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Ball Pythons got their name because they curl up into a ball and cover their heads in their coils when threatened. Ball Pythons are an excellent beginner snake and one of the most common pet snakes due to their docile nature. The Pythons raised in captivity are becoming more common in the hobby. The various color morphs produced have contributed to the increasing popularity of this small python breed. Thus you need the best Terrarium to host your pet.

The most exciting thing about getting ready for your pet, especially if you are a beginner, is arranging your python terrariums and enclosures. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with ball python enclosure ideas to help you start-up easily. It's similar to putting together a crib for a new baby. There's a lot to do and prepare for. You will want your ball python enclosures to be perfect. Therefore, you will need to choose the best Terrarium for your pet.

You'll want to get all set up and ready before you bring your new ball python home to ensure that he or she is happy from the moment they arrive. Ball pythons have unique habitat requirements. However, the most important is to ensure they get enough basking time and heat to feel relaxed. Bear in mind that a ball python's natural environment is dry, hot, and humid.

Top 5 Best Ball Python Terrarium Reviews- 2023

Top 5 Best Ball Python Terrarium Reviews- 2023
Top 5 Best Ball Python Terrarium Reviews- 2023

1. REPTI ZOO 24″ x 18″ x 36″ Reptile Tall Glass Terrarium

REPTI ZOO 24' X 18' X 36' Reptile Tall Glass Terrarium Rainforest Habitat Double Hinge Door With Screen Ventilation 67 Gallon Reptile Terrarium Easy Assembly
REPTI ZOO 24' X 18' X 36' Reptile Tall Glass Terrarium Rainforest Habitat Double Hinge Door With Screen Ventilation 67 Gallon Reptile Terrarium Easy Assembly

RainForest is a renewable, environmentally friendly reptile habitat made of sustainable Maritime Pine and Sphagnum Moss. This Terrarium Substrate is a decorative substrate that can render natural planted terrariums for humidity-loving reptiles like the ball python, amphibians, invertebrates from tropical rainforest habitats.

By absorbing and slowly releasing moisture, the RainForest substrate naturally controls the Terrarium's humidity. On the other hand, the natural sphagnum moss's presence in the mixture increases its hygroscopic properties. The air's humidity levels' primary function is to help in the shedding and avoid respiratory infections.

The bark particles' unique ball python terrarium size and shape, combined with natural sphagnum moss, allow for regular irrigation of your plants while allowing for sufficient aeration for healthy root growth. The Terrarium also needs a heat treatment. The heat treatment of RainForest eliminates bacterial pollution. Besides, your ball python hides in this place as well.


Front and top opening: This is vital when it comes to the maintenance of your pet. It acts as a ventilator, and the doors are an essential feature in the care and feeding of your python. The door design is one thing that will lead you to settle for this ball python Terrarium since the design lock helps prevent the pet from escaping.

Durable material : rainforest glass terrarium is made of a good quality stainless steel mesh for optimum ventilation & UVB penetration. The glass is also stable; hence the cage is worth your money.

Waterproof bottom: Compared to traditional terrariums, the bottom portion has an extra high front bottom glass, providing a higher water level and increased water volume. This allows you to have a large water section or aquarium section adjacent to the land or terrarium section, allowing you to hold aquatic animals and plants.


  • They are durable and worth your money
  • Secure front doors and lids
  • Plants and vines are included
  • Easy to install


  • Screen tops can rust in the high humidity of the rainforest
  • Lightning bulb not included

2. REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium

REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium,Double Hinge Door With Screen Ventilation Reptile Terrarium 36' X 18' X 24'(Knock-Down) (RK0120N)
REPTI ZOO 67 Gallon Reptile Glass Terrarium,Double Hinge Door With Screen Ventilation Reptile Terrarium 36' X 18' X 24'(Knock-Down) (RK0120N)

These reptile glass terrariums help to provide a safe and supportive living space for your reptile or amphibian. It has a glass tank with a front sliding door, a feature that makes repairs and feeding convenient. To prevent escape, the cages are made of a specially built bolt. On the other hand, the doors can be sliding separately.

