots. If the boxwood having lacking of minerals. Then there are more chances of its damage due to weather. So, always prefer the fertilizers that contain good minerals in it.
  • Insects always damage the boxwood. The larvae of various bugs can damage the boxwood and absorb all the essentials from the roots. It can cause weakness to boxwood. The fertilizers that offer the insect repellent feature must consider.
  • Winter in not a suitable weather for boxwood. As winter arrives, the soil getting frozen. Then there is very less moisture for leaves and it cause damage. To avoid such situation, find the slow releasing fertilizers that are available in the market. They will supply need moisture constantly.
  • Boxwood grows slowly. So, you need to have patience and take proper care of it. If you do proper care, it grows fast. Provide proper nutrients that are need of it. In that case slow releasing fertilizers are good for them. The slow releasing fertilizers provide constant nutrients that help to grow faster.

How to apply a best fertilizer to your boxwood?

Boxwood always needs a fertilizer to grow. There are different stages of growth and application of fertilizer. The amount of application is also different. You must have knowledge of it before applying any fertilizer.

Growth stage and application of fertilizer

  • This stage looks like when the boxwood is being grown. Just prepare up a zone for your boxwood
  • . Dig a wide opening that is twice in dimension compared to the root round. Inspect the soil's acidity
  • If everything is ideal, it is the time to place the boxwood inside the hole.
  • Be cautious and do not interrupt the origin.
  • When the boxwood is placed, fill up 1/3 of the dirt with compost. Include garden soil to cover up the rest of the hole.
  • Apply your granular plant food over it.
  • Gently water the plant for now and keep watering weekly during summer season and spring.
  • The fertilizer will certainly liquefy with the water and release nutrients which will soak up by the root of your boxwood for maximum impact.

Mature stage and application of fertilizer

  • It is easy to apply fertilizer at mature stage
  • You feel need of fertilizer, measure the width of boxwood
  • Apply the fertilizer according to written measurement
  • If it is in granule form, sprinkle them and water it


There is variety of boxwood. What should I choose for landscaping?

Franklin's Gem, Northern Emerald, Golden Dream, Green Beauty are good options of boxwood for landscaping.

How to find out that boxwood need fertilizer?

When you test the soil, you came to know that your boxwood needs fertilizer or not. If you want to grow the boxwood faster, apply the fertilizer when it needed.

What is the best fertilizer type is good for boxwood?

For boxwood, the granular type is best one. It is slow releasing. It provides good and constant nutrients to the roots of boxwood. This helps the boxwood to grow faster.

What is the ideal PH level of soil for applying fertilizer for boxwood?

The Ph level of the soil should be 6 to 7. It is ideal level to apply fertilizer for growing boxwood.

Buy on Walmart

Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound - Walmart Link

Jobe's 01661 Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes, 15, Brown - Walmart Link

SaltWorks Ultra Epsom Bath Salt, Unscented, Medium Grain, 5 Pound Bag - Walmart Link

Lilly Miller Citrus & Avocado Food 10-6-4 4lb - Walmart Link

TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix 10 Tablets for 1,000ft2 - Walmart Link

Natural Epsom Salt (Original) 16oz - Walmart Link

Scotts Evergreen Flowering Tree & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food - Walmart Link

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Espoma PT18 Plant Tone, 18-Pound - eBay Link

Jobe's 01661 Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes, 15, Brown - eBay Link

SaltWorks Ultra Epsom Bath Salt, Unscented, Medium Grain, 5 Pound Bag - eBay Link

Lilly Miller Citrus & Avocado Food 10-6-4 4lb - eBay Link

TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix 10 Tablets for 1,000ft2 - eBay Link

Natural Epsom Salt (Original) 16oz - eBay Link

Scotts Evergreen Flowering Tree & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food - eBay Link


Decorate your garden and landscape with boxwood is a very good idea. If you are interested in gardening, and greenery lover, then it will be fun for you.

After reading the above article, you are able to grow your boxwood on your own. There is all the necessary information that you need to grow boxwood.

To grow best boxwood, you must know what you need, when you need and how to apply it. The wrong knowledge and information can ruin your boxwood.

Every fertilizer product has different features. Read them carefully before applying. Choose the best one that suits your boxwood. Choose them apply according to the weather. All the tips should be kept in mind.

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