If you wonder about UV and infrared light for your pet, this glass tank offers the best credibility. UV and infrared light will pass through the full-screen top ventilation. Besides the ventilation, this ball python terrarium top is fully removable for easy access when decorating or cleaning.

On the sides, the reptile terrarium has a closable wire or tube inlet. The inlet tube will help you mount heat rocks, heat cables, sensors, and other objects within the Terrarium. Your pet will need to accommodate substrate heat to be happy. To do this, the Terrarium's bottom plate is raised. Raising the Terrarium's plate thus provides heat to a portion of the extended ground surface.


Ventilation: The REPTIZOO 67 Gallon Tank is a robust, tempered glass enclosure that makes a perfect home for your ball python. The top cover of this cage provides excellent ventilation while also allowing significant infrared and UVB penetration. If you prefer, this cage has a waterproof base with room for a substrate heat pad.

Sliding doors: The REPTI ZOO 67 gallon features a simple sliding front door that makes feeding and cleaning convenient.

Easy to install: This reptile tank comes with a step-by-step guide to help you fix it in no time. It just takes five minutes to set up the enclosure.


  • They are durable and robust.
  • Known to be hygienic tempered glass for easy cleaning
  • Made of excellent ventilation
  • They have a waterproof base


  • This ball python terrarium size is a bit small for an adult ball python.

3. Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit, for Reptiles and Amphibians

Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit, For Reptiles And Amphibians, Short Wide, 24 X 18 X 12 Inches, PT2604A1
Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit, For Reptiles And Amphibians, Short Wide, 24 X 18 X 12 Inches, PT2604A1

Hepatologists consider a glass terrarium a perfect choice when it comes to the hepatology world. The Exo Terra glass natural terrarium Package is the ideal starting kit for new herpetoculturists! This package includes everything you'll need to get started with your terrarium dream, including the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium, which European herpetologists designed. The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium has front-opening doors that do cleaning and feeding a breeze. Besides, the glass terrarium will give you a clear view of your reptile.

This kit's primary feature is its ability to get the UVB rays from the compact fluorescent lighting system. It works by penetrating deep into the Terrarium thanks to the full-screen top ventilation. The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium's Compact Top Canopy (included) was created specifically for it. A fixture with a reflector for the Exo Terra Repti Glo line of compact fluorescent bulbs is included in this easy-to-install lighting system.

The fascinating thing about this package is the fact that it comes with an instruction kit. This Exo Terra Terrarium Kit instruction manual will walk you through the installation, decoration, and maintenance process.


Ventilation: This glass tank comes with front window ventilation. Thus, it will allow UVB penetration and infrared penetration, thus providing your pet with ample ventilation.

Waterproof and raised bottom frame: This cage has a waterproof bottom and plenty of space for a substrate heater. This feature gives the tank the ability to raise your pet both in the desert and rainforest habitat.

Size and design: This cage has a deep design that eliminates the possibility of escape, and it's a flexible and adaptable tank that comes in twelve different sizes.


  • The deep design helps present escape.
  • The tanks are versatile hence available in twelve sizes.
  • The tanks are durable and strong.
  • Easy cleaning and a great opportunity


  • It is not enough for an adult ball python.

4. Aiicioo Reptile Glass Tank - Natural Glass Terrarium

Aiicioo Reptile Glass Tank - Full View Natural Terrarium For Chameleon Gecko Corn Snake Iguana & Lizard Aquarium 20 X 12 X 10 Inches
Aiicioo Reptile Glass Tank - Full View Natural Terrarium For Chameleon Gecko Corn Snake Iguana & Lizard Aquarium 20 X 12 X 10 Inches

In the wild, reptiles and amphibians can switch from one location to another to find a suitable living environment and control their body functions and temperatures. If the temperature around them is too high or too low, they may become inactive or dormant. As a result, having an AIICIOO glass tank for pets is essential for their indoor life. This is one of the best ball python terrarium cages as it promises a lot that you can't imagine. First, it is designed to offer a 360-degree landscape view. Thus, they are the best ball python enclosure since they provide the best viewing for your pet.

Unlike the rainforest terrarium, Aiicioo is already installed and excellently sealed. It comes stacked with adhesive tapes; hence you are never worried about how to set it up. If you are looking for something to help you start your user-friendly hepatology journey, then you can consider settling on this Terrarium since they come with a sliding screen at the top that can be pushed and pulled to open. This feature offers you the convenience of maintaining, cleaning, and feeding your ball python.


Glass tank: This reptile tank will give you the best natural view of your beast since it has a 360 degree of terrarium landscape. Despite your weather condition, this Aiicioo reptile tank will never let you down. You will never get worried about using it in a damp and humid condition, as the tank will offer your pet that natural habitat.

Ventilation: every living organism will need ventilation to survive. This tank comes with a full-screen top and a feeding hole. Therefore, your pet's ventilation is taken care of as well as its lighting. The hole allows light and UVB penetration.

Excellent sealing: This cage is installed already. You, therefore, don't need to spend time assembling it. It comes already fixed with adhesive tape hence providing your pet with a stable and perfect environment.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • A convenient way to open and close
  • It provides a 360-degree natural view
  • Suitable for damp and humid condition


  • A small reptile may cramp a full grown-up, thus causing health problems.

5. OIIBO 50 Gallon White Reptile Terrarium

OIIBO 50 Gallon White Reptile Terrarium, 36' X 18' X 18' Knock Down Terrarium Front Opening Cage Sliding Door With Screen Ventilation Habitat Tank, Easy Assembly
OIIBO 50 Gallon White Reptile Terrarium, 36' X 18' X 18' Knock Down Terrarium Front Opening Cage Sliding Door With Screen Ventilation Habitat Tank, Easy Assembly

The OiiBO reptile glass terrarium promises a safe and comfortable living environment for your ball python reptile. This python terrarium has front sliding doors that make maintenance and feeding a breeze. These habitat tank doors are made of a specially designed lock, and the doors can be sliding separately. Therefore the Oiibo 50 gallon terrarium doors features will prevent your pet from escaping.

Every living organism needs enough ventilation and UVB light. And so does your pet. Thus, the cages are made of full-screen ventilation found at the top of the cage. UV and infrared light will pass through the full-screen top ventilation, which is fully removable for easy access when decorating or cleaning.

For effective temperature, your Oiibo 50 gallon needs a source of heat to provide your pet with the best temperature. Thus the cage is made of the best heat rocks and heat cables. Besides, they also come fixed with a sensor, and other things can be mounted via closable wire or tube inlets on the side. The Terrarium's bottom plate is raised to mount a substrate heater to heat a portion of the extended ground surface.


Door lock: An extra protection measure to hold the animals in the Terrarium is reliable. It has a specially built lock that prevents accidental opening by children or pets.

Watertight up: The Terrarium is waterproofed up to the hinged doors. This will allow an indoor "water bowl" or a natural water feature for an amphibian. Leaks are checked in every Terrarium.

Raised bottom: The Terrarium's bottom glass panel is elevated to allow for substrate heater or heat cable installation. It also helps avoid the heating accessory issues common in typical "aquarium type" terrariums. It ensures that the entire bottom panel is well ventilated, ensuring that hot and cold spots are kept to a minimum.


  • Durable and strong
  • Particular design door lock to prevent escape
  • The top screen allows for UVB and infrared penetration.


  • Not enough for an adult ball python pet.

Buying Guide of Best Ball Python Terrarium

Buying Guide Of Ball Python Terrarium
Buying Guide Of Ball Python Terrarium

Ball pythons are commonly available in the reptile pet trade. This is due to morph breeding. This may involve selectively breeding reptiles to create new colors and patterns not present in nature. The reasons why there are approximately 6500 recognized morphs at this time.

This snake is easily found due to its popularity; however, you should take great care to ensure that you are not endorsing an illicit pet trade by only purchasing captive-bred snakes. Ball Pythons make excellent pets because they are easy to care for, have a docile demeanor around humans, and are generally healthy. Below are guidelines to help you get the best ball python terrarium for your pet.

Ball Python Enclosure Ideas

A Ball Python enclosure must be adequate to meet its requirements. I don't want to say that Ball Pythons are picky creatures who need a special cage. Still, temperature, protection, and the ability to close tightly are important factors to consider when making this purchase. Your decision would affect your snake's well-being apart from choosing from the best ball python terrarium reviews.

The most famous are glass tanks, which give you a nearly 180-degree view of your snake and its surroundings. The glass tanks have been modified to maintain heat and may include front-opening doors for quick access to your snake and its private parts.


Ball pythons are known for their love of hides, and thus you will need at least two ball python hides: one on the great end and the other on the warm end of the enclosure. However, it is preferable to sell as many as you can fit into the enclosure. Fill one or two of the hides with moist sphagnum moss to speed up the shedding process.


At least one or two stable branches should mount for the snake to slither over securely. This is a fantastic way to promote exercise, enhance muscle tone, combat obesity, and help with appetite. It's a common misconception that ball pythons are purely terrestrial and that they're just too clumsy to risk providing them with climbing opportunities.

Artificial Greenery

While a bit of greenery can make an enclosure look more appealing, foliage serves a reason other than aesthetics. These will help with shedding and provide more hiding spots for your snake. Artificial plants are preferable to live plants because live plants are too delicate to endure the traffic that a giant snake generates during its nighttime wanderings.

Heat and Lighting

The most critical elements to consider when thinking of a ball python setup are heat and humidity. The ball python is unable to regulate its body temperatures. This means that snakes get their heat majorly from the sun. Again, they can receive the heat from the heat that radiates from the earth.

What Is a Ball Python Terrarium?

A ball python terrarium is essentially an enclosure that holds the snake and provides it with everything it needs to keep it happy and healthy. There are quite a few kinds of enclosures that can be used for ball pythons, but all should have two things in common - proper ventilation and safe surroundings.

The most commonly used type of terrarium for ball pythons is an all glass enclosure, such as this model from Exo Terra. Glass enclosures give you the best visibility and make it easy to control the humidity levels inside. They're widely available at just about every pet store and can be found in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

The obvious problem with glass terrariums is that they're very heavy and make it difficult to move the snake around for cleaning and maintenance. If you plan on frequently handling your ball python, this isn't a good choice. But if you'll only be viewing it from outside of its enclosure, a glass tank will work out fine.

Another popular choice is the plastic tank, like this one from Zoo Med. These enclosures aren't as easy to find as glass ones but some pet stores do carry them. They're generally less expensive and lighter than glass terrariums, which makes it easier to move your snake around. The downside of these enclosures is that they're not as secure as glass ones, so your snake could possibly escape.

What Do You Need to Get Started with Your New Ball Python?

When you first bring a ball python home, it's a good idea to set up its terrarium before letting it out of its container - this way you can make sure everything is ready for the new inhabitant to come out. Here are some of the basic items that you need to get started:


Each species has its own set of requirements in terms of size, so it's best to do a little research beforehand on the type of enclosure your ball python will need. Keep in mind that bigger is always better.


Ball pythons are most comfortable when they have a layer of substrate on the bottom of their enclosure. The best type of substrate for this is paper towels, although newspaper and butcher's paper are also good options. Avoid using mulch or bark chips because these can cause impactions in your snake if it swallows some while eating its prey.

Water Dish

Your ball python will need a water dish from which it can drink and soak in. All-glass enclosures come with built in water dishes but if you're using another type of enclosure, you'll need to get your own. You should place the water dish at one end of the terrarium so that your snake doesn't accidentally drop its prey into the water.

Hide Box

All snakes like areas where they can hide and feel safe, so make sure to include one of these in your snake's enclosure. You can purchase plastic hides at the pet store or you can make your own out of cardboard boxes. Just make sure that whatever you use is cleaned thoroughly before placing it inside the terrarium.

Heat Source

Ball pythons are cold-blooded animals and as such, they rely on the heat from their surroundings to regulate their body temperature. The best type of heat source is a heating pad, which you can place under your snake's hide box. If a heating pad isn't available, a regular household lamp with a 100 watt light bulb will also do the trick.

Humidity Gauge

Ball pythons thrive in humid environments, so it's important to keep their enclosure humid as well. If you live in a dry climate, humidity levels inside your snake's terrarium may drop too low and put its health at risk. For this reason, it's a good idea to invest in a hydrometer (humidity gauge) and make sure the humidity levels stay within the safe range.


Ball pythons don't need special types of lighting, but some pet owners choose to use it anyway because it makes for a more attractive terrarium. Whatever you decide, be sure that your snake has some sort of lighting because without it, its terrarium environment will seem dark and scary.

FAQ of Best Ball Python Terrarium

FAQ of Best Ball Python Terrarium
FAQ of Best Ball Python Terrarium

How Big Should a Terrarium Be for a Ball Python?

When fully grown, female Ball Pythons can grow to be between 3 and 5 feet long. The ball python is less than a foot long when they are babies. Male Ball Pythons are more minor, reaching heights of 2 to 3 feet.

Are Exo Terra Terrariums Good for Ball Pythons?

Ball Pythons thrive in Exo Terra's Natural Terrarium MEDIUM/LOW. Take note that the ball pythons housed independently when using Exo Terra Terrariums.

What Do You Need for a Ball Python Enclosure?

A 30-40 gallon enclosure recommends for an adult ball python. However, you will need to include at least two hide boxes for your adult ball pythons, one on the cooler side and the other on the warmer side of the enclosure (half logs or cork bark tubes work great).

What Do Ball Pythons Like in Their Tank?

A large water dish full of fresh water is essential for ball pythons to thrive. They like soaking on occasion in addition to drinking a lot. They also need a brunch or a log to slither over securely.

How Do I Know If My Ball Python is Happy?

A "happy" ball python feeds frequently and sleeps almost constantly. They sleep in their hides many of the time, and the smaller and closer the suit, the happier they are. A depressed (or "unhappy") snake will refuse to feed or cruise around its home continuously.

Can a Ball Python Enclosure Be too Big?

If you're having a small neonate, a large cage will likely stress it out, and you may have feeding issues. On the other hand, a wide cage is probably good for an adult snake as long as it has enough places to hide.

Is a 55-gallon Tank Too Big for a Ball Python?

A 55-gallon tank is plenty wide enough for a giant adult female ball python. Females of this size can weigh up to 3 pounds. In captivity, ball pythons are claustrophobic and do not enjoy more expansive enclosures. Ball pythons need a habitat that retains heat and humidity rather than water.

Buy now at eBay, Walmart, Etsy (limited quantity)

Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit, for Reptiles and Amphibians, Short Wide, 24 x 18 x - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium Tank Double Hinge Door with Screen Ventilation Large - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium, Tall Extra-Long Deep 48Lx24Dx24H, Easy Assembly - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Tetra Aquatic Turtle Deluxe Kit 20 Gallons, aquarium With Filter And Heating Lamps, 30 IN - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

Conclusion for Ball Python Terrarium Buyers

Ball pythons are one of the most kept snake species in captivity for a variety of reasons. Many herpes-like them because of their low maintenance and docile nature.

Keep in mind that ball pythons have a long lifespan despite their low maintenance requirements, so expect to keep one for a long time. Make sure you have enough room in your home for an enclosure and that you can provide your pet with the proper food, climate, and treatment.

It's often better to buy a terrarium explicitly designed for a Ball Python or a similar species of the same size. These cages typically have features that simplify adding heat pads and thermometers and extra space for laying substrate.

Little tricks, such as using tin foil to keep humidity in will help you save money while keeping your snake happy and safe.

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